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Russian ruette

  • Russian Girls - Sasha Dith
    "Girls... Lena Irina Sveta Marina Natasha Anya Olya Tanya Inna Olesya Raya Yulya Oksana Rita Masha Luda Girls... ... give me give me only one Russian russian russian girls You take my soul... Russian Girls!"
  • Russian Lullaby - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Where the dreamy Volga flows There's a lonely Russian Rose Gazing tenderly Down upon her knee Where a baby's brown eyes glisten Listen Ev'ry night you'll hear her croon A Russian lullaby Just a little"
  • Russian Roulette - Van Morrison
    "Take it or leave it I've heard it been said All this Spring fever's just way over my head Stealing my moments, taking up all my time It's playing Russian Roulette with my mind It's none of my business"
  • Russian Roulette - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Well, beggars can't be choosers. But winners can be losers. Now you're all dressed up. With nowhere to go. Just let the good times roll. As the night unfolds. You're like a loaded gun. You're on the run. You"
  • Russian Doll - Rialto
    "Like a russian doll It's so hard to tell What goes on inside Behind your painted shells Underneath a sky of prussian blue Just call me I will rush to you When the midnight bells begin to toll I just want"
  • Russian Roulette - The Hollies
    "Back street dive down in New Orleans Gambler shows his face The place was full of jacks and queens But I never came up with that bread-winning ace Whisky's cheap at twice the price When it kills the pain"
  • Russian Lullaby - E-Type
    "When the seas are rolling in when the stars are shining clear when the ghosts are howling near when we sing the russian lullaby Let's you and me together leave for higher ground when you are all alone"
  • Russian Roulette - Marvelous 3
    "(b. walker, j. harte, d. child) Too many temptations too good not to taste. I keep tempting my fate again and again. This world's full of pleasure. I keep fallin' for the bait. Can't stop now, can't stop"
  • Russian Girls - Arlo Guthrie
    "words and Music by Arlo Guthrie Too many women growing up wrong Get an education thinking thoughts on their own Making decisions telling men what to do Look at the trouble that we're all going through Russian"
  • Russian Style - Ola Polakowa
    "Все подружки по парам сидят на Канарах, и всё им "на шару". Машины их на парковке, и я на остановке одна, блин, стою. Мне бы жить "в шоколаде", да с богатеньким дядей, как Вера и Надя. Но меня мама учила"
  • Russian Reggae - Nina Hagen
    "Tamara and Tatiana, Olga and Marina, Nina and Natasha, Iskra and Anastasia Those Russian girls are dancing queens Juchei far out in Russian jeans They look so sweet, they talk so neat Juchei they twist"
  • Russian Roulette - Slime
    "I'm on a helicopter ride through Vietnam I'm the Leicester Square kid, I'm superman I'm putting on weight for the Oscar Man gonna get through anyway I can Hey hey hey we're in the movie - I feel up and"
  • Russian Roulette - Triumvirat
    "By the time you're grown and use your brain Your childhood dreams will fade away You learn to argue, learn to fight And get a little colder every day When you get married for the second time You're taking"
  • Russian Roulette - Michelle Shocked
    "I need this hopeless feeling Like I need a hole in my head Give up my whole days wages To get this hole in the wall I call a holster that is empty Just a gun to the head I am a holy roller I'm playing"
  • Russian Roulette - Cheap Sex
    "Ritchie was an old friend of mine He took lots of pills to pass the time Used to be filled with political conviction He started to struggle with heroin addiction His skin turned cold and his face turned"
  • Russian Hill - Jellyfish
    "i dreamt about a tranquil sunday drive a sensory lullaby we trade the comic cartoons and magazines for pistons and gasolines we see the road from the bedside parked under the sunshine we feel the warmth"
  • Russian Forrest - Origa
    ", , , , , ==Romanized Russian== Solnca luch pervym kosnulsya ust I ya ego snova daryu neby Zapax poz veter v okno prinyos Utrennie sny"
  • Russian Roulette - Tsunami Bomb
    "Something isn't right, something's got you down You feel mechanical, a lost soul in the crowd You're one of us so none of us are going to listen to you complain You better shut shut shut your mouth, or"
  • Russian roulette - Edwin McCain
    "Hey boy pushin' on your girlfriendTrying to show her all the pain you feel insideYeah and head all scrambled and the love is goneAnd you don't know what went wrongBut I think I heard you hissing something"
  • Russian Winter - Krokus
    "Across the border and down the plains The tiger meets the bear No one is right, no one is wrong Nobody seems to care They fight for power, they fight for lust Spilling their blood on the dust A thousand"

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