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  • Southbound Ryan - Dennis DeYoung
    "I've been all around the world In nearly every city London, Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo I've stood inside the Berlin Wall I've seen the Eiffel Tower One rainy night in Montreal I shouted Rock 'N' Roll I"
  • Nolan Ryan - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Well, our story starts in Texas, where he's tempered by the heat That skinny Alvin boy believes his fastball can't be heat So he brings it and he brings it and it passes every test They're talkin' he's"
  • Meg Ryan - Self
    "I'm beginning to believe That I can never form my own opinions Secretly, I've decided to believe That I'm Polynesian originally I want the air set to 70 degrees I want pineapples and sugar as the major"
  • Roma Ryan - Enya
    "Deep in my dreams, I saw you close by my side. And the words you said to me, made me reel down deep inside. My hand in your hand, so warm and so lovingly. Leaving all my dreams behind, wonder who my"
  • Parking - Lee Ryan - Blue
    "Waiting watching the clock Breathing like I'm gonna stop Knowing this doors gonna knock And there you'll be And I pick you up In my car Take you away Somewhere we'll sit parked in my car Minutes turn"
  • Spoons (feat. Ryan Bedard) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS
    "And she's like, "Can you undo my bra strap?" I try to play it cool, in my head I'm like, "Aw, yeah!" Then she's like "I'm tired" and I'm like "Aw, man" I was 'bout to crush the Gucci like a tall can Cause"
  • Why Me ? (Lee Ryan) - Blue
    "Why me, Lord? What have I ever turn to deserve even one Of the blessing I've known Why me lord What did I ever do Lord, what did I ever do to deserve loving You And the kindness You've shown Lord"
  • Fireball (feat. John Ryan) - Pitbull
    "Mr. Worldwide to infinity You know the roof on fire We gon' boogie oogie oggi, jiggle, wiggle and dance Like the roof on fire We gon' drink drinks and take shots until we fall out Like the roof on fire Now"
  • Scars (feat. Ryan Tedder) - Alesso
    "I think scars are beautiful I think black is white I'm stuck between the hell I'm in and where we live You say this could kill you Your words collect a night We are the beautiful mystify I can't fly So"
  • One Day (ft. Ryan Tedder) - Logic
    "and maybe one day I’ll be wiser cause maybe one day I’ll be further from here put all of my faith in tomorrow dark days keep me up all night only thing I know, it’s gonna be – alright you never wonder"
  • Army Of Lovers - Lee Ryan - Blue
    "There's an army of lovers dying to meet you Dying to make your acquaintance It could be you or it could be me So don't let go 'cause I need you so I'm yours and you were mine There's something about you"
  • Ryan Stephenson Is: Nature's President - Andrew Jackson Jihad
    "I'll fight a fight that I can't win. I'll commit the mortal sin. Then God will punch me in the chin. And then I'll smile a toothless grin. I'll smile a fucking toothless grin. We were born to fuck shit"
  • The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder) - Gym Class Heroes
    "Just waking up in the morning And the beat well Quite honest with ya, I ain't really sleep well Ya ever feel like your train a thoughts been derailed? That's when you press on Lee nails Half the population's"
  • Arrows (feat. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) - Fences
    "My old man he kicked me out He kicked me out When I told him I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way I lived this way, I lived this way He doesn't own me He"
  • Stand Up As People-Lee Ryan - Blue
    "All I hear is voices in the crowd Though they only whisper though they frown People say "oh its such a shame" Still they only look to pass the blame (bridge) If we can find a way to work things out The"
  • Think Of The People (Lee Ryan) - Blue
    "All I hear is voices in the crowd They only whisper though they frown People say "oh its such a shame" Still they only look to pass the blame If we can find a way to work things out The only way to start"
  • You're the Top (With Ryan O'Neal) - Barbra Streisand
    "At words poetic I'm so pathetic That I always have found it best Instead of getting it off my chest To let 'em rest unexpressed I hate parading my serenading As I'll probably miss a bar But if this ditty"
  • All We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan) - The Chainsmokers
    "Fighting flames on fire Hang onto burning wires We don't care anymore Are we fading lovers? We keep wasting colors Maybe we should let this go? We're falling apart, still we hold together We've passed"
  • It Won't Do (Remixed By Ryan Avery) - Slick Idiot
    "I Don't Know What To Do, There Is Something Wrong In Heaven. There Must Be A Job For You, To Upset Me, Well Forget It. It Won't Do, Let's Not Pretend. What Is It That You Do ? We Are Menacing Together. Never"
  • If You Really Love Me - Ryan Star - American Idol
    "You call my name, ooh so sweet To make your kiss incomplete When your mood is clear you quickly change your ways Then you say I'm untrue What am I supposed to do Be a fool who sits alone waiting for you If"

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