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  • Alice Donut Good Pasta
    "Alice Donut Revenge Fantasies Of The Impotent Good Pasta ---Instrumental--- ----------------------------------------------------------------- -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Eric"
  • Paolo Conte Pasta diva
    "Pasta diva, pasta divahai del sol il bel calordel mare, il salela lussuria al pomodoroal fuoco rosso del Vesuvio,al fuoco verde del basilico,lo sai, lo sai, lo sai, lo sai, tu,Pasta divasai che Parigi"
  • Fasolki Szczotka, pasta, kubek
    "Szczotka, pasta, kubek, ciepła woda, tak się zaczyna wielka przygoda. Myje zęby, bo wiem dobrze o tym, kto ich nie myje ten ma kłopoty, żeby zdrowe zęby mieć, trzeba tylko chcieć.Szczotko, szczotko, hej"
  • Babasonicos Pasta de hablar
    "Puedo sentir la naturaleza descalzasu palpitar es como un cisne que se elevay en su volardescubre un bosque arrancado del sueloDe ahora en mas controlar mis visioneste lo prometo mujerno me vers perdidoaullndole"
  • Babasnicos Pasta De Hablar
    "Puedo sentir la naturaleza descalza Su palpitar es como un cisne que se eleva Y en su volar Descubre un bosque arrancado del suelo De ahora en mas controlar mis visiones Te lo prometo mujer No me vers"
  • Lunik Past
    "What are my own private ideas - dreams and wishes ? Do I belong to this society ? I cannot choose a pleasant time to live imagine future happens right now future would be reality present time would be"
  • Face Tomorrow Past
    "break every moment we had smile back at old needs throw all the misery out let's plant some new seeds it's over, just leave it alone and lean back give it a rest just let it pass 'cause it is so hard"
  • Everything Everything Distant Past
    "Drag my tongue across the sand So happy just to crawl across the land Soon I’ll be the best around I’m gonna keep my plunder underground Hard flesh cold against the rain Dust billowing around my brazen"
  • Low Violent Past
    "All I can do is fight Even if I know you're right All I can do is fight Pretty fingers holding fast Maybe it's your violent past Maybe it's your violent past All you can do is hide God bless the darkness"
  • Black Francis Captain Pasty
    "I'm a captain in the flying corp I find the farm is a super bore The world is small when I'm in the air The universe, it don't make me scared, no I'm a zipper in the metal mule I'm a sipper of the rocket"
  • Machine Gun Fellatio Criminal Past
    "So what exactly are you saying? You'd like to live your life between the sheets There's no destination The hours getting way past getting late Defy the public opinion You're talking big it comes too"
  • Level 42 Past Lives
    "An angel came to me last night She saw me in a different light She showed me things I thoughht I could be Are not a million miles away As surely as night follows day It follows, I'm a king not a slave It"
  • Armored Saint Tainted Past
    "The cynical view that has been taken Is blowing my mind I can't seem to piece it all together I guess it takes time to unwind To let the dust settle And let cooler heads prevail Each and every day I rise"
  • Atlas Sound Scraping Past
    "Escape the rain falling down Escape the sun, it comes and goes Escape the rain, that comes and goes When it stops, no one knows Crazy to believe Patterns emerge from this stuff Wasted words, wasted words Scraping"
  • Billy Ray Cyrus The Past
    "(Billy Ray Cyrus) Back when I was young When I was just a kid The foolish things we done The secrets that we hid Out on our playground Where I first touched your lips Our first taste of love Upon our fingertips Now"
  • Underground Pan past
    "stoisz w oknie wiatr obmywa twoją twarz w popielniczce niedopałki minionego dnia z małych części zbierasz myśli tworzysz obraz dla dziwnego pana co przychodzi często w twoich snach nazywam się past i każdego"
  • Sinn Past Attraction
    "Breath of the past blows at my ears As tears of memory are reddening my thoughts Frightened silhouete standing in the wheel of time Frightened silhouette lost in the mist of life Blind stepping in the"
  • Death Forgotten Past
    "Deep in your mind there is another side A morbid truth one cannot hide Unimaginable gore was your past time high To hear people scream, To watch them die Return back to the burial site Face your dreams"
  • Moments In Grace The Past
    "I watched as the dark fades to dawn and wish the past never happened Never happened Never happened Never happened Walking home as the street lights are turning off and the print on the printers is hardly"
  • John Newman The Past
    "If love is blind I will see you If love is lost I will hunt I'm crawling back, I'm crawling back oh baby I'm crawling back, I'm crawling back for more If love is cold I will warm you If love is dark I"

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