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S%C5%82awomir Goga

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S%C5%82awomir Goga
  • Van Der Graaf Generator Gog
    "Some call me SATAN others have me GOD some name me NEMO...I am unborn. Some speak of me in anagrams, some grieve upon my wrath... the ones who give me service I grant my scorn. My words are 'Too late',"
  • Peter Hammill Gog
    "Some call me SATAN others have me GOD some name me NEMO...I am unborn. Some speak of me in anagrams, some grieve upon my wrath... the ones who give me service I grant my scorn. My words are 'Too late',"
  • Sumbang Doel Gog Gog
    "ting harewas ngaromongkeun dunungan ngagogoreng nepi ka bebeakan abang gogog teu nyaho ditambah wadi nyatu kurang gogog ngagaik nyatu cukup angger babaung si dunungan liereun sirahna nenjo polah gogog"
  • Giorgio Gaber Trani a gog?
    "Seconda traversa a sinistra nel viale, ci sta quel locale abbastanza per male che chiamano trani a gogo Si passa la sera scolando barbera. Scolando barbera nel trani a gogo. C'e' un vecchio barista dall'aria"
  • The Supremes Shadows Of Society
    "(J. Goga/W. Fields/I. Hunter) Rich man and poor, beggar and thief Searching in the darkness For a light to show the way Each seeking his identity Protect me from my brother please They pray Afraid and"
  • The Supremes Can't You See It's Me
    "(P. Sawyer/I. Hunter/J. Goga) I know where you've been As surely as you stand there You're seeing her again Don't say you haven't been there It's in your eyes There's no misunderstanding I've seen that"
  • Kali Gibbs DUCHOWA WILLA (feat. Ganja Mafia, cuty Dj Kali)
    "Od lat szukałem gruntu solidnego jak Olimp pod dom pełen mistycyzmu i harmonii jak Shaolin gdzie bez muru, strażników i broni zbudowalibyśmy willę pracą naszych dłoni, własnym pomysłem i stylem, ale to"
  • Kathy Kelly I'll always love you
    "Ta to da lo air cool da king An calini amhain sa teacht seo Goma Gog Go Ama Gog Loving you my dear Is like a heavenly choir You left, and your wings Are still with me darling You left your wings"
  • Doktor Kosmos Rockenrollen
    "Okey, okey Du r min tjej Rock rk rk rock rick rack rock Baby baby. Diggig hej-gog-gog-gog Kom inte hit och var elit l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l Bsta grejen r ah-ah-tjejen ah-ah-ah"
  • Deadsy Commencement
    "We gather today, with ill invitaion. To commence here under the sun, a black congregation. Some know me the hellion, the stranger among us. Some know me the maggid, in moments the malign Alumnus. Throughout"
  • Akercocke Hell
    "Melting into the crowd, the basaclica the bells of rome proclaming in the mid-day heat "Hosanna! Holy Father! Benedictus!" the face of a man who never considered an angel... sint mihi dei acherontis"
  • Kat Time of revenge
    "From deep woundsGlare of hordesBlack King, comes AbadonAbove him ring of headsUnited devil's wrath in red flame.And dragon stoodIn front of pregnant maidenSo when she bears the childTo devour themHis EdenFrom"
  • Therion Three ships of Berik
    "Leitmotif of the Gothic Army: Jordanes told us the story. Yes, of Berik! Berik, the Gothic King: "Gather all the Ostrogoths And Visigoths! Ride like an arctic storm Across the world!" Leitmotif of the"
  • Gene Simmons Dog
    "(Bag, Gene Simmons) (Verse) That's right You know I kinda love ya (yeah) All the way to the bitter end Because you're breaking my balls You're making me crawl On all fours again (Aw) (Chorus) Yeah I"
  • Crimson Moonlight The Final Battle
    "And I saw an angel coming out of heaven. Holding the key to the abyss, And in his hand the key to the abyss. He seized the dragon that ancient serpent And bound him for a thousand years. He threw him"
  • Atom Tha Immortal Weapons Of War
    "Yo, my brain pattern erodes/ The sands of old/ And explodes your hourglass like a Riemann fold/ In the fabric of spacetime/ When my rhyme aligns minds/ Seeking Divine signs in the lines of End Times/ ..The"
  • Three Dog Night You
    "(J.Goga/J.Bowen/I.Hunter) You, you I see in my mirror in the morning Instead of seeing me I see you I see your face, Inside me is a growing need for your embrace In the light of day though our faces"
  • Shinhwa Perfect Man
    "Yeah, uh... gudemanur argesso ne sumi da handedo 'Cause you are the one Modu byonhanda hedo (nan byonhaji anhgesso) gunyang neboryo dwo naui gunyoegen shigani phiryohar thenika nan gidaryoyaman doe"
  • Ossian Az Iteletnap
    "------------------- By Ossian Album title: Iteletnap Fejunk felett kormos az eg Piszkosszurke, reg nem kek Berhazak torka zenet araszt Nagyon durvat, vagy nagyon nyalast Kolykok az utcan bandakban jarnak Mar"
  • Downset Eyes Shut Tight
    "Come with the bloody moon and the chaos, Gog and magog triple six reigns over spirits lost. Satanic nations and thrones reign and slay, but solid is super-souls love and righteous pathways, Asking me why"

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