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Sabaton - Carolus Rex - Studio session 1

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Sabaton - Carolus Rex - Studio session 1

  • Carolus Rex - Sabaton
    "All embrace me. It's my time to rule at last. Fifteen years have I been waiting to sit upon my throne. No alligance, I will swear no oath! Throned by god not the church 'cause my power is divine. They"
  • Winged Hussars (Sabaton cover) 2 - Anahata
    "When the winged hussars arrived A cry for help in time of need, await relief from Holy League 60 days of siege, outnumbered and weak Sent a message to the sky, wounded soldiers left to die Will they hold"
  • Love Session - Silk
    "(Intro) Plug me up to the love session baby (Plug me up baby) Yeah, c'mon Yeah, 2000 watts Yeah, say boom Yeah, my beat goes Yeah, yeah, yeah Boom boom boom My beat goes boom If you're looking for some"
  • Gun Session - Vybz Kartel
    "Yea, yea testing 1 2 3 it's Akon the illegal alien yea, Sizzla Kolongi coming to you live, Shabba India, Si mi yah seh yuh knoe its Kartel Obsession FX Gun Session teks Run session duppy wi mek aye! "
  • Basement Session - Kane & Abel
    "Verse 1 (Skandalous) Motherf**kers they wanna test me Pull out the blunt nigga I'll wreck your shit I'm out that window with my 44, another f**king hit Don't know who to trust with my shit I'm in this"
  • Basement Session - Kane & Able
    "Verse 1 (Skandalous) Motherf**kers they wanna test me Pull out the blunt nigga I'll wreck your shit I'm out that window with my 44, another f**king hit Don't know who to trust with my shit I'm in this"
  • Supernova Girl-Kristian Rex - Zenon
    "Stargazing megafast You hit me like a cosmic blast You've given me a Technicolor world Putting me in Overdrive Speed of light, I'm so alive! Could you be my supernova girl? Interplanetary, Megastellar,"
  • Rex - Trance To The Sun
    "Me and you in a hover craft On our way to the end of the measured mass We are blood and dark light Come with us we're going to bed With ribs sticking out like a little starving dog Forever Soft and delicious"
  • Mess Around (Studio) - Ray Charles
    "Mess Around Ray Charles Aahh, you can talk about the pit, Barbeque, the band was jumpin, the people too Ah Mess Around, they doin the mess around, 2 x Everybody's doin the mess around Ah everybody"
  • 40:1 (polska wersja) - Sabaton
    "Polską wersję utworu "40:1" grupa Sabaton nagrała z udziałem gości specjalnych: Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek (Vader), Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper), Konrad Ramotowski (Hate) i Tomasz Struszczyk (Turbo) Ochrzczeni"
  • Session - Samy Deluxe
    "Samy: Das ist hier die Session. Jungs seit ihr bereit fr die Session? Aha, ja ich bin bereit fr die Session. Gib mir mal jemand einen Joint, dann bin ich auch breit fr die Session. Seit ihr bereit"
  • Session - The Offspring
    "I don't know when it got this way I don't know how long she's gonna stay Every week it's the same in her room That's why I came Here I go, I go again Our rendezvous' never seem to end I know where I'll"
  • Purified- Bonus Studio Track - Michael W. Smith
    "Verse 1: Where the angels see You are praised as You should be But how can I express My yearning for Your holiness May it be (that) Chorus: I will open up my heart Search me in the deepest part And"
  • Studio, studio - Zarys Zdarze
    "Siedemnasty maj i światło błysnęło Z głośników popłynęło, tak to się zaczęło Nasze dzieło nabrało kolorytu, git bit Ziomków bez liku i nasza kanciapa To mi się marzyło przez te wszystkie lata Rata-tata"
  • 1 - 800 - Spice - Spice 1
    "[ ant banks ] ( *burp* ) Aw shit One of them fake-ass answer machines again 1-800-fake-ass-answer-machine ( *dial tone* ) [ verse 1: spice 1 ] Mi-ni-mi pickin up da phone to hear da ring-a-ding-ling-a Mi"
  • 40 to 1 - Sabaton
    "Baptised in fire. 40:1 So silent before the storm, awaiting command A few has been chosen to stand As one outnumbered by far The orders from high command: Fight back, hold your ground! In early September"
  • Memo Rex - Zoe
    "Memo Rex aplasta el tiempo con su grvida fuerza, renuncio a todo menos a morir, sin ni siquiera haberlo intentado. Memo Rex abraza al mundo con tus alas de fuego, derrama todo lo que sangra de ti, y vamos"
  • Oedipus Rex - Tom Lehrer
    "From the Bible to the popular song, There's one theme that we find right along; Of all ideals they hail as good, The most sublime is motherhood. There was a man though, who it seems, Once carried this"
  • Rex Paedophilus - Pungent Stench
    "Infants are virginal, incorrupt, innocent, so nice their laughing and merriness that's my sugar & spice I abandon myself to vice to say it the least precise my cock got mirrored in their eyes At work"
  • Rex Irae - Celtic Frost
    "Lntroduction: rex lrae ... Dream encounter: (king wrath) (dream voice) You ... ... have joined your father's feast those who saw: essence or fall floods of dramatic silence and words, from whom we don't"

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