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Sad story merk kremod

  • Sad Sad Story - Neil Sedaka
    "Look at the lady she's the one with the broken heart Even so she musn't know that I've loved her from the start She needs a friend now more than a new romance I'd love to take her in my arms but I can't"
  • Sad Sad Story - Mark Medlock
    "Love has many colors, And the passion rules the game You and me together Will never be the same All I ever wanted Is to fly on wings of love Just you and me together Enough is not enough All the night"
  • Sad Story - Plain White T's
    "Got nothing to say anymore There's nothing new It's all been done before Not looking to settle the score So please let me be Thought I'd be the one you'd adore I always thought I would be so much more Want"
  • Sad Story - Loveholic
    "It's a sad story yunanhido balgun hessal gadughan ichi mothal haru nul kumkwo odon arumdaun nare baraji anhadon nunmuri chajawa Gude ibgae momun shirin maltuga modun bichul dada suchin barammajodo sumjugyo"
  • Sad Story - Byz
    "I only see the shadow of the man that I was before Nothing real nothing anymore Only hate in my eyes see red I was living in a dream world With you girl always by my side You was there and I always tried To"
  • A Sad Story - Byz
    "I will only see the shadow of the man that i was before, nothing real nothing anymore Only hate in my eyes see red I was living in a dreamworld, with you girl always by my side you was there and I always"
  • The sad but true story - Rednex
    "It's been a pretty long time baby, but now I'm back in town It's time to leave your husband now, you know that little clown Last time we were seeing didn't you beg for more It's okey with me as long as"
  • Merk dir eins - Bushido
    "Refrain 2x: Ganz egal woher du kommst, Ganz egal wer du auch bist Du bleibst gefickt Denn ab heute bist du vogelfrei Mir gehts schon lange nicht mehr darum wer gut rappt Jetzt kommt Regel Nummer"
  • Nice Place For A Sad Story - Mechanical Poet
    "A naughty boy, a pretty girl The coolest lad and prom night queen A sleepy town, a country school The cruelest place youve ever seen The signs of bars and traffic lights So where you think could all this"
  • The Sad Story Of Sam Stone - Golden Earring
    "Sam Stone John Prine Sam Stone came home, To his wife and family After serving in the conflict overseas. And the time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And left a little shrapnel in his knee."
  • Sad Song - Beth
    "It's so sad, and I'm sorry How can I turn back the story Look at me , can you feel it too That I'm down on my knees beggin' you To come back home soon, soon To come back home soon... Maybe I'm not like"
  • Sad song - Krayzie Bone
    "Shit I've been a thug my whole motherfucking life Struggling Doing what the fuck I've got to do to survive Bottom line Thugline You see me on T.V. but you don't really know me Don't know the story of the"
  • Sad Reggie - Mad Caddies
    "i find myself searching for the soul i once had watered down the smoke inside me i've become a no-mad there's been no body oh for sooo long now i want me back but i just don't know how well it's the"
  • Merk Dir Meinen Namen - Loikaemie
    "Es gibt die Journalisten die schreiben fr die Zeitung Wahres oder nicht das ist ihre freie Meinung sie denken und knnen nicht denken und sie haben keine Ahnung und Dinge die sie hren die stimmen aus Erfahrung Da"
  • The Sad But True Story Of Ray Mingus - Rednex
    "It's been pretty long time baby but now i'm back in town it's time to leave our husband now u know that little clown Last time we were seeing didn't u beg for more it's okey with me as long as you do it"
  • Sad Millionaire - Luniz
    "(feat. Brownstone) Can I do my thang?? Speak on it. Oh, oh, ohhh. Oh, oh, ohh, hey. Uh. Niggaz be havin the mutha fuckin blues, like 5-0-5's I won't lie, homicide, gram will cry, pray for"
  • The Story - Shawn Colvin
    "S. Colvin - J. Leventhal Well we pounded the pavement between dotted lines But we always belonged to the fugitive kind We were never the best but we were better than this To be made to bow down among"
  • Bedtime Story - Tammy Wynette
    "I've told you almost ev'ry bedtime story And you've heard almost ev'ry nursery rhyme So, tonight before you go to sleep And pray the Lord your soul to keep Here's mommy's favorite story one more time. Once"
  • Our Story - Ruben Studdard
    "I remember when I first saw ya I remember what ya had on I remember what I said to ya Scuse me miss how ya doing I remember what you said You was doing fine but you was in a hurry So I gave ya my number"
  • Bedtime Story - Kitty Wells
    "I've told you almost every bedtime story And you've heard almost every nursery rhyme So tonight before you'll go to sleep and pray the Lord your soul to keep Here's mommy's favorite story one more time Once"

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