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S��o�� lowe forever

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S��o�� lowe forever

  • Lowe pe el - PogromcyB-tonu
    "Było ciepłe lato, choć John o tym nie wiedzał nie wychodził z chaty tylko siedział przed kompem, no dobra, raz może zobaczył to słońce, kiedy usiadł przy oknie, a to biło mu w monitor Ale krzyknął z zachwytem,"
  • Lowe Mi - Sevana
    "Why oh why Why are you coming for my life? Ah wah you nuh wah fi see mi shine oh my A beg yuh tek me off yuh mind Deh pon mi grandma prayer line Vibrating high, meditating all the while On a journey"
  • Forever - Timati & Mario Winans
    "Mario: Girl, I wanna get to know you better Maybe we can spend a night together First love will last forever And ever forever. Girl, I wanna get to know you better Maybe we can spend a night together First"
  • Forever - Fabolous
    "Baby, you're the point to my life But I'm tired of playin games I'm ready to settle down I'm ready to buy a house And I'm ready to change my last name Ready to have some kids Ready for the life to live And"
  • Forever - Lil' Mo
    "(Lil' Mo) Baby I'm at the point of my life when i'm tired of playing games. I'm ready to settle down and ready to buy your house and i'm ready to change my last naaaaame. Ready to have some kids ready"
  • Forever - 8-Ball & MJG
    "(feat. Lloyd) Ooh la la bangladesh.. Heyyy... See a nigga like me gonna get money til I get rich Ride with a couple hundred G's in a biscuit Stay down for whatever forever hustle with my misfit homes And"
  • S.O.S. - Bloodgood
    "Fire, spirit lit the flame A blinding light that shows us the way Higher, He's going to make us soar And fly us up to heaven's gate Yurnin', mercy bring us home We look upon our final day Burnin', see"
  • Solitude (With Rob Lowe) - Candlemass
    "I'm sitting here alone in darkness Waiting to be free, Lonely and forlorn I'm crying I long for my time to come Death means just life Please let me die in solitude Hate is my only friend Pain is my father Torment"
  • Bad Baby (Lily Lowe) - Lily Löwe
    "Red, red, baby (Oh-ooh) It's so red, so red Bad, bad baby (Oh-ooh) You're bad, bad baby for love The sirens loud in my head You looked at me and the lights turned red About to crucify me 'Cause we all"
  • The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "well I used to wake the mornin befor the rooster crowed searchin for soda bottles to get my self some dough brought em down to the corner down to the country store cash em in and give my money to a"
  • Together forever - Mandy & Randy
    "If there`s anything you need all you have to do is say You know you satisfy everything is me We shouldn`t waste a single day There ain't no mistaking It`s true love we`re making Something to las for all"
  • Gangstafied Forever - Kane & Able
    "(O'Dell) Gangstafied forever, forever Gangstafied, ya ya ya ya ya (Kane & Abel) Whats up to all my people, Kane and Abel is back Down south hustlers, soldier haters and jealous busters got me strapped Got"
  • Freezepop Forever - Freezepop
    "Liz Enthusiasm is my name, Wearing funky clothing that will put yours to shame Shopping about eighteen hours a day, You'll find me in thrift shops or on e-bay Furry coat and plastic skirt and platform"
  • Forever love - X
    "Mou hitori de arukenai toki no kaze ga tsuyo sugite Ah kizutsuku koto nante nareta hazu dakedo ima wa... Ah kono mama dakishimete nureta mama no kokoro o kawari tsuzukeru kono toki ni kawaranai"
  • Forever alone - Insania
    "Look into his eyes, What do you see? There's nothing but lonelyness and sorrow. He's crying in pain, But there are no tears, There are no good things, no tomorrow. He has forgotten how to smile, And how"
  • Forever Rebel - Nick Carter
    "I got no education Got no communication Don't need no one to waste my time Don't need no face to tell me Don't need no one to sell me Won't be convicted for your crime,alright Everybody has to be"
  • Forever Blue - Little River Band
    "FOREVER BLUE WRITERS GRAHAM GOBLE, S. FOSTER Sometimes I wish I was a sailor way out on the stormy sea, far away from the city and all this misery, and I wish that I could tell you just how much you"
  • Always & Forever - SS501
    "Sukitooru hitomi no oku mada mi nu ashita o machiwabi te iru somari yuku sora no kanata koko kara bokura hajimaru kimochi subete nose ta kotoba nante tayasuku mitsukara nai kedo sukoshi zutsu demo ii tsutae"
  • Forever Black - Agent Steel
    "A Paperclip base in the late 1940's Camp Hero, a tribute to time traveling Horus Stationed on top of an undersea mountain A piece of Atlantis where Montauks are pharaohs NOW THE AIR IS FULL Of viruses"
  • Forever man - Newboys
    "I want to go higher, higher set it free 'S gotta be more to touch than what I see There's a reason we must be For the love of God speak it to me Good news for the modern man- yes it is Made by the Creator's"

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