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  • Hades - Kalmah
    "Holding the candle in my arms I'm kneeling down to the altar Waiting the call from my master Soon will weight my soul In the final scale I see my remains Red dying flower the pan falls down I see Anubis,"
  • Hades - Bathory
    "Beyond the mountains where the wind cries out its pain Deserted valleys where the darkness always reigned Where the sunlight never ever touched the poisoned ground Where the laugh of undead children never"
  • Hades - Superior
    "Here comes your brand-new feeling Life turns round. Dark confusion kills your thoughts And break you down. There he lies in peace Folded hands His skin is grey and pale So here it ends There's just another"
  • HADES - Dir En Grey
  • Hades Deep - Agents Of Chaos
    "Agents Of Chaos Agents Of Chaos Hades Deep I pay my stamps and I pay my tax But it's not working and that's a fact And all I see on the TV screens Are starving kids and war machines Resist what I've"
  • Hades Rising - Bloodbath
    "Vengeance provoked behold the mark of cain Uncreate the genesis devoured by the abyss Cleave the covenant and powers that grant Bury the testament tumbled by torment Nocturnal infernal The suffering"
  • Hades "Pluton" - Sopor Aeternus
    "I dreamt that I was lying on the bottom of the dark and never-ending sea, on a bed that my dead lover was preparing with his own skeleton for me ... ("...bring us a goat and we'll show you the way straight"
  • Hecate (Queen Of Hades) - Hades Almighty
    "hellish, earthly and heavenly goddess of the crossroads; guiding light queen of the night, enemy of the sun friend and companion of darkness you who rejoice to see blood flow ou who wander amidst in the"
  • Longing for Hades - Runemagick
    "The wings of night is spread A lonley soul without rest The dark thoughts lurks The dark visions speaks Longing for hades Life goes on day by day The hate is growing stronger Life has no meaning So why"
  • Whores of Hades - Barathrum
    "horrid demons on dragonlike wings they rise to lure all mortals to see through the disguise their lustrous shape kindle man's lust and desire us satan watches eager their writhing in blazing hellfire... whores"
  • Sons Of Hades - Aura Noir
    "Bleak prudence, bleaker grace Amidst from these venomish losses Prime leagues leads on through vivid senses We have grasped we have honoured Though we seduce envied secrets Apart we breath the true... Sons"
  • Iphigenia In Hades - Virgin Steele
    "[ MUSIC AND LYRICS BY DAVID DEFEIS ] One Child cries in the Depths of Hades Baring her breast for her Father to see There will be Love under the soil One child cries to Eternity's Sky Bound on the Altar"
  • Queen Of Hades - Gate 9
    "Hey man it's gotta be a bummer, When you got the mighty God on your side, Knowing that I got the Goddess of total, The Goddess of total hedonism. If your God offers temperance My suggests to burn"
  • Caverns Of Hades - Abscess
    "Come feast on the hells that your head brings Travel into the black Bursting brain dripping blood into goblets Afraid that you just might crack It's too late, you can't turn back now It's clearly over"
  • Disco hades II - Head Automatica
    "I can not cross the line again, Idolize the body and handMy head is hot enough to spin, running through the line in the sandNo no no no, ohhh hungry and addicted againNo no no no, ohhh almost with no conscience"
  • Soul Into Hades - Lacuna Coil
    "Mother the day has come Someone is trying to take my life away And you've got to know That now I'm feeling worst It seems to dream I'm still standing here in front Of your soul Looking into your fireless"
  • Vals I Hades - Ola Magnell
    "Kom och rumla en stund P mitt grumliga golv Och lipa i din saxofon Nr din bt gtt p grund I min vik fem i tolv Och frjkarlen gtt drifrn Om vi sluter frbund Och din lismande kolv Skakar hand med min grna"
  • Knight Of Hades - Reptilian
    "Feel the force getting a grip on my bones As the temperature's falling I'm turning to stone By the time I got to you Light swallowed by fear And that moment, my eyes saw the truth Love wasn't near When"
  • Death of Hades - Ethereal Scourge
    "Master - victory is yours All power and strength Who is he That may behold your face and live? The gates of Sheol are smashed The fall of Dagon By the ark The false are crushed by your hand None will"
  • Kiss of hades - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "The night is cold and filled with painAnd a cruel wind drives home a bitter rainBut underneath this neon lightsA dream away is ParadiseCome and take the kiss of HadesAll you gents and all you ladiesBefore"

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