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  • Everybody (feat. Evelyn & Tony T) - Mike Candys
    "I feel so good tonight, Let’s make this party right We have a Drink, or two? Baby I want you, I want you Everybody, Singing Oh Oh Oh Put your Handy Up ! Singing Oh Oh Oh, Crazy People Singing Oh Oh Oh,"
  • Summer's Gone - Lunik
    "Thoughts running through my head Shivering autumn breeze Outside the window decent and calm Golden sunbeams on my nose Warmth in my heart You used to give it to me Almost A kiss on the neck Bread fresh"
  • Summer's Gone - Feeder
    "Crack and break, life's big mistake, I'm feeling it too, there's no way home. The summer's gone, The summer's gone away. Back down to earth, a conscience burst, I'm feeling it too, just slipped away. The"
  • Summer's gone - Paul Anka
    "Summer's gone and no songbirds are singing Because you're gone, gone from my arms Gone from my lips but you're still in my heart What to do? Oh, I'm left here just crying Over you, oh, I'm so blue What"
  • Summer's Gone - The Kinks
    "Looking in a window on a rainy day. Thinking about good things that I just threw away. Looking in the gutter, watching the trash go flowing by. Thinking it's Summer, but there are only clouds in the"
  • Summer's Gone - Aberfeldy
    "One two, one two three Well, we get along Yeah we really do And there's nothing wrong With what I feel for you I could go with you, you, you If you want me to I could hang around Till the leaves are brown And"
  • Summer's Gone - Blackfield
    "Summer's gone Again you on your home Truth was made with flies Prmises entied Love is aches Like a knive in your back You try to feel alive And the gohose .."
  • Summer's Gone - Gaelic Storm
    "Chorus: Summer's gone. It's winter's fault my summer went away, Summer's gone, summer's gone and winter she's to blame. Make up your mind, Every year, you come 'round here. Please shine your light on"
  • Summer's Gone - Placebo
    "Cue to your face so forsaken Crushed by the way that you cry Cue to your face so forsaken What a surprise You try to break the mould before you get too old you try to break the mould before you die Cue"
  • T.O.N.Y - Solange
    "Tony don't call no more Don't have it on more Maybe there is something wrong with his phone Maybe it's mornin' and the thrill is gone And I'm not sure That I'm still respected And I'm not in a rush To"
  • T.O.N.Y. - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(feat. Tragedy Khadafi) Intro: From Iraq to Kuwait word up, Desert Station, regulation CNN, channel 10 once again...wha-wha! Chorus: 2x T-O-N-Y invade N.Y. multiply, kill a cop, me and you, you got"
  • Summer's allmost gone - The Doors
    "Summer's almost gone Summer's almost gone Almost gone Yeah, it's almost gone Where will we be When the summer's gone? Morning found us calmly unaware Noon burn gold into our hair At night, we swim the"
  • Sash - Prinz Porno
    "Ich vergess nie, wegen wem ich angefangen hab zu rappen Ohne meinen Homie Sash... wrd ich nicht Porno heien Ohne Sash wrd ich niemals rappen Ohne Sash htt ich niemals gemalt Mit Sash hats angefangen...uh...uh...Homey! Prinz"
  • Fucked Up Situation"(feat. Tony Sunshine - Angie Martinez
    "ANGIE MARTINEZ Miscellaneous Fucked Up Situation"(feat. Tony Sunshine The brightest diamonds ever known Yeah, Angie Mar T-Ice Take it to the record I wish you understood how I feel Cause these words"
  • Ain't No Click- Feat Tony Yayo - Lloyd Banks
    "(Tony Yayo) Yeah nigga Fuckin back hunger for more Tony's home Yo Banks I told these niggaz man (Lloyd Banks) Y'all done fucked up now Yeah! Yeeeeah! (Tony Yayo) Here we go (Chorus - Lloyd Banks) Aint"
  • Summer's Here - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Tim and Candy getting sandy down at the beach but he's a leach He's all bleached blonde white teeth, nothing wrong she's got a brain it's causing her pain John's with Kim but she likes Tim she only wants"
  • Summer's Kiss - The Afghan Whigs
    "Afghan Whigs, The Black Love Summer's Kiss (dulli) Did you feel the breeze? My love Summer's kiss is over, baby Over Do you know the words? Sing along with me And put on your rose fur coat, baby It's"
  • Summer's Kiss - The Afghan Whigs
    "(Dulli) Did you feel the breeze? My love Summer's kiss is over, baby Over Do you know the words? Sing along with me And put on your rose fur coat, baby It's 1973 My love, this dream I have each night I"
  • Wait Until the Summer's Gone - Zebra
    "The time is right but don't be critical The same could happen to you You know I'm not right and I can't be analytical About the things you're going through Look at me baby now you think I might be crazy But"
  • 100%"(feat. Tony Sunshine - Big Punisher
    "BIG PUNISHER Miscellaneous 100%"(feat. Tony Sunshine From San Juan to Bayamon, I'm the Don Juan beside the Don Live long, get your party on Don't let the liquor fool you, cause I'll stick it to you Somethin"

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