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Sail over sev.. Gin T

  • Set Sail - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    "Through a stranger's eyes I take a good look at my life Only to find that I''m not living I''m not alive I wanna live to tell the tale I wanna wake up before my ship sets sail Don''t wanna try to be anyone"
  • Sail over seven seas - Gina T
    "Day by day I miss you so You have to go my love Where a ship so far away You don't tell that will return Before the autumn comes Everyday I dream of you In my dream a little seagulls Flying through the"
  • Sloe Gin - Tim Curry
    "Sloe Gin, sloe Gin Tryin to wash away the pain inside Well Im sick and Im all done in And Im standing in the rain And I feel like Im gonna cry Im so fucking lonely And I aint even high Im so fucking"
  • Sloe Gin - Joe Bonamassa
    "Sloe Gin, sloe Gin Tryin' to wash away the pain inside Well I'm sick and I'm all done in And I'm standing in the rain And I feel like I'm gonna cry I'm so damn lonely And I ain't even high I'm so damn"
  • Whiskey & Gin - Dance Hall Crashers
    "In the backroom of the bar, crusty fingernails I saw him Everything was hidden by all the greasy hair he was in Never looking up, he seemed so sad I tried to offer him My shot of whiskey but he said I"
  • Gin Rummy - Nellie McKay
    "Wake up in a small cafe Sweatshop in the sunshine Set sail and you're far away Never using force Cold coffee or cabernet Brick-hoppin' the daydream Shoe drops and you're bound to pay Gotta stay the course You"
  • Dry Gin - Bodyjar
    "Hey, I've thrown it all away I've pushed it down And I know it won't come back Cos I broke the life I had Now, I've thought it through for now And I don't think that'll change it all today Makes sense"
  • Pili gin - TEDE
    "(feat. CNE) Pili gin pili go Pili gin a razem z nim pili sok Pili gin pili go Pili gin robili gin całą noc Bierz to na głowę Ten cover T.D.F. i Nowej Ery Człowiek Najpierw wypili 100 mili tequili Pod cytrynę"
  • Sail away - Hans Theessink
    "This place is in an awful fix Nothing seems to work out right The truth is like a nightmare That haunts you in the night Bad news in the papers Misery on the screen I can't take it anymore Tonight I want"
  • Sail Away - Fancy
    "I've got the strangest feeling I'll be sailing away I'm leaving Knew when I saw your eyes tonight Standing alone and wondering Are you looking at me or someone ? Secrets of you I have to know I"
  • Sail Away - Badfinger
    "Many's the time I've been troubled in mind And I've not known where to go Deeper and darker, no way to believe Lying and dying, no way to conceive Making believe it's not true What in the world can you"
  • Sail Away - John Fogerty
    "Mama, come look quick - there's a light up in the sky; I see the silent ship, and it's calling you and I; And if you listen close, the reasons all come clear; I'm ready now to go, there's nothing left"
  • Gin And Juice - Gourds
    "Gin and Juice by Snoop Doggy Dogg As played by the Gourds With so much drama in L-B-C It's kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G But I, somehow, some way Keep comin up with funky ass shit like every single"
  • 't Is Over - Liesbeth List
    "'t Is over, hij zegt me niets meer Ik ben vrij, 't is over Hij doet me niets meer En ik ben blij Hij's voor mij zomaar een heer En al die toestanden Dat hoeft niet meer Die man die thuis komt 's avonds"
  • T - Van Morrison & The Chieftains
    "1. T mo chleamhnas danta ó athr arir S'n mó n go dtaithnonn an bhean liom fin Ach fgfaidh m i mo dhiaidh 'gus imeoidh m liom fin Ar fud na gcoillte craobhach My match it was made here last night To a"
  • Gin - The Tiger Lillies
    "4 Gin To him remarked his fiance As he was set to go away, Whatever peril you are in Swear you won't resort to gin. Once he arrived in regions far He went to visit the bazaar. Against the fearful native"
  • Gin - Amy Correia
    "Amy Correia Miscellaneous Gin It happened again late last night When the moon was on the rise I was sipping my favorite drink And I was laughing and joking and flirting with this stranger Some"
  • Gin - Snoop Dogg
    "Ahh-haaa Get your motherfuckin' glass, cus it's a blast from the past You didn't think would touch it two times nigga Gin and Juice up in this bitch, yahhh Some of that Beats By the Pound flavor, you feel"
  • Gin - Radio Bagdad
    "W każdej jednej chwili, miejscu, wnet Dopaść mogą złe emocje Niczym hieny krążą wokół nas Chcą wyszarpać nasz rozsądek Czasem mogę głupio ulec im I chwilowo żądać zmiany Lecz przy Tobie stale czuję że Czuję,"
  • 't Is Over Marijke - Peter Koelewijn
    "Waarom kwam jij, oh marijke Toch nooit bij mij, oh marijke t is over nou, marijke Oh, jij moet weten, oh marijke Ik wil jou vergeten, oh marijke t is over nou, marijke Als ik belde of als ik schreef Om"

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