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Saintseneca Happy Alone

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Saintseneca Happy Alone

  • Happy Alone - Earlimart
    "Call in the airstrike, tell them to make the drop and now she ate a cycle no-one but you can stop Would it be fair to say that you're in love with love? And is that enough? I bet you feel really potent"
  • Happy Alone - Kings Of Leon
    "On our way, so it seems, blooming flowers waltz before me Rollin' numbers, passing time, got to get outside the city, In the morning all will see, just how crazy young love can be On our own away again,"
  • Happy - Ceaser
    "Ceaser Miscellaneous Happy She is happy when she is all alone She's not that hyperactive No, she don't need the phone tonight No, she'd rather stay inside How she worries, just like the most of us"
  • Happy - Nobodys
    "You think you're so much better than me. What's it gonna take to make you see? You're not better, you're just the same. Another person with a different name. I don't wanna hear what you got to say. Leave"
  • Happy - Socialburn
    "I've been sittin here for a while Wishing I could finally see you smile I've been wanting to see you for a long time But everyday I grow farther from Everything I've done and everyone Here we go again"
  • Happy? - Public Image Limited
    "All those oh! so trendy in their flapper and flair Delinquent derelict, four walls and a square Never should you worry about society The best things in this life are never free Treat this whole world to"
  • Happy - Public Image Ltd.
    "All those oh so trendy in their flapper and flair Delinquent derelict four walls and a square never should you worry about society The best thing in the life are never free Treat this whole world to a"
  • Happy - Saving Jane
    "Filling up my empty days with red wine Wonder what you think of me? Lying in the grass alone and wasted Nothing's how it used to be I wanna be the first to call and tell you Yesterday I heard the news I"
  • Happy - Hog Heaven
    "I woke up this mornin' with a good feelin'. Looks like it's gonna be a beautiful day. When I rolled out of my bed, I fell on the ceilin'. Why can't every mornin' be this way? 'Cause I am, oh, so happy, When"
  • Happy - Mary Mary
    "(HOOK)You make me happy, Happy that I couldn't,love me without you, Anit no one out there that can, Do me like you do, And I cant't help but smile, when I think about, Cause yo make me so happy. I'm happy"
  • Happy? - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "I'd like to blame it on my job, but I cant blame it on that. I cant blame it on the tetherball that never comes unattached. I'd like to blame it on the dead ears the ringing in my dead ears. Every note"
  • Alone - Swing Out Sisters
    "You hide behind a smile So no one sees the tears you cry Just stop and think a while Are you just living out a lie The smile upon your face A smile that only lasts until you turn around And when you fall"
  • Alone - All Saints
    "Not gonna, don't wanna, never gonna, don't wanna, wanna end up alone Not gonna, never gonna, don't, don't wanna, wanna end up alone I need to sit back and pick out, its about the way I'm making you feel, You're"
  • Happy Faces - The Maccabees
    "Run boy run Run boy run Run boy run Run boy run Here she comes Here she comes She's coming for you So run boy run Run boy run Here she comes Here she comes She's coming for you These are tears of joy"
  • Happy Happy (Country Country) - Jack Ingram
    "Chorus: Happy happy, country, country Somethin' snappy Somethin' funny Make em laugh, make em have a good time Don't make em lonely cause it makes em cry Just give em happy, happy, country, country That's"
  • Happy Now - Amy Studt
    "Happy now I wonder are you Happy now Now that you've had me And im on my own All alone Are you Happy now I recall The way you always looked at me You chose those words Effectively To work your way Inside"
  • Happy Times - The Box Tops
    "Times! All those happy times, Times! Days of summer love, Times! that I held your hand, and the world stood still. Uh-huh Times! Those happy times, Times! Down by the riverside, Times! We were making"
  • Deadly Happy - Andreas Johnson
    "Dance my lover dance tonight I belong to you untie my feet and hands and show me the way to move kiss me happy just kiss me baby we would be so deadly happy just teach me baby to be deadly happy"
  • Happy maravilha - Whigfield
    "Dawn it comes and the day is rising, Heaven alone can make me believe in me, Oh what it's worth, wanting to live, I want to Live Oh what it's worth, wanting to scream, I want to scream Happy - Yeah,"
  • Gettin' Happy - Dolly Parton
    "Without a love to call my own my life was incomplete It seems I couldn't help but think that love was not for me My life took on a different twist when I met me a man that I couldn't resist I didn't know"

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