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SCORPIONS - Lonely Nights

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SCORPIONS - Lonely Nights

  • Lonely Nights - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) Since you're gone There is an empty space Since you're gone The world is not the same I go back to the places we've been It feels like you're still there I live all those"
  • Lonely Nights - Trish Thuy Trang
    "Verse 1 Sometimes I feel so lost, so lonely. I think of you you're not around me. Sometimes I feel you're here beside me. But all I see, long lonely nights for you and for me. Chorus Another lonely night"
  • Lonely Nights - Mickey Gilley
    "Pardon me I don't mean to waste your time, I just need someone to talk to If you don't mind? Then the thoughts of loneliness That tonight I guess I'm to just to weak to fight, I can take the lonely days, But"
  • Lonely Nights - Gary Moore
    "I don't know what's wrong with you. Baby, baby, what you tryin' to do. Well, I gave you my love But that wasn't good enough for you. I thought we had a love so strong. And baby, baby, how you proved me"
  • Lonely Nights - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan You Want It, You Got It Lonely Nights Will you risk your reputation? I don't know. You just don't know what you're sayin' Anymore. You know beggers can't be chosers, And that's fair. When"
  • Lonely Nights - Saves The Day
    "I guess I wrote this song To hear you singing along Remember all those times Laughing so hard we would cry So many lonely nights So many lonely nights I hoped you'd call Stare at the wall Why do shadows"
  • Lonely Nights - McAuley Schenker Group
    "Keep the home fire burnin' girl Even though I'm gone Cause you know I'II be back again Just like there's nothin' wrong Gets lonely in the night time All I do is think of you 24 hours of every day I'm goin'"
  • Lonely nights - Antique
    "As long as I can be with you, As long as we can make it through, I will hold you close And never let you go, And have no more lonely nights. I, I want you, You know just how I feel I've been needing to"
  • Lonely nights - Uriah Heep
    "Will you risk your reputationI don't knowYou just don't know what you're sayingAnymoreYou know beggars can't be choosersAnd it's badWe may win, we may be loosersI don't care, no no noOh baby, I just can't"
  • Lonely Nights - Bryan Adams
    "Will you risk your reputation? I don't know. You just don't know what you're sayin' Anymore. You know beggers can't be chosers, And that's fair. When we win we may be losers, I don't care, no no"
  • Lonely nights - D-Side
    "No more lonely nightsFor everybody that find's their waySomeone is lostFor everybody who feels the fearI'll take half the pain that you hideInsideChorus:If it's meant for you, it won't pass you by,Don't"
  • Lonely Nights - Captain & Tennille
    "Lonely Night, I cry myself to sleep Tell me, what am I gonna do 'Cause it's always been you to dry my tears It's always been you to wash away my fears It's always been you each night and day Now what"
  • Lonely Day Lonely Nights - Whitesnake
    "Ive been burning my bridges For too many years, Drowning the sorrow Of too many tears. Women and whiskey Are my only friends, One gives me strength, One just pretends. Ive been waiting my whole"
  • Lonely days & lonely nights - Hans Theessink
    "Lonely days and lonely nights Life's been full of misery I've been crying, crying, crying Since you walked out on me Woman, one day you will know You gotta reap what you sow I've been watching you baby"
  • Long Lonely Nights - Clyde McPhatter
    "Long, long and lonely nights I cry my eyes out over you Wond'ring if I did right And why you left me with a broken heart Oh, long, long and lonely nights Oh, how I miss you, my dear Please, please, come"
  • Long Lonely Nights - Bobby Vinton
    "Long Lonely Nights Lee Andrews and the Hearts Written by Lee Andrews, Bernice Davis, Mimi Uniman, and Douglas Henderson Peaked at # 45 in 1957 Competing version by Clyde McPhatter hit # 49 in 1957 The"
  • These Lonely Nights - Willie Nelson
    "Lonely nights I cannot sleep I just lie awake and weep Wondering if I'll get a chance to make things right Don't you heave a heart at all Can you see my teardrops fall They are tears I shed for you these"
  • Lonely Summer Nights - Stray Cats
    "All those long and lonely summer nights that I have spent alone Just thinking of you don't make dreams come true When you're so far away All those lovely moonlit summer nights I guess they're all invain I"
  • 7 Lonely Nights - Chris Isaak
    "Seven lonely days without a word. Did I do something somehow that you heard? Well I'll be fine.. You're not even on my mind. Believe me, I'll be fine. Seven lonely nights without a friend. Something tells"
  • Francis' Lonely Nights - Janove Ottesen
    "Francis left for the countryside He'd been living in the city for years And to him it didn't matter where As long as there was no one there And the woman that he left in tears is no longer his Then, he"

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