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  • Make Up Your Mind Make Up Your Mind
    "lay on the couch, feed your big fat belly see the same shit, when you turn on the telly. Murder, sex, violence, is all that you find, this is the time to make up your mind. satan likes to rule, want to"
  • Coolio Get Up Get Down
    "1: 1 2 3 4 Get your woman on the floor Gotta gotta get up to get down Gotta gotta get up to get down What up everybody so glad you're here It's Coolio with the flow back in your ear This ain't a"
  • R.E.M. Get Up
    "Sleep delays my life (get up, get up) Where does time go? (get up, get up, get up) I don't know Sleep, sleep, sleepy head (get up, get up, get up) Wake it up...up (get up, get up) You've got all your life"
  • DI-RECT Get Up
    "You're such a fool my friend wanting to be with them how can you move by the roof hanging out and acting cool the wannabees from school You're such a geek, my friend longing to be like them when every"
  • Doc Walker Get Up
    "Don't you think it's time to forget Leave your troubles behind Take that road up ahead Don't you think it's time to let go Time to, let it out Time to let it show Let's have a good time We don't need"
  • Captain Jack Get up
    "Refrain:Get up and live for your lifeGet up and live for the momentIf we all do the jiveThen everything is all rightGet up and live for your lifeGet up and use all your powerIf we standup to fightWe'll"
  • Ben Harper Get up
    "I say we're sick and tired of your poison technologySlowly, surely, killing all humanityWe know when we understand:Mighty God is a living man.You can fool some people sometimes,But you can not fool all"
  • Goldfinger Get Up
    "I see their lips move but all I hear is shit They act so intellectual but they do crimes they don't admit We need action in the street,moving with our feet It's time to shout out loud It's time to start"
  • Unwritten Law Get Up
    "here's to the morning think that i'm bored and crazy yes i have been you get off when i give in i need my second wind and i just can't take it anymore i just can't take it when your lying on the floor get"
  • The Kinks Get Up
    "Here's a song for all the little men, who get forgotten Trodden time and time again Here's a message for the little guy, don't let this situation pass you by You're in the middle while the big mouths"
  • Beverley Knight Get Up
    "You stand tall while people sway (True to your self) Leave them fakers on the shelf (Heed your calling) Go and do your thing, I make I hear you say... Get up, get up and hold your ground You don't care"
  • Keyshia Cole Get Up
    "(Hook) When we come through, ya'll better move All up in the club, ya'll feelin' good So, get the fuck up, better, get the fuck up See, ya'll don't understand, us niggas don't be playin' Henny in the"
  • Andain Get up
    "I finally learned whats allAnd how to let it goWhen it comes my wayDont care to knowForget what others sayWorry some other dayAnd things just seem to go my wayGet up with somebodyTake up your bodyLet up"
  • Insolence Get Up
    "(Sample Begins) T-Minus 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0... (Sample Ends) rapid transit, be moving too fast you better get up off your ass it's possible that this here"
  • Nik Kershaw Get Up
    "It's dark in there and you're quite unaware That the cracks on the ceiling are mocking you Your airless bag, your dust in a shaft of light And you think you might Yeah you might stay there all day Heh"
  • Van Halen Get Up
    "Wow! Feel like throwin' in the towel? Don't be a fool They're out to knock you out n' put you down for the count Hey, watch the left, watch the right Below the belt Uh! They'll run run run you round and"
  • Circleslide Get Up
    "What if I told you I wasn't ready for this life What if I told you this wasn't what I had in mind What if this mountain's just too high Get up get up brush off the dust from your soul Get up get up the"
  • You Am I Get Up
    "Got a kiss on the neck from a mornin' cartoon Pullin' out the knot, I just can't lose Grabbin' my shoulder, turned out the night Like a smile after you've cried The lady out walkin' with her popcorn pup To"
  • Rooster Get Up
    "Get Up You only care if you give a damn It's a price worth paying if you understand A sacrifice aint a sacrifice Unless you leave with a bleeding hand It feels like you're invisible A lonely man"
  • West Indian Girl Get Up
    "Say goodbye to everyone and leave it all behind You know they tried to hold you down and change your way of life But no judge or lord above can tell you what to do Get Up, Get Up One day when we get"

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