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Ruth Copeland - Crying has made me stronger (1971)

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Ruth Copeland - Crying has made me stronger (1971)

  • You Made Me Stronger - Velasquez Regine
    "is it hard to believe im ok after all its been awhile since u walked away i'm way past crying over u finding someone new u turned my days into nights but now I see the light and this maybe the big surprise"
  • You've Made Me Stronger - Velasquez Regine
    "Is it hard to believe I'm okay After all, it's been a while since you walked away I'm way past crying over your finding someone new You turned my days into bright But now I see the light And this may be"
  • Stronger - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "N-now th-th-that that don't kill me Can only make me stronger I need you to hurry up now Cause I can't wait much longer I know I got to be right now Cause I can't get much wronger Man I been waitin' all"
  • That Made Me Stronger - Fleetwood Mac
    "Dreams reoccur in my solitude Breaking my heart Injuring my mood With all of the things that I thought I knew It was you Well the conversation rings in my head "Well you know me better than I know myself Will"
  • Stronger - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "I'd like you to meet the girl they call next door You'll know cuz you've seen her face before He left you when he broke your heart in two You don't know if you'll ever make it through He had to go and"
  • Stronger - Kanye West
    "''Work it, make it, do it, Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!'' ''Work it harder make it better, Do it faster makes us stronger, More than ever, hour after hour, Work is never over'' Now"
  • Stronger - Will Young
    "(S Lipson/ K Poole) Life Has a funny way of trying to make You a certain type And making it hard Yeah life Is feet firmly on the ground With a fear of flying It's always too far Chorus 1 It only makes"
  • Stronger - Scribe
    "And I made through, and I made it through the, Oh and i made it through the rain and the cold through the dark all alone my life hit rock bottom i had no where to go and if i could turn back time and change"
  • Stronger - Demi Lovato
    "The night is getting darkerSoon the stars will be falling down to rescue us,Sing a song for me,Lift me higher with your words,Sing that cold melodyNow follow meOnto the moonlit sidewalkAnd take my handGrip"
  • Ruth - Toadies
    "Ruth, are you ready Do you trust me Can you feel the hand of Jesus Ride ride ride ride ride Ride ride ride ride ride Ruth, if you're ready Hold on to me Trust in Jesus He will heal you Ride ride ride"
  • Naomi Gonna Be With Ruth - ApologetiX
    "Ruth and me, We come from different worlds. She was a Moabite; I'm a Jewish mother's girl. Somehow she married a son of mine. It's such a shame because my sons and husband died. But there's nothing I could"
  • Stronger women - Jewel
    "I guess you could say I'm one of those girls That's always been with one of those guys You know the type Like right now, he sleeps while I write But it's better than crying I'm worn out from trying From"
  • Stronger Love - Joan Armatrading
    "You won't le me Meet all your friends You say It's for the best But my instincts I always follow I believe You're jealous You use words Like a weapon You want to Cut me down Cut me down Your affection Leaves"
  • Stronger Than Me - Amy Winehouse
    "You should be stronger than me You been here 7 years longer than me Don't you know you supposed to be the man Not pale in comparison to who you think I am You always wanna talk it through, I don't care I"
  • Make Me Stronger - Honorata Skarbek "Honey"
    "We rule babe you dont like it thats the reason why you hate me when im crossing the streets every glance is on my body Ref.: x2 high heels make me look better than you smart things make me thing better"
  • Ruth Mary - Shawn Mullins
    "Ruth and mary Threw a party Everyone was there Baby ruth she got a new tatoo And mary braided an orchid in her hair Their friend had a farm And in that same friend's barn Under the stars above They said"
  • Remedy (feat. Ruth Anne) - Professor Green
    "Ruth Anne: I sell it by the bottle Oh I'll make it last all night Don't worry 'bout tomorrow I got the remedy Oh, we let it go So won't you come sit next to me I got the remedy oh, you never know oh i"
  • Baby Ruth - John Prine
    "Well it's sure good to see you But my how you've changed Since the last time I saw you Girl you've been rearranged I always said your people Were just like my kin When I was down and out They would always"
  • Stronger - Gary Barlow
    "umm, stronger, so strong, oh Stronger ev'ry day, stronger ev'ry night, holdin' out for peace, now I'm feelin' stronger, Watchin' as this storm goes by, I can see a light, prisoner of my own design, my"
  • Stronger - TRUSTcompany
    "Can you save me Will you fail me now It's almost over cause you've faded out, again Will you break me When you're holding me down I will escape you and I'll I'll push you closer to the ground Cause you're"

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