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SOLID BASE 'The right way

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SOLID BASE 'The right way

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SOLID BASE 'The right way
  • Rachel Stevens Solid
    "You're solid, yeah Like a rush that I don't wanna stop Saw the signs in your eyes What was up wasn't right And none of us was innocent Baby, still we played our games Didn't win Left the mess we were"
  • Profane Omen Base
    "I keep my base... I watched our common wealth go down with your preaching, dead empty words like those belong to the self-righteous... Do you have a clue what it means to breath in hell? I don't, but I"
  • Powerman 5000 Solid
    "Get up I'm staying here 'cause I'm fed up I spend all my time on rhymes But it just ain't enough, let's kick it out to the abstract 'Cause I'm right on track And get it a little bit constricting, yeah,"
  • Eyes Adrift Solid
    "Is what I am is a plastic man Gazing out across a plastic land And everyone is just a thing Sit and listen to bells of plastic ring And I'm a genius doing something wrong Using real words in made"
  • Keith Moon Solid Gold
    ""It's number one!" (It's number one) "On your local radio!" (On your local radio) In the hall of fame I'll be named For my contribution "It's solid gold!" (It's sold gold) "I'm overcome with joy!" (And"
  • Crystal Lewis Rock Solid
    "Slippin' down the road of romance Don't get caught in a hit and run When your love is fallin' too fast I know a straight up way to go You don't have to lose control Get up on solid ground my friend"
  • Rita Ora Solid Ground
    "Airport terminal security and duty free This is my regular course this is my routine Seat back, up right, buckle up have a safe flight These are my conversations this is how I've been living And the heat"
  • Madness Solid gone
    "Shake it mister And a sister too I'm gonna make ya boogie woogie Gonna rattle in your shoes Boogie with me baby (Boogie boogie) Oh won't ya boogie with me baby (Boogie boogie) Oh won't ya boogie with me"
  • Solid Harmonie The Right Way
    "Chorus: Just do me the right way 'Cause love can make it right Just love me your own way 'Cause I need you tonight I just thought I'd mention That I need something from you I've got the full intention And"
  • Charlie Hall The Solid Rock
    "And my hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus' blood and righteousness And I dare not trust the sweetest frame But wholly lean on Jesus' name Oh, Christ the solid rock I stand And all other ground is"
  • Bill Nye Solid Liquid Gas
    "All matter forms, gas, liquid and solid We got a clue from some famous scientists They took a look when the water turned to gases Then they conclude everything is made of matter Small particles, just take"
  • Robyn Hitchcock Bass
    "We're overheating in a small town world We're overeating in a small town world I hear the sound of several different crimes The distant eel and the silver chimes Lieutenant Hodges often said to me "I see"
  • King Tee Bass
    "(King Tee) Yo Pooh, let's.. drop.. some.. Bass, to make the walls shake and vibrate the floor, just like an earthquake King Tee is back again, but with a new topic I wouldn't listen too close cause it's"
  • Sonic Adventure Drummer base
    "Welcome to Sonic Adventure! Are you ready? *DRUMMING* Get up! Go on! Take this! Away! *DRUMMING* You know Sonic is right here! And the others are not near! Get trough times, and think of us! The knife"
  • The Tragically Hip Blonde Solid
    "Me I'm dirty all the time In a quite becoming squalor She's blonde solid She's blonde solid The kind I'd follow anywhere So I accidentally did so She's blonde solid She's blonde solid I was the funniest"
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Solid Baby
    "Oh baby who's the solid baby Who's gonna love me tonight Oh baby who's the solid baby Who's gonna love me tonight Tonight, who's gonna love me tonight Ooh baby, I'm the gentliest baby I'll be stroking"
  • T. Rex Solid Baby
    "Oh baby who's the solid baby Who's gonna love me tonight Oh baby who's the solid baby Who's gonna love me tonight Tonight, who's gonna love me tonight Ooh baby, I'm the gentliest baby I'll be stroking"
  • Dougie MacLean Solid Ground
    "Down the Buckney den the burn crashes brown from the Autumn spate The spreading hazels rustle as they bend and sway as they laden wait My fathers they have walked this road and now I know And yes didn't"
  • Joni Mitchell Solid Love
    "We got a break Unbelievable We got a break Right in the middle of this Hollywood heartache We got this solid love All around the town Good hearts are going under Love bandits con and plunder Let nobody"
  • Thunderstone Solid Ground
    "Don't know about the future Don't know about the past Clinging to life like Each day was by last Out of the cold I've searched every corner I've walked every way Given up my mind Just to see a new day Out"

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