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  • Salvador - Your Vegas
    "Time stains like red wine Please pass on by So I can be by your side Oh, together we're the best of us You, my New York love Fight fire with fire And rain down on me, rain down You lift my love up higher From"
  • Salvador - Beverley Knight
    "In the corner of the cityThere's this vibrant little kidLoves to sing and play his air guitarIn the way that I once didHe has all the world's ambitionBut he lives on borrowed timeWith his terminal condition,"
  • Salvador - Nomadi
    "Salvador era un uomo, vissuto da uomo morto da uomo, con un fucile in mano. Nelle caserme i generali, brindavano alla vittoria con bicchieri colmi di sangue, di un popolo in catene. Da un cielo"
  • Salvador - Jamie T
    "Chorus. From here to Salvador the ladies dance To fill us reckless sons with the passions of the heart I've been around this town for so long She's been dancing since the first day I've been all around"
  • Salvador - Lizard
    "Kto nie lubi szaleć, kto nie lubi spać, Kto nie lubi palca ssać, Kto nie lubi krzyczeć, kto nie lubi lżyć, I kto nie lubi brzydko myśleć, Kto nie lubi zwierząt i płonących głów, Miękkich czasomierzy snu, Kto"
  • El Salvador - DeSol
    "El Salvador The pain that surrounds me I lay at your feet cause only you can heal my wounds Oh El Salvador when I was young ignorance held me Tied to my beliefs of what a new world boy should be Now"
  • El Salvador - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "There's a sunny little country south of Mexico Where the winds are gentle and the waters flow But breezes aren't the only things that blow in El Salvador If you took the little lady for a moonlight"
  • El Salvador - Jackson Browne
    "(performed by joan baez & jackson browne from her album speaking of dreams) Now that the city is dreaming, viva the pale moonlight Take to your bibles, take to your beds, now that nothing seems right National"
  • El Salvador - Athlete
    "It's time to tear this place down I've got the last game on my mind Not seen my friends in ages Have I been left behind? It's time to figure out why I find myself in custody With each and every question"
  • Salvador Inerte - Olodum
    "Olodum negro elite negritude Deslumbrante encanto magnitude Integra no canto toda massa Que vem para a praa se agitar Salvador se mostrou mais alerta Com o afro Olodum a cantar l l l l l l (chora"
  • Salvador Sanchez - Sun Kil Moon
    "Salvador Sanchez arrived and vanished Only twenty-three with so much speed Owning the highway Mexico City bred so many But none quite like him sweet warrior Pure magic matador Pancho Villa would never"
  • El Salvador - Red Tape
    "Conjugate these prison bars It's like that's right The uprising starts (stay on the mark) Fashion victim indiscrete Your destiny is hooked on speed No time to think for yourself You're feeding the"
  • San Salvador - Bernard Lavilliers
    "Voguant autour des les de la mer CarabeLes tamtams vaudous firent se lever les ventsDecouvrant des rcifs o des corvetes anglaisesGisaient depuis longtemps dans leurs manteaux de glaiseJ'ai oubli le nom"
  • El Salvador - Dezerter
    "Płoną wioski w Salwadorze Chłopi się pieką z ziemniakami Zgwałcone kobiety leżą na dworze Weseli chłopcy ścigają się czołgami Oglądajcie straszny, nowy O Salwadorze film kolorowy Ludzie patrzcie "
  • Salvador Dali's Car - Thompson Twins
    "I had a dream, a dream that would make you scream I was climbing inside a brilliant mind I was gathering flowers from the bottom of the ocean And laughing to myself in real slow motion Lying in the gutter Shooting"
  • Eungenio Salvador Dal - Mecano
    "Dal se desdibuja tirita su burbuja al descontar latidos Dal se decolora porque esta lavadora no distingue tejidos l se da cuenta y asustado se lamenta "los genios no deben morir" Son mas de ochenta"
  • Ao meu Salvador - Vera Lucia
    "Oh! Jesus, só Tu s salvaoTodo Teu, só Teu meu corao.Pra Te louvar em todo o meu viver.Te louvar, com todo o meu ser.Te louvar, de todo o corao.Te louvar com esta cano.Quero Te dedicar, toda minha devoo."
  • airmaxy (ft. Salvador) - cheatz
    "zakładam airmaxy wiążę airmaxy mam na nogach airmaxy dzwoni galaxy mi nie odbieram nie mam czasu dziś dziś odbieram plik wydaje go na ciuchy dziś odbieram plik wydaje go na buty dziś odbieram plik wydaje"
  • Salvador Dali's Garden Party - Television Personalities
    "Got an invitation to a garden party And it said that everyone would be there Famous painters, Pop Art poets and Hollywood filmstars More celebrities than you have ever seen In a week of TV So I wore my"
  • El Salvador (The Savior) - Phil Joel
    "wrestle with the things I saw Stepping through the door Knowing things won't be the same When I get back on the plane I look into your eyes And I feel like I know you So far removed, our lives, But so"

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