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Sam Gray - Bright Side Of My Heart

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Sam Gray - Bright Side Of My Heart

  • The Bright Side Of Suffering - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    "i swear that if i could i'd take it all take it all away all the sorrow and the pain i'm not responsible you always say but you need your space and this always ends the same hey, is your heart still"
  • Bright Side - Thornley
    "On my way back from nowhere now Always tell by my breath somehow There's no songs worth singing out there The landscape of inspiration's so bare No straight jacket on me Eat my breakfast with employees"
  • Same Side - Lucie Silvas
    "It's such a beautiful day to be feeling like this Don't you think about anything that might make you miss That ray of light, something that might drag you down If I could give you just a blue sky, get"
  • The Bright Side - Lenka
    "I got a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow too This is heaven on the lollipop stick Like sunny is sweet Coz I’m living on the Bright Side If I stay here, is that ok? .. this is my live I was just looking"
  • Bright - Echosmith
    "I think the universe is on my side Heaven and Earth have finally aligned Days are good and that's the way it should be You sprinkle star dust on my pillow case It's like a moonbeam brushed across my face Nights"
  • Gray - Fuel
    "Gray, gray, gray... She watched her father topple Mother says I should not be No fool, I am so smart Still confused I'm my on head Running from reality Shrinks well they smile at me Blue thoughts"
  • Gray - Heartless Bastards
    "Sometimes I feel a little bit gray in the autumn Gray in the autumn But I'm looking at things in a new way sitting in my skin I'm getting up again I got these words on the tip of my tongue But they feel"
  • Gray - You Am I
    "Drunk at Cannon Falls. I never made the call I had your number It was chiselled on my hand and stained Fell asleep to the line Lyle sung "She's made up her mind" Now I'm the twenty first descendant of"
  • Bright Side Of The Road - Van Morrison
    "From the dark end of the street To the bright side of the road We'll be lovers once again on the Bright side of the road Little darlin', come with me Won't you help me share my load From the dark end"
  • Bright side - Smile Empty Soul
    "Break everything you loveAfterall theres no hope or god aboveLooking at the bright side, at the bright sideKill everything insideIts better to be dead than awlays have to hideLooking at the bright side,"
  • Bright Side - Koufax
    "What bothers most lying here awake Is how absurd you've been as of late You sleep through the healthiest of our days With bad Ohio grass headaches You don't think out loud enough Perhaps Denial's caused"
  • The Same Side - Lucie Silvas
    "It's such a beautiful day to be feeling like this Don't you think about anything that might make you miss That ray of light, something that might drag you down If I could give you just a blue sky, get"
  • Turning Gray - Windsor Drive
    "Will you turn away? Will you feed the pain? When I'm all alone. When I turn to stone. There is nothing left. But the bitter best. Of a broken heart. Of a broken heart. Im a victim of. What I"
  • Bright Red Dress - Subb
    "I'd let you wear my best T-shirt Cause you're my favorite grocery clerk I'd do it all, hold nothing back I'd give you all, you're heart should lack. (your heart should lack) And if you cry, just think"
  • Same side - Ugly Kid Joe
    "It Doesn't Matter Who You Are Or What You're Gonna Be People From All Walks Of Life You Gotta Have Diversity We're All In This Together And Together We Shall Be You Gotta Be A Friendly Neighbor If You're"
  • Dark side of my heart - David Hasselhoff
    "All my life I?ve been searchingFor something to fill my heartFor the flame of emotionOr maybe just the sparkI was lost on an islandIn the deep blue seaBut you came, out of nowhere,To rescue meWhen it seemed"
  • Fightin on the same side - The Hooters
    "Here we are on the battlefield A civil war is all each other feels You say blue and I say gray But we know love ain't love if it fades away Don't let it fade away Just leave these troubles behind And break"
  • All To Gray - One King Down
    "why can't it be simple like it is when we were young instead everything is hard nothing makes sense i can't figure anything out all i can do is sit and let the tears roll down my face as my eyes fill"
  • Star Bright - Vanessa Williams
    "Star Bright, first star I see tonight Could you oh would you please shine your light Shine it so I can see, my savior smilin' at me Star Bright, I hear you once proclaimed This is the way, keep on followin'"
  • Brighter Bright - Making April
    "i've been lying through my teeth today to keep inside and you from him tonight but you'll bite on every word he'll say i don't know why you buy them over and over again so don't pretend that this feels"

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