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  • Sweet - Toby Keith
    "She came through the front door lookin' fast as a big train Bookin' down the line And she was lookin' fine Long and lean and dressed to kill Stacked up high with perfect wheels and there ain't no chance,"
  • Sweet - Oingo Boingo
    "Sweat! Sweat! Sweat! Born for trouble, poised for action Ready to spring at a moment's notice Nerves like a trigger, waiting to be pulled Covered with sweat, it ain't nice Sweat! Help me please I'm burning"
  • Boys Will Be Boys - Barbie
    "La, da, la, da, la, da, da, da, da Did you ever wonder how How a boy can turn you around? Well, their behavior makes no sense They're never gonna be same as your girlfriends Boys can sometimes be so strange That's"
  • Boys will be boys - Danger Danger
    "Little Girl, Sweet 16, oooh youre every schoolboys dream Runnin hot, blowin cold, Get ready for an overload Turn it On, Loosen up, too much is never enough Feel the heat, start to rise, Baby open youre"
  • Boys Will Be Boys - Daddies Gear
    "Well boys will be boys and they'll always be jerks, and from what she's seen this is how things work. They come in sweet and they go out cold, and you know this seen must be growing old. She's fucked"
  • White Boys - Hair
    "White boys are so pretty, Skin as smooth as milk White boys are so pretty, Hair like Chinese silk I tell you that your white boys give me goosebumps, White boys give me the chills And when they touch"
  • Nice Boys - Remedy
    "(Rose Tattoo) She hit town a rose in bloom Smell the sweet, sweet perfume The color faded and the petals died Down in the city no one cried And in the streets the garbage lies Protected by a million flies With"
  • Black Boys - Hair
    "I've got, baby I've got, baby I've got, baby... Black boys are delicious, Chocolate flavoured love, Licorice lips like candy, Keep my cocoa handy, I have such a sweet tooth when it comes to love Once"
  • Nice Boys - Guns N' Roses
    "She hit town like a rose in bloom Smellin' sweet, said sweet perfume The color faded and the petals died Down in the city, no one cried In the streets, the garbage lies Protected by a million flies The"
  • Rough boys - Winter rose
    "Don't waste time by complaining They live like most others wouldn't dare Sliding like snakes through the alleys They're raising hell everywhere Fighting so hard survive One of the boys didn't make it A"
  • Dublin Boys - Antje Duvekot
    "Sweet city of Dublin, I am heading out 'Cause all the houses on your streets are burning down Oh, but not to worry, 'cause I will be okay Yes, I will pick myself back up another day But I am dirty from"
  • Bad Boys - Diana King
    "I don't want no fly guy I just want a shy guy That's what I want yeah U know what I want yeah Oh lord have mercy mercy mercy DI man dem ina dI party party party DI ole a dem look sexy sexy sexy Watch dem"
  • Professor Booty (beastie Boys/caldato) - Beastie Boys
    "Beastie Boys Miscellaneous Professor Booty (beastie Boys/caldato) Yes, i got more bounce to the fuckin' bump And then you want to know Why it's cause i'm motherfuckin' truckin' I'm in the pocket just like"
  • Girls like boys - Myra
    "Girls are born into this world Just clingin to their mother We grow up playin with our friends Or fighting with our brother We like to hang out in the mall And check out fancy toys But most of all"
  • Boys Love Girls - Kano
    "Boys love girls coz the girls that love boys and boys love girls girls love boys coz the boys that love girls and girls love boys boys love girls love boys boys love girls love boys ye boys love girls"
  • Boys In Bars - Bacon Brothers
    "Now you could hear that jukebox pound But you could barely see inside Now rumor had it years ago Is where that girl had died Now why they caled it a cafe Well I never understood Cause there aint no tables"
  • The Old Boys - Runrig
    "The old Boys Are all leaving Leaving one by one Where young birds go flying Spread your wings and run But over the fields By the drystone walls An eagle will come no more Welcome Were the headlands St"
  • For The Boys - The Cardigans
    "Burn it all and break your home This one's for the boys You're a vain and shameless man But hell, I love your voice Skinny fingers and mumbling mouths I'd like to mark your words 'cause sometimes I don't"
  • Far Away Boys - Flogging Molly
    "Well I worked on a railroad, for t'pence a day. I drank down one penny, the other I'd save. I hammered my hammer, for God knows how long. Well into madness, with each setting sun. I put my head down, and"
  • Three Imaginary Boys - The Cure
    "Walk across the garden In the footsteps of my shadow See the lights out No one's home In amongst the statues Stare at nothing in The garden moves... Can you help me? Close my eyes And hold so tightly Scared"

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