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Sacred Wars

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Sacred Wars

  • Unholy Wars - Witchery
    "Oh Witching hour! Un masse we fly the air unseen we fill the night We shoot into the gap to a place that soon won't be No saint no single soul will live their eternity In legion we fly In thousands they"
  • Sacred Land - Power Quest
    "(WORDS & MUSIC - WILLIAMS) Memories of childhood, a place so far away Growing up together, it was where I thought we'd stay Then one day soldiers came, told us of the wars They told us we should join"
  • Wars - Sanah
    "Jaki ładny dzień Całkiem ładny dzień W sam raz by zabrać manatki swe Całkiem dobry dzień By poczuć pociągowy pęd Tam zasuwam Tam popylam żwawo w biały dzień Mów że za późno Ja już wiem Uciekam hen I płaczę"
  • Wars - Holy Mother
    "Crashing the skies It is raining industrial years Following the rivers of soot Artificial years The water is stone All the animals bone I'm alive The sky opens up Swallows all that is bound inside Wars"
  • Wars - Of Monsters and Men
    "Lyric Video"
  • Sacred - Tokio Hotel
    "I'm still awake for you We won't make it together We can't hide the truth I'm giving up for you now My final wish will guide you out Before the ocean breaks apart Underneath me Remember To me you'll"
  • Sacred - Britney Spears
    "Not a day goes by That I don't stop And thank the stars for you Each time I stare in your dark eyes I'm reminded that you were mine The world may pass us by But my love will always linger for you Angels"
  • Sacred - Amel Larrieux
    "Is there nothing sacred anymore When Celebrities are deified And we're still calling some countries third world And Crimes against little ones Are punished with little laws And Girls are taught"
  • Sacred - Moonspell
    "(Originally performed by Depeche Mode) Sacred Holy To put it in words To write it down That is walking on hallowed ground I'm a missionary So here is my confession It's an obsession I'm a firm believer And"
  • Sacred - Blind Guardian
    "The realm's bleeding It suffers Old and weak No further argued There is war at end (The system's weak) Engines running Then after all I sense the end is starting These lunatics deny the truth I know I"
  • Sacred - Caedmon's Call
    "This house is a good mess it's the proof of life No way would I trade jobs but I don't pay overtime I'll get to the laundry I don't know when I'm saying a prayer tonight cause tomorrow it starts again"
  • Sacred - Depeche Mode
    "Sacred Holy To put it in words To write it down That is walking on hollowed ground But it's my duty I'm a missionary So here is my confesion It's an obsession I'm a firm believer And a warm receiver And"
  • King Of The Sacred Sword - Blood Stain Child
    "I have seen all the wars since ancient Corrupted, foolish wars War of honor War of glory But nobody can get mighty sword Im legend sword of God I control holy mountain Far beyond dash rancorous ancient"
  • Sacred Steel - Sacred Steel
    "Born into metal born into steel deep in the heart of darkness metal is revealed out of the blackness to rule and to kill those weak and false shall perish taste the sacred steel See the light feel the"
  • Sacred Reich - Sacred Reich
    "Striking fear in the hearts of men The war machine will leave you dead Rockets launching, lightning up the sky The end is near, it's your time to die Lightning war hititng fast and hard No time to act"
  • Sacred Bloody Steel - Sacred Steel
    "Hellbent my course I'll never care avout your cries So strong my force This passion never ever dies Some say I'm false Some say I'm true as hell can be When my fate calls Upright I'll meet my destiny I"
  • Love Wars - The Beautiful South
    "(Cecil and Linda Womak) Love wars, Love wars Love wars, Love wars Absence makes the heart grow fonder but its taking me under since you're not here Its better when its hard to get but this hide and"
  • Love Wars - Rod Stewart
    "Released on cd single have I told you lately, 1993 Cecil womack, linda womack Love wars, love wars Absence makes the heart grow fonder But it's taking me under Since you're not here, oh baby Its better"
  • Heart wars - Jennifer Rush
    "Were just two people fighting like nations Is this the state of all human relations Words are like weapons, take aim and fire Love loses reason in the name of desire Heart wars I surrender Lets let some"
  • Star Wars - Kool Keith
    "Yo, Kool Keith Bronx in the house Y'all know how to ill, I'ma take you to the real Challenge the ill, brother to God You just a ancestor, you know the shit dyker You ride around Manhattan as a gay biker Non-homo,"

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