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Saliva Back Into Your System

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Saliva Back Into Your System

  • Saliva - Viktor Vaughn
    "Great balls of fire Guess who just crawled out the mud the mire That could make you trust a motherfuckin liar A real shuck n' jiver Vaughn never been a duck n' diver He spit on the mic, yuck, saliva Hold"
  • Back Into Your System - Saliva
    "I've been gone away, but I'm back again Back with all my friends and I've been floating away on a silver cloud Lined with all of my wildest dreams. I'm back in your system now, and I've waited much too"
  • Saliva - Mew
    "And I'm sorry about you and me. And I'm sorry about us. You try to give it your best, but to what end? Saliva. You may no think so at first, but I'm your designated driver. But this roadside is not yours"
  • Into your system - Elize
    "Coming out of nowhereShe wont take you somewhereYou have never been beforeShes attractive en seductiveShe will make you out liveEverything you dreaming offOoohhh, there is nothing you can doOoohhh, shes"
  • System - Little Brother
    "(feat. Tone Trezure) All I can say isssss... We all got our demons (Ohh, ohhh, OHH, OHH-ohh, ohh) Forgive me... uh! Let's go! I can't get you out of my system - Nooo, nooo, noooo (Turn it up!) Wait"
  • System - In Flames
    "I cannot frame, that's why I lose control I aim, I stumble and I fall Our adaptation can't be faithful Your world does not attract me This is the end you see There is no more truth in me As if you would"
  • Sound System - opm
    "Now wait wait wait Hold on now a minute I'd like to say something I just can't forget Since the day I was brought into this world I was made to bless the boys and girls With the beat from the past I know"
  • Saliva - Saliva
    "Coming down like a hatchet, Rollin' with the masses, Throwin my matches atop of the gasoline package. Throwin' rhymes like rachets, Playas with passion comin disastroous bashin. Runnin round with the wrong"
  • System Decay - Kreator
    "Look into cities eyes Mirror of souls Now tell me what you see Beneath the hole Another sick Another poor Another slave Another weak Another lost another dark System Decay System Decay I look into your"
  • Limbic System - Rootwater
    "my life is simple I response to stimulus I am just to be obedient - to open my eyes The stream of energy will come into my mind I'll do what they will tell me to do Mass Media Attacks the Limbic System no"
  • The system - Ateed
    "(day one) stuck in a prison of illusions got my hands in someone elses chains (day two) its so fake and empty outside need to find the pureness of a life (day three) soul inside gotta grow otherwise Im"
  • My System - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Kurupt) Gangsta (Yeah), Gangsta (Yeah) I Know y'all like The cars dat go boom (...boom ...boom..) so everybody out there just turn yo shit up (boom...boom..) ha Beitch, it's the Gangstaz! What"
  • Support System - LIZ PHAIR
    "I don't need a support system Lifting me into prop position What I need is a man of action I need my attraction to you Driving me down all those dangerous avenues Lions and tigers tearing at their food I"
  • The System - Sylvia Juncosa
    "I could spend my whole life Waiting on this corner You can take your time Cause you know I'll be there Anything you ask for, they'll slam it down Anything you give 'em, they'll slam it down You go burning"
  • System check - Roni Size
    "System Check, Make sure everything is operational Download the rhythm and behold the sensationPaid from the multitude of sounds we gotIn particular the bottomless bass that dont stop Im the selfish one"
  • Run Back Into Your Arms - Rod Stewart
    "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah Ooh, ooh (ooh, ooh) No matter how long it takes, baby It would never be a day too long All the mistakes I made And the games that I played Didn't know I was needin' you so bad But"
  • System - Archive
    "Completely done Too much now I can't touch you I'd drain my brain if only I could have you The system is too much It breaks me down and makes you suck Fuck, now I mistrust you The system makes me hurt"
  • System - Seal
    "Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Someday, evermore Son, you'd better go for it Harmony, dissatisfaction And a palanquin full of lies Cause I guess that's what they want Son, your father's"
  • System - Chester Bennington Of Linkin Park
    "Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System Queen of the damned System You fell away, what more can I say? The feelings evolved, I won't let it out I can't replace"
  • System - Anti-Nowhere League
    "I am...the way I'm free to claim my land And you'll bow at my command With blood I shall control Now I am free to rape your very soul Your hate is all you show So your hate has made me grow No hope for"

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