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  • War Is My Sheppard - Exodus
    "You put your faith in Chrstianity I put mine in artillery My M-16, my lord and savior Christ never done me a motherf**king favor Pay for all of those in pain For those who died in vain Scars from battle"
  • Things I Will Keep (For Jim Sheppard) - Guided By Voices
    "Coded-ancient the crease Unlock the timers And strike the chimers In my sleep Grab the coat - Steal the fleece From behind the curtain It will most certainly bring peace To those with countless numbers No"
  • M.Sheppard - Thursday
    "The stage is set to rip the wings from a butterfly(The stage is set)The stage is set don't forget to breathe(Between the lines)If the whole world dies, then it's safe to take the stageThese graves will"
  • Geronimo - Sheppard
    "Can you feel it? Now it's coming back We can steal it If we bridge this gap I can see you Through the curtains of the waterfall When I lost it Yeah you held my hand But I tossed it Didn't understand You"
  • Smile - Sheppard
    "Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Let's take a trip, back to the start When I was sitting all alone with half a heart I was wasting, a-wasting, a-wasting,"
  • These People - Sheppard
    "Well I won't waste another minute On anyone like you You're heartless in your origins And I'm tired and weakened through Now I'm leaving all my bridges burned I'm disconnecting ties I'm screening my position 'Cause"
  • The Best Is Yet To Come - Sheppard
    "Take me to a different place Where love is not illusion based And fear is just a word they can define Where I've heard hope and happiness Is found in every beating chest Cos all those hearts are more"
  • Lingering - Sheppard
    "Everybody's got somebody to see Everybody’s got somebody but me Everybody’s got a place to go on a Saturday night But I’m on my own Everybody’s got a bed for two Without another mine is wasting room I’m"
  • Halfway To Hell - Sheppard
    "Down in the depths of the deepest, darkest well. All of the wicked suffer where we fell. You know we loved you before you cast your spell. But it's a long way back when you're halfway to hell. All that"
  • A Grade Playa - Sheppard
    "Now that your gone and never coming back I feel as though my heart will never stay intact I was just an apple that you chewed till your through the core You've got a lot of charm and yeah it sucked me"
  • Something's Missing - Sheppard
    "I walk a road that no one dares, without the lines, without the facts, hoping for a second chance, a shot to get another dance, a hand to hold before the end. I feel the love, I feel the pain (ooh), not"
  • Let Me Down Easy - Sheppard
    "Ohhhhhh Let me down easy, let me down easy, woah, before you go Ohh, let me down easy, let me down easy, woah, before you go Ba ba ba ba-da da ba ba ba Night and day I’ve been doin’ the math To calculate"
  • Coming Home - Sheppard
    "I’ve been stuck in motion moving too fast tryna catch a moment but it slips through my hands all I see are long days and dark nights I’m lost without you but I’m on my way so hold tight I’m Coming Home"
  • Ruina Regnorum - Goddess Of Desire
  • Poster Child - a balladeer
    "The smell of the sage bush reaches your brain. The scent of the pines from the snow-covered rain you came out to Laramie, in search of a friend, but the Wyoming wind wants to play with your pains. Hang"
  • Everybody - Anthony Hamilton
    "Said it's alright whoaa whoaaaa We have seen some things in our lives, we have some long and solomn roads, thats how i know its alright to cry, go on and ease a heavy load, pray hard, walk tall, do"
  • Into the sun - Jann Arden
    "Smack dab in the middle of sin the whole worlds in trouble again you feed a wicked heart and you kill a decent man jesus christ, jfk, martin luther, amen jesus christ, john lennon, matthew sheppard, amen"
  • Enslave The Weak - Sinister
    "Dark ancient souls took hold of my body Controlling my mind, heart and soul destined death. A grey mist appears in my mind Darkness descends Enslave the weak, descend with hate Falling into despair,"
  • Pretty Buildings - People In Planes
    "I will dive into my sleep And I dream of the pretty buildings. Wonder what she's doing now And whether she's still living. Telegraph your points of view And Sheppard me from silence. Sitting in this fit"
  • Into The Sun - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Into The Sun smack dab in the middle of sin the whole world's in trouble again you feed a wicked heart and you kill a decent man jesus christ, jfk, martin luther, amen jesus"

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