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Sade - Flow

  • Sade - Fjoergyn
    "Wir glaubten nie, wir sein am leben Und doch der Tod verschonte uns Kein Gedanke schenkt die Gunst Benennt dies Welt, die kalten Reben Die vom Grunde sich erstrecken Und unser Sein im Schwarz verstecken Als"
  • Flow - Sade
    "[1] - Ooh baby, mm When you hold me Oh oh, when you hold me The sound Is it possible I could feel this cool I could really love you the way I do Is it possible I could feel this good I could really love"
  • De Sade - Slipknot
    "Utwór 'De Sade' z albumu 'The End, So Far' Slipknot (premiera 30 września 2022r.)."
  • China De Sade - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult China de Sade China de Sade, China lust, super highway living. China de Sade, China lust, I need the flesh your giving. Play to the hands of the psykotic fool, China so"
  • Jatkuu Niinkuin Sade - Cmx
    "jos meill ei ole tarinaa nemme vain tmn huoneen jos meill ei ole tarinaa kaikki virtaa tiehens: ja ern aamuna kukaan ei rakasta mitn ei kuule puhetta tuulten puiden haikeaa kuisketta meidt huijattiin"
  • De Sade Soliloquay - My Dying Bride
    "Hang over me the drape Of superfluous Horror Aside Nocturnal trapping Wallow in my Art Crying and dying My sexual ecstacy The crimson stream That flows from you Magnificent, Supine, Red heaven gapes"
  • Flow - Transister
    ""Flow" I'm always swimming against The flow of the tide Kissing the life into something Thats already died Chorus I've been drowning forever I let go I dive into the river and flow You said that you"
  • Flow - Sound Lovers
    "Ah ah, ah oh oh... Fly and flow high and slow just like an angel now you can go Fly and flow high and slow now you can open your arms and go... Wait for another sign you can find it behind the line wait"
  • Flow - Live
    "Gotta find a way to flow in a host of things that grow, where babies become old and love is bought and sold. The mouth of god is wide, so let's just fall inside and let the whole damn thing go and flow... Everybody's"
  • Flow - The Corrs
    "gotta find a way to flow in a host of things that grow where babies become old and love is bought and sold the mouth of god is wide so let's just fall inside and let the whole damn thing go and flow.... everybody's"
  • Flow - Conception
    "sometimes it's easy to believe it's worth the pain sometimes you wonder if your efforts were all in vain you talk to shadows on the wall you try so hard to understand how all the little lies and lectures"
  • Flow - Phathom
    "These questions are unanswered and were all denied These end of days they bring to light the way we should have lived our lives Embrace it on my own and make it my own heir Take this chance feel"
  • Flow - Velvet Belly
    "Sleep draws me under I'm taken by the flow I see myself drowning And I let myself go All the way to the bottom All the way down To forget where I came from If you don't believe in me I'll show you won't(?) And"
  • Flow - Spock's Beard
    "Sunlight gliding Children sighing In their dreams Never hiding You are ever Forever The great deceiver Will never boil your blood Or swallow you whole...yeah... Shocked outrageous I have slipped in the"
  • Flow - Qntal
    "Flow, my tears, fall from your springs! exiled for ever let me mourn; where night's black bird her sad infamy sings, there let me live forlorn. Hark, you shadows that in darkness dwell, learn to contemn"
  • Flow - Pooh
    "There you go all of your feelings are starting to show and there i go i'm feelin' the heartache again' cause i know i'm unable to fight it here they come my eyes can't hold on to the teardrops falling"
  • Flow - Chamillionaire
    "By: Boe Araya ,Yeah, i come through sippin pepsi blue, booo i go better than Maya Angeluo and skip to my lou, skip on these nuts fo show kid, while i blind you wit my ice on my wrist, 'cause i gotsa go"
  • Flow - Kotoko
    "==Romanized Japanese== kaze no naka ni dakare nagara takai sora wo miageta kuzuresou ni tatazumu machi sabishisou na egao no mama de yubikiri wo shita ne itsuka mata deaeru wasure wa shinai yo sora"
  • Flow - Nuno Bettencourt
    "pull the shades lock the door somebody is looking for vovo she don't wanna come out today she would rather stay inside and play all day she'll stay holding all her children in her arms away from"
  • Flow - Melaton
    "So what I'm given by time And what I already call my own Well to the earth refined And never bear the load Should a season change the night On our sunday weather Whether all sustains Or turns around"

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