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Sad music

  • Sad, Sad Music - Dwight Yoakam
    "There should be music Sad, sad music But this silence that you left Is all that I have I must have missed a couple days Or just forgotten What went wrong or where it all Fell apart And I know you must"
  • Sad Eyes - Graham Nash
    "Sad Eyes (3:22) words & music by Graham Nash 1985 Putzy-Putzy Music In the morning light I once told you I will love you all of my life, Then I noticed that you were asleep, But I told you anyway. You"
  • Happy Sad - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Andrei Cunha ureshii no ni kanashikunaru yo na anata wa totemo fushigina koibito sonna yutsu na kao shitetara mo nanimo hanasenakunaru darekani koi shite mata furaretan desho happy"
  • Sad Nights - Blue Rodeo
    "Walked you to the corner stood beside the bus and tears rolled down our faces as the driver stared at us typical summer that time of year when you go back to toronto and i stay here and i miss the way"
  • No Sad Songs - Lesley Gore
    "(music by Lesley Gore, words by Ellen Weston) No sad songs anymore NO sad songs anymore They're gone Oh I've said it before But I was never so sure before No sad songs anymore They don't belong anymore The"
  • Sad But True - Sixpence None the Richer
    "Sad But True Music & Lyrics by : Matt Slocum if I could have the words to change to speak into the world would they fly I wonder if they'd put them in a jeweled box for sale Chorus 1 but I need to strengthen"
  • Country Music - Gus And Frank
    "I need some cunt cunt' cunt' cunt' country music Give me some cunt cunt' cunt.. cunt' country rhymes I need those wide open spaces The valleys and the places They sing good old country music every time It's"
  • Ant Music - Adam & The Ants
    "Well, I'm standing here looking at you, what do I see? I'm looking straight through It's so sad, when you're young To be told, you're having fun So, unplug the jukebox and do us all a favor That music's"
  • Poor Sad Baby - Joni Mitchell
    "Goodbye. I'm bound away On the morning plane. I'll fly around the world, Then I'll fly around again. And when I've been from Egypt To the snows of Nome, Poor sad baby, that's when I'll be coming home. Rose"
  • Hold Music - Architecture In Helsinki
    "Hey you know my friend lisa she's down from LA we've been places like this there always the same we'll loosen the rope just enough to make you pay say my memory is hazy wer'e moving away to rent a display"
  • Ant Music - Robbie Williams
    "Well I'm standing here looking at you What do I see? I'm looking straight through It's so sad When you're young To be told You're having fun So unplug the jukebox And do us all a favour That music's lost"
  • All Music - Renato Russo
    "1: Send In The Clowns Isn't it rich, are we a pair Me here at last on the ground You in mid-air Send in the clowns Isn't it bliss, don't you approve One who keeps tearing around One who can't move"
  • So Sad About Us - Primal Scream
    "So sad about us So sad about us Sad I never let the music stop now Sad ? Sad about us So bad (sad?) about us (2x) Bad (Sad?) i never meant to break up Bad (Sad?) I suppse we'll never make up So"
  • So Sad About Us - The Jam
    "So sad about us So sad about us Sad - never meant to break up Sad - suppose we'll never make up Sad about us So bad about us So bad about us Bad - let the music stop now Bad - suppose we can't turn back"
  • Sad sad sad - The Rolling Stones
    "Fling you out into orbit No one's going to hear you shout And fools aren't going to follow You don't send the sleaze about Now you're sad sad sad Sad sad sad Sad sad sad But you're gonna be fine The elephant's"
  • Sad Sad Sad - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Fling you out into orbit No one's going to hear you shout And fools aren't going to follow You don't send the sleaze about Now you're sad sad sad Sad sad sad Sad sad sad But you're"
  • She's Sad She Said - Judybats
    "Her beautiful arse Cantilevering over a table of hors d'oeuvres She took a sip of her drink and said, "Hey, this music really gets on my nerves." I said, "What music?" She said, "The music in my head Sometimes"
  • Sad Sad Sad - Jack Off Jill
    "THE SONG IS CALLED SUPER SADIST NOT SAD SAD SAD super angry super hated super evil super serated super guitar super vated never sad, sad, sad super hated super sarcastic super sadated the super sadist keeps"
  • Sad Sad Sad - Skunk Anansie
    "He took your breath away But will you feel the same tomorrow When you're down on the ropes He takes the edge away Same ole routine you fail and follow You shattered your hopes Comedy blokes You're so Sad"
  • No more sad songs - Clay Aiken
    "This is the way That I state my independence That Im no longer connected to your memory This is the day that Im making my defection Gotta claim back the affection that you stole from me I used to hear"

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