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  • Tragic Endings ft. Skylar Grey - Eminem
    "I'm stumbling, I can’t see straight And it's my fault I got this way I got my hands on something great And found a way to mess it up I did my best, I tried to change But it's just in my DNA I got my hands"
  • Bed Of Lies (ft. Skylar Grey) - Nicki Minaj
    "Do you ever think of me when you lie? Lie down in your bed, your bed of lies And I knew better than to look in your eyes They only pretend you will be mine And you know how you made me believe You had"
    "MACKLEMORE You know I’m back like never left Another spirit Another step Another day Another breath Been chasing dreams But I never slept I got a new attitude and a lease on life And some peace of mind Seek"
  • Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey) - Papa Roach
    "I want to feel your wreckage It’s a firestorm I’m falling like a loaded weapon In your arms Paranoid it might be reckless No matter what I say It’s only going to steal your breath And slip away I don’t"
  • Beneath With Me (feat. Skylar Grey) - Kaskade x Deadmau5
    "Can't escape All the fire burning bright Water still is rising Throughout the long nights Come on, take my hand And focus on the light down at the end Say words to comfort me We still have time for home, That's"
  • Shot Me Down (ft. Skylar Grey) - David Guetta
    "I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang"
  • Room for Happiness (feat. Skylar Grey) - Kaskade
    "Sometimes I wish I never felt, The influence of you Cuz now I feel the disconnect, Like an open wound Where you once were, there is a space, That runs as deep as hell But every morning when I wake I tell"
  • Grey - BarlowGirl
    "Grey's my favorite color Black and white has never been my thing I'll take my drink lukewarm now Hot and cold is not the thing for me Absolutes are hidden I've buried my convictions I cannot"
  • Grey - Barlow Girl
    "Grey's my favorite colorBlack and white has never been my thingIll take my drink lukewarm nowHot and cold is not the thing for meAbsolutes are hiddenIve buried my convictionsChorus:I cannot be blind no"
  • Everything I Need (piosenka z filmu "Aquaman") - Skylar Grey
    "Born on the wrong side of the ocean With all the tides against you You never thought you'd be much good for anyone But that's so far from the truth I know there's pain in your heart and you're covered"
  • I Know You (Fifty Shades Of Grey) - Skylar Grey
    "I believe, I believe there's love in you Gridlocked on the dusty avenues, Inside your heart, just afraid to go I am more, I am more than innocent But just take a chance and let me in And I'll show you"
  • I Will Return - Skylar Grey
    "When you close your eyes, You can see the day rewind, All the laughs and stupid fights, You and I we roll like thunder in the skies. Just like a party breaks at dawn, It never stops for long. I will return,"
  • I Need A Doctor - Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey
    "Refren/Intro : I'm about to lose my mind you've been gone for so long I'm running out of time I need a doctor, call me a doctor I need a doctor, doctor to bring me back to life Zwrotka 1 : I told the"
  • Johnny Grey - Eiffel 65
    "My name is Johnny Grey It's just a name And I know that For you it's the same The world I know Seems not to know me Here's my number I need a call I'm Johnny Grey My name is Johnny Grey It's just a name For"
  • Grey Day - Esoteric
    "'Tis but a fucking grey day for me now. One that I care not to meet. Wherefore is this grey fucking day, That I should sit in here now? Now of all times, For all times have been now, Until they became"
  • Grey matter - Quindon Tarver
    "I Hate You, I Love YouLeave, PleaseDon't Go AwayCan't Decide IfI Like Your FaceOr If I WishIt Would StrayYou're a Child ButYou're MaliciousYou're Sweet ButDon't Remember My NameAnd Heads You WinAnd Tails"
  • Grey street - Dave Matthews Band
    "Oh, just sitting while she listens She says I don't need this place It seems a million years she's stuck here But says nothing of what she thinks She thinks, "Hey, How did I come to this? I dreamt like"
  • Morning Grey - Harem Scarem
    "Anyway that I could reach you I'm justified to do Anyway that I'll convince you A cold desire looms Take a bus, buy a ticket, find a mission Try to leave the pain Taking tracks from the needles Never"
  • Grey Matter - Jewel
    "I hate you, I love you Leave, please Don't go away Can't decide if I like your face Or if I wish It would stray You're a child but You're malicious You're sweet but Don't remember my name And heads you"
  • Grey Dawn - October Tide
    "I painted with rain the sight of the daybreak, As being in need of a momentary remake The life I am leading is the way of depravity, A threat th my already poisoned sanity Grey dawn, everlasting Hope is"

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