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  • Stomp - The Brothers Johnson
    "Steppin' out the weekends open wide Fill it up let's blast the jams and ride While we're cruisin' around in the street Listen up for the party in feet Slap me five that's the place we've arrived It's"
  • Stomp - Aaron Carter
    "Steppin' out the weekends open wide Fill it up let's blast the jams and ride While we're cruisin' around in the street Listen up for the party in feet Slap me five that's the place we've arrived it's"
  • 2nd Foot Stomp - Clinic
    "Come and wind your belly, Come and wind it for me Oh my Mother Anna knew Oh my Mother Anna knew If all the piggies don't don't whine Then you keep it here with mine. Doko won the magic prize Taken from"
  • Riverdale Stomp - The Riverdales
    "I knew a girl maybe running light, She always had money on her mind. She was something like a glow And she made it to the show And it made her shiver every single time Riverdale Stomp, baby lets go"
  • Stomp - Human Nature
    "(Everybody C'mon) Let it out, the weekend's on the mind Fill it up, let's blast the jam tonight While we're cruisin' around in the streets (cruise those streets let's lis...) Let's listen up for the party"
  • Stomp - Chamillionaire
    "Yea, it's color changin clickWe in here foreva babyChamillionaire, It's Rasaq boiIt's color change when we comin and we make it bumpIt's color change when we comin cause we raise the trunkIt's color change"
  • Running Wild - Airbourne
    "I've got the wind at my back and my foot to the floor I ain't comin' back to you no more I'm sick of your shit and your moaning whine I'm leaving you for good come rain or shine You can cry me a river,"
  • Devil's Stomp - Badlands
    "I needed time to think things over To heal my soul and ease the pain And through a glass, a revelation I could swear I heard the darkness call my name Imagination's running for too long, oh yeah The mind"
  • Kaori Stomp - Machinae Supremacy
    "You're so cool, love the style. Eyes crazy, hair like a child A single taste, and I smile Truly free, running wild. You! Fly! You! Fly! You got the style, ikasu. Ore wa oboete iru. When you are here,"
  • Running - Eliane Elias
    "I'm not afraid All is forgiven Cause after all What's done is done Move on with grace Slip into space And when I'm ready I'll sing my song Follow the silence Far from the sadness Leave all the madness"
  • Foot Down - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
    "Stomp that nigga out. Stomp his butt out. He's burning Here we go again y'all against all obstructions Fuck 'em I'm D-E-L a man amongst the munchkins. Ever since Toughskins and Underoos I had to choose. Said"
  • Running To The Light - Runrig
    "Running round the sacred mountain The rushing stream Feel the power In everything By the water. where the air is clear Surrender everything Old hearts grow younger again They promise bring The greenest."
  • Running With The Light - A Skylit Drive
    "You brought this on my head... It's calling me You sent me to my death... I figured out why You can look into my lies but never... You could never turn back all the clocks to take back what you did to"
  • Ole Slew Foot - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "High on the mountain, tell me what do you see Beartracks beartracks looking back at me Better get your rifles before its too late The bear's got a little pig and headed for the gate He's big around the"
  • Two-Foot Machete - GRUFF!
    "I was running back home from a faraway land I made it through snow, water and sand When the night came down at the end of my way The jungle of south got me wishing for day The hills up north are the prettiest"
  • Stomp - God's Property From Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation
    "Lately I've been goin' through some things that's really got me down I need someone, somebody to help me come and turn my life around. I can't explain it, I can't obtain it, Jesus Your love is so, it's"
  • Stomp! - Insane Clown Posse
    "Take a look around ya, tell me what ya see? Ya see flames and smoke...then there's me I'm burnin' houses and jumpin telephone poles They call me fireface, I'm suckin' hot coals Give me a quarter, I'll"
  • Stomp - Sonic City
    "One day walking down a side street nobody wanna pass me by I'm going fast but I'm not speedin' only I know why One day racing down a highway I slow down but I will never stop and I'd say it's all or nothin' give"
  • Stomp - ICP
    "Take a look around ya, tell me what ya see?Ya see flames and smoke...then theres meIm burnin houses and jumpin telephone polesThey call me fireface, Im suckin hot coalsGive me a quarter, Ill buy a quarter"
  • Stomp - Kirk Franklin
    "(Spoken) For those of you that think gospel music has gone too far You think we've gotten to radical with our message Well I got news for ya' You ain't heard nothin yet And if ya' don't know, now ya' know Glory"

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