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Saliva Groovy

  • Groovy - Saliva
    "All alone it's in your mind all alone it's in your mind... you say you're one of those guys you fill your mouth with the dopest lies you think a lot of yourself you know you can't run away I've gotten"
  • Saliva - Saliva
    "Coming down like a hatchet, Rollin' with the masses, Throwin my matches atop of the gasoline package. Throwin' rhymes like rachets, Playas with passion comin disastroous bashin. Runnin round with the wrong"
  • Saliva - Thalia
    "Te tomas tus copas, luego crees que son pocas cuando ests muy tomado, te pones pesado Dame un beso, lo que quiero es eso con sabor de uva, aunque se me suba saliva, me emborracha, tu saliva, mmm saliva."
  • Saliva - GNR
    "Eu quero cacar contigo amanha Abre os olhos vem comigo, diz: Parar Vamos gastar muita saliva Mergulhar e ver-te flutuar Eu quero ver-te a afundar Para depois te salvar Eu quero lutar contigo devagar Da-me"
  • Saliva - Mew
    "And I'm sorry about you and me. And I'm sorry about us. You try to give it your best, but to what end? Saliva. You may no think so at first, but I'm your designated driver. But this roadside is not yours"
  • Saliva - Viktor Vaughn
    "Great balls of fire Guess who just crawled out the mud the mire That could make you trust a motherfuckin liar A real shuck n' jiver Vaughn never been a duck n' diver He spit on the mic, yuck, saliva Hold"
  • Groovy! - Card Captor Sakura
    "Machi ni dekakeyou hitori de ita tte kurai dake desho RU-PU shite ochikonde Naosara ah nayanjatte Soto ni tobidasou shinpai IRANAI oomukashi kara Chikyuu datte mawatte'ru Kitto TSUKI datte mawaru yo Brand-New"
  • Groovy Tuesday - The Smithereens
    "Woke up on a groovy Tuesday. Even my hangover's fine. Woke up on a groovy Tuesday. Hung my mind out on the line. Tuesday's groovy. Tuesday's groovy. Now, I know that nothing lasts. Woke up on a groovy"
  • Groovy Movies - The Kinks
    "Sometimes I think I'm gonna better myself, Searching for acceptance in this big, wide world. Sometimes I think I won't make it, Playing in a rock 'n' roll band. Sometimes I wanna be a picture director,"
  • Groovy Dead - Rusty
    "Hello... I hit top speed I smoke the dragon Into the loft I drag my asshole I stick my head under the pillow It's so groovy when I'm dead Pull the covers over head It's so groovy to be dead The phone it"
  • Feelin' Groovy - Blues Traveler
    "Original performers: simon & garfunkel Slow down, don't move too fast You've got to make the morning last Kickin' down the cobblestones Lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy Feelin' groovy Hello little"
  • Groovy Times - The Clash
    "the high street shops are boarded up an' the terrace it is fenced in see-through shields are walled across the way that you came in but there's no need to get excited as the lorries bring the bacon in 'cos"
  • Groovy Now - Color Me Badd
    "Free your mind for the journey Close your eyes Got me burnin' I wanna' give you good love Lay you down Sexy young thing Are we groovy now Chorus: And I want your body Groovy now Wanna' freak that body Groovy"
  • Groovy Underwear - Pansy Division
    "Tight briefs on your sexy butt White fabric surrounding your nuts Bike shorts put it on display You're wearing it to the left today Sweat pants clinging to your crevice Boxer shorts for easy access I am"
  • Groovy Tour - Glay
    "BEAT MY HEART mune o tataku hitoyo kagiri One night! Show time GROOVY NIGHT yume miteita konya no GO Ahead youki na asa da koneko ni KISS de Bye-Bye omoi baggu o hitotsu kata ni kakaetara Jorney jikan"
  • Groovy Blue - D.N. Angel
    "utakata da ne Groovy Blue kate ni sekimatsu ochi kon de nekoron de yume miru yami ni odoru Groovy Blue moufu nikuru matta dakitakute nake souna koneko sa hiso yakanishite kowashitai narasareru"
  • Groovy Situation - Simply Red
    "Somethings happened to me I found someone you see Oh Yes No more lonely nights No more ugly fights Cause she make a me feel Feel like a Man She make a me Feel Feel like a Man She make a me feel like a"
  • Groovy Situation - Gene Chandler
    "A-that girl I'm gonna make her mine If it takes all night Can ya dig it, can ya dig it Can ya dig it, can ya dig it? A-that girl I'm gonna make her mine If it takes all night Can ya dig it, can ya dig"
  • Somebody Groovy - The Mamas & The Papas
    "I need somebody groovy Someone who's able to move me, yeah (Yeah) They gotta move me like they should And when I find somebody, yeah, I'm gonna treat 'em good (No) Don't need no imitations (No) Can't use"
  • Groovy Train - Farm
    "------------ I saw you walking down our street Well you looked quite neat Baggy jeans and long blond hair Without a care in the world What happened to the attitude you used to have at school What happened"

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