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  • Stony Road - Chris Rea
    "This is the story Oh this is the way Gospel of reason When the pain came to stay The life of a loser Who wins with a smile The sinners redemption In the tears of a child Me & Katie We go dancing down"
  • My Stony Baby - Number Less ThanLess Than
    "The fish who keeps on swimming. Is the first to chill upstream. I want your fish right by me. That's how it has to be. The songs I sing they don't mean a thing if you're not there to hear it, but then"
  • Butterflies - The Cult
    "The wild wide eye with her painted wing She crushed the gray boy Don't you know my selfishness was my suicide Her painted wing became my suicide, suicide The whole world did not start to cry They"
  • Lovely City (when Do You Laugh?) - Cat Stevens
    "Lovely city, when do you laugh? Stony people, what do you have? Well, you ride around on a bright shiny cloud And you think that you've found true happiness There's no method in your mind and your tempers"
  • The Sphinx - Salamandra
    "Twilight sky hiding her eyes guarding the silence far in the south Wordless sigh gazing at night carries her secrets of ageless life The stony creature close to the Nile shares distant glory seen in"
  • Killer - Kat
    "A stony monument of dirt-cityKnife concealed in darkFace covered upCity gettin' silentCity's sleepingOnly the killer mocksWaitingHunters, find your victimHuman glance is sweet, thoughYou noticeLooks of"
  • Instinct - Crowded House
    "(Neil Finn) I lit the match I lit the match I saw another monster turn to ash felt the burden lifted from my back do you recognize the nervous twitch that exposes the weakness of the myth when your turn"
  • A Song For David - Joan Baez
    "(Words and Music by Joan Baez) In my heart I will wait by the stony gate and the little one in my arms will sleep. Every rising of the moon makes the years grow late and the love in our hearts"
  • Pleasant street - Tim Buckley
    "You don't remember what to say You don't remember what to do You don't remember where to go You don't remember what to choose You wheel, you steal, you feel, you kneel down All the stony people Walking"
  • Turning Backs - Vashti Bunyan
    "Indifference is the hardest blow It is the wind and icy snow That falls on green shoots as they grow In winter when the spring's too slow Indifference is the coldest hand It is the wave that clears the"
  • Stone Infatuated - Artrosis
    "While thinking of her You keep repeating stony words Silence - all around - Doesn't help you forget The blind fate throws what you've got into the abyss of love Senseless is your attempt to win with the"
  • Stephen's In The Sky - Serafin
    "some god will finish there, main in torture, man in chair and stephen's in the sky a heathen broke my leg and turned me in my stony bed i need people, any people young man, heart attack and breathing"
  • The gospel of st jude - Omd
    "I have walked down this road you call love It is hard and its shallow stony ground I have built with these hands some great fortune But my heart still beats a hollow sound Oh yea, still now my tears remain"
  • Last Time - Moderat
    "When I was dead asleep behind Towering walls They built a world outside And I missed the wake-up call My stony breath crawled to glory heavens be There was a sea of sound When I was dead asleep behind Towering"
  • Celebration - UnderGround Fly i Chór Kameralny im. H. Wieniawskiego z Poznania
    "just forget who you are just forget what you've done and if you'd go outside just don't forget to smell well wear your smile, wear your smiles ... tonight we'll bleach the darkest souls we're hiding"
  • Celebration - UnderGround Fly
    "just forget who you are just forget what you've done and if you'd go outside just don't forget to smell well wear your smile, wear your smiles ... tonight we'll bleach the darkest souls we're hiding bruises"
  • Innocente - Delerium
    "You can't see my eyesYou can't see my eyesThey don't see yoursHear me when I sayThey don't mind at allIt's the rain that I hear comingNot a stranger or a ghostIt's the quiet of a storm approachingThat"
  • The Red Death - Thrice
    "entertain the hope that somehow you'll escape me weld the bolts and close the iron gate drink deeply THE ILLUSION OF YOUR SAFETY, my how wishful thoughts inebriate, masquerade and revel in your opulence. writhe"
  • Withered - Amorphis
    "Withered be the flower Long past its prime and bloom Forgotten on the stony bed This silent hillside tomb For coppered be the grip Of this wooded land A crude cold gauntlet Hides the bony hand Tears once"
  • So Long Ago - Helldorado
    "I recall the mountains back home The stony hills where I used to roam Just drifting along so easy and slow Oh, but that was long ago I recall the days of my youth The days before I started seeking the"

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