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SIMPLE PLAN Summer Paradise

  • Summer Paradise (ft. Sean Paul) - Simple Plan
    "I gotta find my way back Back to summer paradise! Sean Paul – Simple Plan My heart is sinkin' As I’m liftin' Up above the clouds away from you And I can’t believe I’m leaving Oh I don’t kno-kno-know"
  • (feat. K'naan) Summer Paradise - Simple Plan
    "Take me back, take me back Back to summer paradise My heart is sinking As I'm lifting up above the clouds Away from you And I can't believe I'm leaving Oh, I don't know, no, no, what I'm gonna do But"
  • Summer In Paradise - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Summer In Paradise Summer In Paradise Way back when well our master plan Was havin' fun fun fun as america's band Well we came out rockin' with rhonda and barbara ann Singin' of surf and sand Now"
  • A Simple Plan - Pedro The Lion
    "the plants and the factories are perfectly run the workers and bosses are living as one people are equal people are good people are working as hard as they should be it's food for my family and clothes"
  • Simple Song - Simple Plan
    "Her locker's down the hall I've counted 17 from mine Does he see me? Does he even know that I'm close by? We're in the hallway Always at half past nine Would he ever get to know me? Would he take the"
  • Just A Simple Plan - Piebald
    "You got a window in the basement. You got a perfect view, but you don't care. Have you ever seen the things that go on outside? You got a door to your apartment So you can step outside and see the"
  • Paradise - America
    "Paradise Caught between the Fire and the ice No need to Think twice It's where I want To be Like a weather vane Following the wind, the sun and rain The ecstasy and pain and all that comes between Cause"
  • Paradise - Cody Simpson
    "When I look at you It’s like a getaway I could feel the sun It’s shinin’ on my face If I’m dreaming here Don’t let me wake ‘Cause I’m in paradise Every time we kiss It’s like a crashing wave I could"
  • Paradise - Bazzi
    "hands on your body I’m grabbing your ass enjoying the moment cause life move to fast I’m looking forward, ignoring the past these are the times that we’ll laugh looking back I’m getting lucky like coins"
  • Paradise - Heartsdales
    "Heartsdales Jewels & Rum (R) 3 girls in the house whachu gonna do tonight?? 3get down! midnight! Jewels, Miliyah, Rum! 3 lets go! Very bad! Very cute! Very sexy! ! to the hiphop beat! ! to the funky beat Uno,"
  • Paradise - Leona Lewis
    "My clock says 9am gotta get out of bed sunshine fils the room and i'll be meeting him soon deciding what to wear mums calling me from down stairs saying its a beautiful dayWhen I get outside see yasmine"
  • Paradise - Belvedere
    "searched all this time for unparalleled beings and i'm not believing what i'm seeing it's imperfection without knowing the deficiency is showing everybody's wondering what i'm looking for i know what else"
  • Forever (Summer In Paradise Version) - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Miscellaneous Forever (Summer In Paradise Version) If every word I said Could make you laugh I'd talk forever (together my love) I ask the sky just what we had Mmm It shone forever (together"
  • The Plan - Twoface
    "I am a joke Why don't you laugh I'm the drama in my own chaotic roleplay I am the fool That sings on the roof Without a song to sing Though it sounds all dramatic All I long for is just a simple song With"
  • The Plan - Slaves On Dope
    "I try to assure you That I'm not disillusioned And it's not where you are But that doesn't change the Way that I feel about the plan I know you're talking to I can't be the hand that Pushes them"
  • The Plan - Dominici
    "'''I.''' I went with great reluctance To meet with the strange man He promised to reveal to me A visionary plan Where all the worlds injustice And unfair cruelty Would all at once be wiped away What martyrs"
  • Plan A - The Dandy Warhols
    "All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing"
  • One Plan - Bronze Nazareth
    "(Intro: Byata (Bronze Nazareth)) Yeah, Byata, what's good? Hah... let 'em know, yeah (What's up with the future though, you know what I mean?) Uh-huh (one plan, and divine man, spirituality You know what"
  • Summer - R.E.M.
    "It's far beyond your reach, it holds a place in time, Somewhere ahead is the back of the line. I can't relate to your mistakes, awkwardly speaking with nothing to say. Caught up in your life, excuses are"
  • Summer - Sum 41
    "It's far beyond your reach It holds a place in time Somewhere ahead is the back of the line I can't relate To your mistakes Awkwardly speaking with nothing to say Caught up in your life Excuses are so"

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