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Saintseneca Visions

  • Visions - P.O.D.
    "Prove to me, what I see What I hear, my God Prove to me, what I see What I hear, my God Take my pride, capture my flesh Take my flesh, capture my pride Take my pride, capture my flesh Take my flesh, capture"
  • Visions - Rage
    "Headed away and took off in the sky, the air was as bright as my mind. And everything on the ground floated by, a land of toys, undefined. Glittering clouds that were puzzled in the air, hiding a secret,"
  • Visions - Savatage
    "black is the night Satan laughing with delight he's calling you to be a servant of his voodoo when the hour strikes 13 listen to the spirits as they scream your name beware - guard your soul Sodom is"
  • Visions - José González
    "Vivions Trying to make sens of the now Trying to make sens of the past To show u show Vsions Imagining the worlds that could be Shaping a mosaic of fates For all sentient beings Vsions Cycles a growth"
  • Visions - Pendulum
    "Change your Visions, give us a sound Keep your ears to the ground Lost your mind, and out of control I'm gonna be a fucking superstar Change your Visions, give us a sound Keep your ears to the ground Lost"
  • Visions - DJ Bobo
    "Chorus: Visions - Can't you see my friend Visions - Here is my wonderland Visions - Come and take my hand Visions - I know you understand Vers 1: Come into my world, come and take your destiny - Here"
  • Visions - Granian
    "down on the ocean, sure of my arrival, the waves are fallin', but i don't mind, visions gone right to my head i try and break it down, what it means all this i've seen i've ot to understand Bang my"
  • Visions - Hooverphonic
    "( On the Limited Edition only ) Accepting new ideas is hard Holding on to the past It's too easy can't you see We've got to move on Our world is constantly speeding The stars are still intriguing The"
  • Visions - The Eagles
    "Visions, that you stir in my soul Visions, that will never grow old Sweet baby, I had some visions of you If I can't have it all, just a taste will do Go ahead and live all your fantasies (Don't"
  • Visions - Judas Priest
    "Anvils igniteOnce againI watch them danceAround the plainSparks start to flyI can't speakFrom seeing answersThat I seekShapes start to formAs I stareThe shadows tauntAas if to dareGhostly embraceTakes"
  • Visions - Sonido Lasser Drakar
    "If we are talking about the motion Now you must drink the poison Yes we are so superstitious And we feel like we have visions of tomorrow. See the stars and see the mirror You'll find an empty kingdom"
  • Visions - Colonial Cousins
    "Visions in your eyes, Telling me no lies I can see, deep within your heart Heart is on fire, Its human desires Feel the pain, (of loosing you again ///) Water in my eyes, Telling me no lies I feel the"
  • Visions - Jagged Edge
    "I finally figured out why I'm always on guard when you're aroundI'm feeling so uncertain bout do you really want me or what Igot?I really hope it's notBut I wonder why if I ain't taking you out somewhere"
  • Visions - Cliff Richard
    "Visions of you in shades of you Smoking, shifting, lazily drifting, My darling, I miss you so. Time goes by, no wonder my Senses go reeling, your eyes so appealing I see the whole night through. When"
  • Visions - King's X
    "The lunatic says goodbye to those who say they love him He's wise within himself though the craziness surrounds him From his lips come truth within insanity And the people passing by don't hear and cannot"
  • Visions - Abnormality
    "Such sordid words have fallen into deaf ears A mind ignored in swollen form and without fear Today I show my face and whispers turn to screams Visions of what might have been and what will never be Conforming"
  • Visions - Evergrey
    "In a future not so distant The sun & moon will still rise But mother Earth shall force us to listen I have seen it written And so it shall it be done I have a gift, some even call it a blessing I'm caught"
  • Visions - Angie Stone
    "[1] - Visions of you in my mind Haven't thought about it for a long long time Why you tryin' to creep back into my life Now that I'm over you Now you want me to be down For lovin' you a second time Ain't"
  • Visions - Faith And The Muse
    "I walk with phantoms and leaves are burning at my feet. I walk with phantoms. Sometimes they rage Sometimes they fade. Some must watch while some are Singing Singing the hum of the walking dead. Singing I"
  • Visions - Cut Copy
    "What are you waiting for, nobody's gonna show you how Why wait for someone else to do what you can do right now Got no boundaries and no limits If there's excitement, put me in it If it's against the"

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