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  • Switchblade Smiles - Kasabian
    "Switchblade smiles They go on for miles And will be forever Now we stand together There's no denials Much too soon For the wooden spoon Can you hear the knocking Now your feet are stomping Around the"
  • Switchblade - LP
    "Do you remember making love on a hill at the top of Topanga Do you remember a hands full of pills on a midnight adventure I do /3x Late in September it started to end and I felt you pretending I couldn’t"
  • Switchblade - Eternity X
    "A million thoughts have passed me by, it's hard to keep the rhythm Someone like me is gonna lick it clean I'm gonna fuck up the system Who turned out the light, why are these chains wrapped around me The"
  • Switchblade - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Went down to Mexico on the Fourth of July I got a tattoo of a moth and a butterfly Had a little time to burn, a little money to spend So I bought a switchblade for each of my friends Pablo and Dan had"
  • Switchblade - Lenz
    "Switchblade, do what I got to Vacate, I'm coming right at you Slow down, before you take your last step This is a test of the; bumps 'n' bruises You know you get used to I choose to run with my home crew Lock"
  • Switchblade - Jefferson Starship
    "He's gonna go down, If I keep turning him around. I don't want to see him go, Don't want to see him go. No, because he's seen A lot of fast-talkin' women. I believe, I believe, I'd better take it slow, Because"
  • Switchblade - Swollen Members
    "I've lost track of my body count, The amount is enormous Dropped in sector four Non-conformist intimidates, Eliminating all heads of state The punishment is banishment Tarnishing and vanishing I'm runnin'"
  • Smiles - Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters
    "There are smiles that make us happy There are smiles that make us blue There are smiles that steal away the tear drops As the sum beam steal away the dew There are smiles that have a tender meaning That"
  • Smiles - Lou Reed
    "Smiles, I was taught never to smile I was told the stylish smiles of buffoonery chicanery and larceny abound My mom said unless someone sticks you right in front of a camera A smile is the last thing"
  • Smiles - Judy Garland
    "If you just stop to think, here's a lesson for you What a word or a smile can convey With a word you can make someone happy or blue With a smile you can make them sad or gay So be careful what you"
  • Smiles - Full Scale
    "Roll up! Roll up! The circus is in town They're setting up their big tops on your own sacred ground They're kissing babies, 100 by the hour Thinking every last one of you came down in the last April shower It's"
  • Switchblade 327 - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
    "written by B. Setzer Switchblade 327 Lit cigarette in his hand Steel-toed boots on the accelerator Oil leakin' outta the pan Switchblade, three two-barrels Gettin' there as fast as he can All juiced"
  • Switchblade 327 - Brian Setzer
    "(B. Setzer, 1998) Switchblade 327 Lit cigarette in his hand Steel-toed boots on the accelerator Oil leakin' outta the pan. Switchblade, three 2-barrels Gettin' there as fast as he can All juiced up like"
  • Switchblade Sister - Redd Kross
    "Lonely friend is a Flying-V She says she does her ax, baby, more than me The times are changing I know its true Oh, whatever happened to me and you Switchblade Sister Alright now Switchblade Sister You"
  • Switchblade Knife - Pro-Pain
    "Rise and shine, get out of bed And I'm a warmachine again Beat my meat a few times and I am feeling mean my friend Me, myself and I'm coming It's best to watch your back You are mine and I'm gunnin' I"
  • Switchblade To Soul - Chris Murray
    "Switchblade to soul, little darlin' Switchblade to soul Even the sharpest knife Still needs a hand's control A wrist to take its slice A heart to take its hole The dying drops of life Are carved in fine"
  • Ecstasy (Switchblade Remix) - Black Lab
    "picture yourself mind like a switchblade heart doubled over in pain you let your body overflow hide your instinct good and deep as the world just goes to hell throw my clothes out in the street and hang"
  • Girlscout (Switchblade Remix) - Jack Off Jill
    "if you never want for more if you want , if you want it, if you never want for more, if you want it and i was never your number one fan how can i grow a girl when you never were a man? and i was never"
  • Bathsheba Smiles - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) Bathsheba smiles She smiles and veins turn to ice She smiles and heads bow down She works the room Air-kisses every victim twice She spreads her joy around Do you close your eyes to"
  • Molly Smiles - Jesse Spencer
    "Daddy's little girl paints the world with her magic wand Daddy's little child breathes new life to the morning time for me Though we're apart, her thoughts follow me When I come home, Molly smiles with"

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