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  • Weak - Swv - SWV
    "{Verse 1} I don't know what it is that you've done to me... but it's caused me to act in such a crazy way. Whatever it is that you do when you do what you're doing... it's a feeling I want to stay"
  • Ohh Starry Night - SWV
    "SWV: I've waited all of my life For the day when love appears Like a fairy tale in days of old He will rescue me >From my fears TLC: And now He suddenly walks in like a dream And how Can I tell him what"
  • Can We (Booty Call Version) - SWV
    "Yeah, uh huh See, me and Timbaland We got these hits to hear From here to overseas Where SWV is Check it, one time, uh huh, uh huh See, um, me? I'm Super Fly Super duper fly With your hands up my thigh And"
  • Someone - SWV
    "(Puff) Lookin' at my Rollie, it's about that time For SWV to drop a jam on mine Playa's talk the talk but they can't walk it We make the whole country bounce when we New York it Don't speak about it, be"
  • Gettin' Funky - SWV
    "(f/Snoop Dogg) (Snoop Dogg) Doggy, What you're gonna play now? loco, oh no But whatsoever it is, it's gosta be funky (Chorus) (Funky, funky, funky, funky, funky, funky, funky, funky,) Ha, ha,"
  • You're The One For Me (Puff Daddy Remix) - SWV
    "(featuring Busta Rhymes) Busta Rhymes and SWV Puff Daddy Remix One time, blowin' your mind (And you don't stop, remix) You're the one for me You can call on me It's all I want us to be (oh yeah) You're"
  • Lose My Cool - SWV
    "(Redman) Yo word up I gotta ask her myself Cuz she says she saw you the other day I know hey yo word Hey yo Coko Hey yo Coko I heard you losing your cool Yo Lee I heard you losing your cool Yo Taj I heard"
  • On & On - SWV
    "(Chorus) It goes on and on We won't stop to the break of dawn - go On and on - got to keep on movin' on On and On till we get enough You know how we do it (Verse) Feels so good to see Everybody"
  • Give It To Me - SWV
    "(Verse 1) I'm a type of girl with class But, you never know what you can get 'Till you go and ask for it I was shy, but now I finally see All you have to do is (just ask) For anything you want (It's"
  • Give It Up - SWV
    "(f/Lil' Kim) (Lil' Kim) Say what? Check it out Pop corks with the best of them, style on the rest of them All because I threw my breast to them Now they zest and caressin' them, Kim neva stressin'"
  • Come And Get Some - SWV
    "(f/E-40) (E-40) Check it out Let's crack the lightnin' It's feena get voictress Sisters with voices And you heard of me Straight from the V, E-40 Fasorally(?) (Verse) Turn the lights down low"
  • Love Like This - SWV
    "(Lil' Ceasar) SW - with the V , yeah, you know Characters ... Oh life is short What Never thought I'd find love, till the day I found you, sugar Never had no one to hold me like this, (like this,"
  • Can We - SWV
    "ahah, ahehehe, yeah, ye-ye-ye-yeah ah see me and timberland we got the shot hits from here, from here to ovaseas the S-W-V's, check it, one time ahah, ahah, ahah see umm Me...i'm supa fly...Supa Dupa fly Rub"
  • Rain - SWV
    "Verse 1: (Coko) Sometimes it's soft as a misty rain That gently touches my soul It cools the fire that burns in me And I simply lose control So just...... Chorus: Rain down on me Let your love just"
  • When U Cry - SWV
    "(When you cry) When you cry (Boy I'll cry) Boy I'll cry (Don't let go) Don't let go (Or I'll die) Ooh (Chorus) When you cry, when you cry Baby I cry And if you take your love away I'll just die"
  • Lose Myself - SWV
    "(Chorus) I can lose myself and all the freak in me can do I don't want nobody else because my body's wanting you Gotta have you Gotta touch you I just lose my self-control and all the freak and me"
  • Here For You - SWV
    "(Chorus) I'll always be here, for you I promise you I'll always stay Nothing can take my love away When ever you need a shoulder I'll be forever true There's nothing I won't do (Verse) Tell me"
  • All Night Long - SWV
    "Baby you can call on me Anytime that you feel the need And I'll be there in a hurry Givin you the best of me And baby you know I keep it nice and warm to satisfy Baby you know that I am always hot"
  • Anything(Old Skool Radio Version F/Wu-Tang) - SWV
    "(Verse) Anticipation, of what's to come I'm so happy that, I'm the lucky one So long I've waited but it's, never too late For love... It feels so right, baby, that it can't be wrong Where I am weak,"
  • Blak Puddin' - SWV
    "(Taj & Sahpreem King) (Verse 1) Shh! Boy, be quite. Follow me and tip-toe Don't wanna make too much noise sneaking in your window So pull down the shades 'Cause my neighbors are kind of nosy Comfy,"

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