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Sam kons down

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Sam kons down

  • sam - waima
    "Neon oświetla loże, siedzę pośród czterech dam Na koniec dnia i tak zostanę pośród czterech ścian I nie raz już słyszałem, że to ja jestem The One Nikt nie zrobi tego lepiej "so I get it done" Wciąż bardziej"
  • Sam Phillips - Sam Phillips
    "Now that I've worn out, I've worn out the world I'm on my knees in fascination Looking through the night And the moons never seen me before But I'm reflecting light I wrote the pain down Got off and looked"
  • Same - Smith & Mighty
    "Bits of other people keep running into me They say you know just who you are I am getting pulled into shadows that surround I see you sitting on your cold star Help me I'm merging into all I used to dream"
  • Same - Farmakon
    "I may seem strange to your eyes But I'm still the same deeper down Under the surface nothing has changed You can still recognize me My body is torn into the thing that bit me It has scarred my skin but"
  • Same - Greenwheel
    "Empty pockets full of empty promises You've got your receipt just sign the dotted line Turn out the light that blinds your eyes It eliminates the wasted space you occupy Tell them that you're accepted Stand"
  • Same same - Blackmail
    "Slip out of my skin Deny and try again A green trap kit is where I've been Stop deciding Whatever will remain Both of us will lie again Captured with shame Leave in silence Don't cause any pain Liveable"
  • Sam Hill - Merle Haggard
    "There's a certain hill outside of town called Sam Hill And a certain guy used to go there every day They said a certain girl lived up in Sam Hill Aw, a pretty girl, not hep to city ways This"
  • Sam Jones - Richard Thompson
    "Me name is Sam Jones and it's bones me occupation Chuck your old hocks out for my consideration Thirty years a bone man, up and down the nation Sam Jones deliver them bones I've been among the shamrock"
  • Sam Hall - Johnny Cash
    "Well, my name it is Sam Hall, Sam Hall. Yes, my name it is Sam Hall; it is Sam Hall. My name it is Sam Hall an' I hate you, one and all. An' I hate you, one and all: Damn your eyes. I killed a man, they"
  • Sam Hall - Fables
    "Oh my name it is Sam Hall chimney sweep, chimney sweep Oh my name it is Sam Hall chimney sweep Oh my name it is Sam Hall and I've robbed both great and small And my neck will pay for all when I die, when"
  • Sam Hall - Black 47
    "Oh me name it is Sam Hall - chimney sweep chimney sweep Oh me name it is Sam Hall - chimney sweep Oh me name it is Sam Hall and I hate you one and all And me neck must pay for all 'ere I die Oh they treat"
  • Sam Hall - Richard Thompson
    "Now my name is Samuel Hall, Samuel Hall, Samuel Hall Oh my name is Samuel Hall, Samuel Hall Oh my name is Samuel Hall, and I hate you one and all You're a bunch of mucker's all Blast your eyes. You're"
  • Uncle Sam - Agnostic Front
    "Go to work give your shares We'll drain the life from you The internet so cool tax dollars hard at work Built my new swimming pool You think you elected me so trust I know what's best For you What do I"
  • Sam Gribbles - Spiderbait
    "Touch me up I'll burn your house down So remember this time again Out of breath - asphyxiation Thought I'd choke down in the ocean Now I'm busting up in my mind So remember this place again Trust my instincts"
  • Goodbye Sam - Cliff Richard
    "When the weather is fine and the clouds have gone by I go up in the air waving people good-bye. In my flying machine I go up I go down I go round and round round and round and round. People on the ground have"
  • Sam DT's - Terry Lee Hale
    "Sitting there at home you'll find him Waiting all alone I know He can't go out and face the demolition derby time And there's just too much noise The door is locked the lights all on The fire burning brightly,"
  • Down - Sam Phillips
    "Down I hit the dirt when I see Who you really are Down All my strength leaves me like A falling star Cut to the heart I am opened up Like a wound Shattered convictions I thought Were reflecting you Cut"
  • Down - Jimi Blue
    "This ist the aftershow party DJ turn up the sound All the ladies gettin' dirrty Like Christina - get down! They're all up in my grill Like I'm the talk of the town I cast an eye on you, girl With you I"
  • Down - Point Of Grace
    "Marshall Hall, Sam Mizell, Matthew West, Brian White Curiosity can get the best of me As I try to conceive the inconceivable All philosophy is escaping me As I try to believe the unbelievable I wanna"
  • Sam the man - Icehouse
    "Hello! Hello! Who's your lady friend? He's got his finger on the trigger A bad case of the shakes A Hollywood apartment And a car with no brakes After close investigation At the scene of the crime He's"

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