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Sammy Davis Jr. - I

  • Sammy Davis City - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
    "written by J. Strummer and B. Setzer When it's raining and times are hard And there's too much junk in the backyard You hope for a rainbow Be it lotto or keno In the trailer park That's the light"
  • Sammy Davis City - Brian Setzer
    "Written by j. strummer and b. setzer When it's raining and times are hard And there's too much junk in the backyard You hope for a rainbow Be it lotto or keno In the trailer park That's the light in the"
  • Sammy - GWAR
    "He was a boy - he was a fine child He had the leather boots and the riding crop in Jerusalem Oh Sammy My hap flap slappy clam ma'am We've come To take you home But Sammy where are you Sammy - Sam Sammy"
  • Alana Davis - Alana Davis
    "i call my mom i call my friend looking for a reason to go home again because you make me feel like i dont belong like my hearts too weak and my heads too strong oppisites attract sometimes but not the"
  • Hello, Sammy - Sesame Street
    "Carol: Just..south..of..Mi-ami There's a snake named Sammy Who forms a letter S each night on stage (Sammy the Snake slithers onto centerstage) Folks just adore Sammy And what's more, Sammy Makes a SSS"
  • Sammy Please - Billy Bauer
    "Here's a sad story from a kid with a messed up home He's got no parents and he's all stoned He passes each day by smoking weed from time to time Cus' it makes him feel alright Let me tell you bout'"
  • Moon Sammy - Soul Coughing
    "Moon Sammy walks. Across the floor. Below the floor. There is a wall. Behind the wall. There is a chair. Moon Sammy knows. The chair is there. But that's OK, that's OK, you can do that--if you're wound"
  • Sammy Song - Jumpsteady
    "Samanthy What? Whatchu doin? I'm doin, um, playin with my friend Samantha Oh, what are you doin -- Samantha? Samantha S. Oh ok, what are you guys doin? We're playin with sidewalk chalk Oh really? Mmhmm Alotta"
  • Melanie Davis - Supergrass
    "Melanie Davis stands all alone in her room, Feeling unsteady 'cos when you're alone, you're alone, Do you need someone, I need anyone, Do you need someone, I need everyone, Light up a fire, trying to"
  • Mr. Davis Blues - Walter Davis
    "Mr. Davis Blues Trk 1 3:06 Walter Davis (Walter Davis) with Willie Kelly (Roosevelt Sykes) piano Hotel Sinton, Cininnati, Ohio Thursday June 12, 1930 RCA 62905-2 Album: Walter Davis First Recording"
  • Miles Davis - Jacek Kaczmarski
    "Ja po prostu głębiej nasunąłem czapkęOdwróciłem się i już.Ci co mają na mą chrypką trąbkę chrapkęMuszą ruszyć w moją trasęA pobudkę zagram czasemDla ich dusz.Muzyka jest darem nieustannych zdumieńCo mi"
  • Sammy And Tex - Savatage
    "Hey D.T. what you been up to It's been a real long time And your bill's past due Stop right there Don't you look away 'Cause you've had your fun Now it's time to pay Well you know that I've been waiting And"
  • Sammy Gone Wrong - Blitzkid
    "Work all day, got no time And I'm struggling to survive And slicing meat is getting old vSo now i found a new way to pacify my rage Cos' I'm taking my work home Anxiety got the best of me And I"
  • Remember Sammy Jenkis - Staple
    "Memories inside have captured me They're sitting by my bedside and captivating my mind Vengeance is mine, or soon will be Revenge is my time-line; your payback is my deadline Is it everything I thought"
  • Sammy Da Bull - Proof
    ") (Chorus: Nate Dogg) All these niggaz talkin 'bout what they gon' kill Heard you caught a misdemeanor then I heard you squeal Holdin hands with the D.A. while you made your deal Three thousand miles"
  • Swim With Sammy - a balladeer
    "Sam here says he lost his call On the day Cousteau had died The ocean was a tub of sharks With Jacques Yves as a guide Sam here says the water's safe That man should not have left the seas Called the"
  • I Believe - Sammy Davis Jr.
    "I believe, I believe, I believe in wishing wells, But I also believe in a lot of things, Things the daisy tells, I believe, I believe that a four-leaf clover brings, Lots of luck, lots of joy, lots of"
  • Jr. High Love - Mondo Generator
    "Mmmhmm, it's hot There's a party in your mouth And yeah, I'm gonna come Lift your skirt up Spread your legs and unload my gun I unload my gun Cause we were young In jr. high love, we were young In jr."
  • Dickie Davis Eyes - Half Man Half Biscuit
    "Mention the Lord of the Rings Just once more And I'll more than likely kill you "Moorcock, Moorcock, Michael, Moorcock" you fervently moan. Is this a wok that you've shoved down my throat, Or are you"
  • For Matt Davis - Murder By Death
    "Oh let me lay down beside my dear friend who has gone away cover me over with dirt and sod let me hasten my departure day for i long for that day when we'll be dancin on the stormclouds to shake the rain"

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