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Sade - Maureen

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Sade - Maureen
  • Sade Maureen
    "Maureen It's hard to explain I'm never going to see you again And you'll never meet my new friends Maureen, I miss you I just can't explain I'm never going to see you again I wish you could meet my new"
  • Fjoergyn Sade
    "Wir glaubten nie, wir sein am leben Und doch der Tod verschonte uns Kein Gedanke schenkt die Gunst Benennt dies Welt, die kalten Reben Die vom Grunde sich erstrecken Und unser Sein im Schwarz verstecken Als"
  • John Prine Maureen, Maureen
    "Maureen, Maureen, I shot a doctor last night on the airplane Well, they said he wouldn't hurt us But he got me real nervous and mean He was fat and he stank And God knows that he drank more than we do So"
  • Black 47 Oh Maureen
    "Maureen got married to a sanitation worker She's livin' out in Brooklyn with her mother in law And when her old man's sleepin' Maureen comes creepin' down to the local bar She stands there by the juke"
  • Original Broadway Cast Tango: Maureen
    "JOANNE Mark? MARK Hi. JOANNE I told her not to call you MARK That's Maureen But can I help since I'm here JOANNE I hired and engineer. . . MARK Great! Well, nice to have met you JOANNE Wait! She's three"
  • Rent Tango: Maureen
    "And so into the abyss...The lot. Where a small stage is partially set up. "Line in"... I went to Harvard for this? Close on Mark's nose dive. "Line out"... Will he get out of here alive...? "
  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult China De Sade
    "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult China de Sade China de Sade, China lust, super highway living. China de Sade, China lust, I need the flesh your giving. Play to the hands of the psykotic fool, China so"
  • Cmx Jatkuu Niinkuin Sade
    "jos meill ei ole tarinaa nemme vain tmn huoneen jos meill ei ole tarinaa kaikki virtaa tiehens: ja ern aamuna kukaan ei rakasta mitn ei kuule puhetta tuulten puiden haikeaa kuisketta meidt huijattiin"
  • My Dying Bride De Sade Soliloquay
    "Hang over me the drape Of superfluous Horror Aside Nocturnal trapping Wallow in my Art Crying and dying My sexual ecstacy The crimson stream That flows from you Magnificent, Supine, Red heaven gapes"
  • Sade Paradises
    "SMOOTH OPERATOR Sade (Music & Lyrics : Sade Adu - St. John) He's laughing with another girl And playing with another heart. Placing high stakes, making hearts ache. He's loved in seven languages. Diamond"
  • Sade Sweetest Taboo
    "Words: Sade Adu Music: Sade Adu, Andrew Hale and Stuart Matthewman You're ruling the way that I move And I breathe your air You only can rescue me This is my prayer If you were mine If you were mine I"
  • Sade Frankie's first affair
    "Frankie, didn't I tell you,"You got the world in the palm of your hand."Frankie, didn't I tell you,"They're running at your command."You know the chains as if they're your invention.It wasn't your intension,Frankie,To"
  • Sade I never though I'd see the day
    "You shed a shadow on my lifeShed a shadow on a loveTook the shelter out of my lifeTook the shelter of a lieI could see it in your restless eyesThe truth I was hidingThe truth you could not disguiseBut"
  • Sade Mermaid
    "I was so in love with youYou rarely see a love that trueWasn't that enough for youWasn't that enough for youI would climb a mountainI wouldn't want to see you fallRock climb for youAnd give you a reason"
  • Sade Please send me someone to love
    "Heaven please send to all mankind,Understanding and peace of mind.But, if it's not asking too muchPlease send me someone to love.Show all the world how to get along,Peace will enter when hate is gone.But,"
  • Sade War of the hearts
    "I could aimbut I could not fireGot a bullet to spareto kill my desireWho's calling the shotsOne of us must make the peaceTo have or to have notThe fire has got to ceaseI'm loadeddon't know where to point"
  • Sade And I Miss You
    "Step off the train, walking down your street again Passed your door, but you don't live there anymore It's years since you've been there, and now you've disappeared somewhere To outta space, you've found"
  • Sade Paradise
    "I'd wash the sand of the shore give you the world if it was mine blow you right to my door feels fine feels like you're mine feels right so fine I'm yours you're mine like paradise I'd give you the world"
  • Sade Slave Song
    "I see them gathered, see them on the shore I turned to look once more And he who knows me not Takes me to the belly of darkness The tears run swift and hard And when they fall Even, even the comfort of"
  • Sade The Sweetest Gift
    "Quietly while you were asleep The moon and I were talking I asked that she'd always keep you protected She promised you her light That you so gracefully carry You bring your light and shine like morning And"

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