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Running jast tu de right time

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Running jast tu de right time

  • Running - No Doubt
    "Run Running all the time Running to the future With you right by my side Me I'm the one you chose Out of all the people You wanted me the most I'm so sorry that I've fallen Help me up lets keep on running Don't"
  • Running - Jason Mraz
    "words by jason mraz & ariel quirolo music by jason mraz Running to catch up again, jumping higher and flying more often than not Your trampoline has got holes in it but I can still see the top Let me"
  • Running Out Of Time - Sean Paul
    "Becah you're ever an' up in my tought An' you're always in my dream, Got to have yuh in my life, Girl, you're gonna be my queen Girl, I wanna be your man, Baby, can you understand? Never wasn't it in my"
  • Right Time - Mighty Diamonds
    "Natty Dread will never run away, no no no, Natty Dread will never run away. Marcus Garvey prophesy say, Oh yeah Man a go find him back against the wall, yeah. It a go bitter. When the right time comes,"
  • Right Time - The Mighty Diamonds
    "Natty Dread will never run away, no no no, Natty Dread will never run away. Marcus Garvey prophesy say, Oh yeah Man a go find him back against the wall, yeah. It a go bitter. When the right time comes,"
  • Time Ain't Running Out - Frehley's Comet
    "Monday Mornin' The sun wasn't out You were lazy The fight last night It didn't set right I was hazy But you were cool, actin' like nothin had happened Time ain't running out You hurt me for the last time and"
  • Running Out Of Time - Balaam And The Angel
    "Balaam And The Angel Live Free Or Die Running Out Of Time Sometimes it's hard Sometimes there's no solution Right from the start There's always been confusion Sometimes it's strange Caught in a revolution Within"
  • Time Is Running Out - Steve Winwood
    "Every day there's something new that's going around Crazy people getting all dressed up to paint the town Business men they shake their heads and then they frown Everybody tries so hard to put them down It"
  • Running Out Of Time - Madrugada
    "One more early morning One more late afternoon Once more you're out in the wind And once more you come in too soon It's a long road, oh man And it's a hard road You wanna make sure to make all the"
  • Running Out Of Time - Joan Osborne
    ""Can you see me rising since your disappearance safe to say That I've regained myself Sleeping like a baby still I wonder maybe If we'll ever Meet up somewhere else I'm bouncing you a message Off the"
  • Time Is Running Out - Brand Nubian
    "The time is running out, tick-tock, like the grains of sand Every man sharpens man, like steel sharpens steel The threat of a war is real Where my soldiers for the battlefield? And as the days of the"
  • Running Away - Three Days Grace
    "I'm thinking to myself That I've done something wrong That I have crossed the line Have you found out this time What led you to believe It's only you and me Do you see it in my eyes Have you found"
  • Running Away - Jesse McCartney
    "I need a break from it all Some space from it all for a minute I'm trying to make sense of it all This place is so unforgiving Wanting and waiting And somehow it's another winter Big plans and big"
  • Running Wild - Roxy Music
    "(Ferry/Manzanera) There's that melody again Burning through my head it does me in Turns me right around to my old friend Wonder how you've changed, are you still Running wild - like you do When all you"
  • Running away - Fuel
    "Everyday you're on my mind Pain is feeling passing time But if she found out about us she would die And if I have to live without you so would I So I thirst for water I find myself wanting now So I'm"
  • Running Lights - Sonata Arctica
    "The sunset will make the night, He feels the road with the headlights He's one of the wilder kind, In his yellow and red skyline Young man... and... his... fast car Squeezing... the wheel... Knuckles"
  • Devil Running - John Butler Trio
    "A sun does rise from distant lands Tears run and fires burning He find first place with dirty hands He graduates man without learning. Agenda set So long ago This son's a puppet with a master The hands"
  • Running Man - Quantice Never Crashed
    "I've built walls around me. I've surrounded myself with everything that's gotten me here. But I'm tired of apologizing, and I'm tired of running from the things that I can't hide from. It's hard to believe"
  • Running Away - Paddock Park
    "They've got you right, where they've always wanted this to end. So don't close the void, make use of all their consistency. I'll let you in, let you in on another escape plan, cause you've been held captive"
  • Time Running - Tegan & Sara
    "I could see you ten or twelve times a day I think it's best we do it your therapist's way I grow my hair long and wear big coats, yeah I get so lovesick my sad thoughts float The time you've got me running News"

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