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Runaway Heart

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Runaway Heart

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Runaway Heart
  • Reba McEntire Runaway Heart
    "(Paul Harrison) I'm rolling I'm tumbling, I'm falling apart Cause I'll never, no I'll never find love In his runaway heart He's a fast rushing river I can't get across Like an ocean of sadness, o'er"
  • Riot Runaway
    "Runaway, all alone, on these streets you call your home Fade to black, painted smile On these streets there cries a wounded child On the run, shadows always falling It's a high price that you pay Runaway"
  • Jeff Healey Runaway Heart
    "f you wanna love that's special, if you wanna love that's true, if you wanna love that's gonna wait for you If you wanna crash so heavy, and lose reality, if you wanna steal the thunder from the raging"
  • Pat McGee Band Runaway
    "Gone away and hide your eyes Stay for me with no disguise We should fall, still we can rise Lay it down, your heart, tonight Try to imagine your soul set free Let it go and run to me You've got"
  • The Lovemakers Runaway
    "Runaway Runaway Wait a-wait and see Well I've been waiting my whole life baby For what's coming to me Darlin' can't you see That if you want my love then claim it Or else let me be (CHORUS) I need you"
  • Ladytron Runaway
    "Every new day that you start plans the minute you're flagging your heart where you waking up today my little runaway every red eye that you cross makes the next feel serious where you waking up"
  • Pandora Runaway
    "uh uh yeah I've been down, i've been hurt, i've been lost, i've been week. My emotions have been out of reach. when i thought everything was oki I was wrong i have to runaway. Bye bye baby. good byeiaiaia! im"
  • John Hiatt Runaway
    "On the outside, a beautiful thing On the inside, a bird with a broken wing Chances taken, now the dark angels circle in the wind You're mistaken, but still you'll do it all again As he shakes his"
  • Sailor Runaway
    "Don't play that song for me 'Cause you know that melody only breaks me down I was a king who now wears a broken crown Don't play that honky-tonk 'Cause you know that same old song only makes me cry Times"
  • Mr. Mister Runaway
    "She plays it so dramatic, a silhouette of soul It's automatic, he won't ever let go She wants a tender lover, a clean and honest man Why she keeps on running, I just don't understand Chorus: Runaway,"
  • Groove Coverage Runaway
    "I wanna know The structure of your heart Why do you tear My broken soul apart? Is it a dream? Or my reality? Love comes without after warranty Ooo I want to runaway You tell me nothing else but lies I'm"
  • Nina Sky Runaway
    "Sometimes I feel like I wanna runaway Pack my things and make a quick getaway From the drama surrounding, and the world around me Sometimes I feel like I wanna runaway Pack my things and make a quick getaway But"
  • Bon Jovi Runaway
    "On the street where you live girls talk about their social lives. They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes. ALL YOUR LIFE All your life all you've asked when's your Daddy"
  • Rockapella Runaway
    "Runaway, you don't have to go homeBaby stay, don't you leave me aloneWe'll find a better worldOh who cares what people say?Kiss the bad times goodbye, runawayOn the dirty city streetsIn your tattered jeansLike"
  • Anthony Callea Runaway
    "I can t breathe inside this mask I can't love with all my heart But I done wanna hurt no one When look into those eyes Its someone else's face I see And I know that this is wrong I slip my disguise"
  • Carola Runaway
    "So many things that you could say or doDon't wanna say goodbyeSo many nights that I would cry for youBut you were cold as iceNow I'm searching for someone I can be sure ofSacrifice the only one that I"
  • Cher Runaway
    "Nobody said it would be easyNobody gives you guaranteesCause a heart can always be brokenAnd there can be no loving without tearsRunawayTo a place where nobody knowsRunawayGotta let this feeling goRunawayIf"
  • Nasty Boy Klick Runaway
    "I would give my life for you. you mean the world to, baby, baby, baby, Babe oh oh .... you know I love you.(ah come on yeah,yeah) I wanna be together We can run away.(it's nb-ridaz) just me and"
  • Natasha Thomas Runaway
    "(Intro)S-I-NI would give my life for you,You mean the world to me,baby baby baby baaaaaabyOoh, you know I love you(uh huh, come on, yea, yea)And i wanna be together so we can runaway(it's Nb Ridaz)Just"
  • Zebrahead Runaway
    "She wakes up in the morning In the same room that she's been in her whole life And everything still looks the same But the feeling of the room has changed in spite She said: "You don't know what"

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