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San and grejs

  • San Damiano - Sal Solo
    "Only you San Damiano Lady of the Roses own Only you San Damiano Far from here, but close to home I want you go same as me I want you to know all I've seen All corners of the world A message to be heard With"
  • San Damiano - Nouveaux Classix
    "Only you San damiano Lady of the roses own Only you San damiano Far from here but close to home I want you to go same as me I want you to know all I've seen All corners of the world A message to"
  • San Francisco - Vanessa Carlton
    "I, I know what you did Like a boy of summer gives his first kiss Love is dancing on my finger He got to the heart of the matter and lingered And now I'm walking with the living I always liked steinbeck"
  • San Francisco - MU330
    "Well I just got off the phone. And I'm sittin' here all alone and I couldn't feel better! It's my turn to get it and stick it and im gonna fly to San Francisco Gonna play with Johnny Socko and im gonna"
  • San Francisco - Judy Garland
    "I never will forget, Mmmm...Jeanette MacDonald Just to think of her, it gives my heart a pang I never will forget, how that brave Jeanette Just stood there in the ruins and sang, and sang... San Francisco,"
  • San Francisco - Rufus Wainwright
    "I never will forget Jeanette MacDonald: Just to think of her, it gives my heart a pang I never will forget how that brave Jeanette Just stood there in the ruins and sang, and sang: San Francisco, open"
  • San Geronimo - Red House Painters
    "somewhere up fifteen miles sifting through crackling vinyl lost memories of my youth are coming into view between lost hills divide quietly we sleep inside lost summers of my youth i spent them all with"
  • San Quentin - Johnny Cash
    "San Quentin, you've been livin' hell to me You've hosted me since nineteen sixty three I've seen 'em come and go and I've seen them die And long ago I stopped askin' why San Quentin, I hate every inch"
  • Yuki San - Rooney
    "You're just 16 from Japan Never had an American man I liked that visor you wore out You knew who you were without a doubt American girls rely on what Fred Segal sells and a firm small butt There you stand"
  • San Francisco - Brian Wilson
    "Time to giddy-up doo wah diddy-up San Francisco San Francisco Her lover's arms were open wide Where the gates of golden Waits with charms unfoldin' Hold that cable car up there with pride I gotta ride"
  • San Simeon - Bryan Ferry
    "Walk up the driveway Endlessly curving Go through the front door It's so inviting Baronial Great Hall Once so exciting Haunted by shadows Faces in hiding. San Simeon San Simeon Chair by the fire I feel"
  • San Bernardino - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "I heard that you've been travelling the San Francisco scene Tried your luck in Oregon and saw the in between Pushing your luck so far You've seen what you've seen Try to out run your demons Broken American"
  • San Sebastian - Alien Ant Farm
    "Been losing sleep around you Don't know just how I found you We swam in San Sebastian Broken necks and halo traction We swam in San Sebastian... Hearing something not right in your tone Got a feeling"
  • San Ber'dino - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals) George Duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals) Napoleon Murphy Brock (flute, tenor saxophone, vocals) Chester Thompson (drums) Tom Fowler (bass) Ruth Underwood (vibes, marimba,"
  • San Juan - Daniel Lanois
    "Make me see a whole new way Make me see the new day, the new day, the new day Make me be, make me be, make me be a whole new way Meet me in San Juan, baby I'll be true Whisper sweet everything to you"
  • San Bernadino - Christie
    "I've been all around this great big world to Paris and Rome And I've never found a place that I could really call my own. But there'se one place where I know the sun is shining endlessly And it's calling"
  • San Francisco - Jill Sobule
    "She shuts the door behind me, waits for me to get undressed She ask if I need water, I can barely understand her I think she asked me what I do and I said that I'm a singer She laughs and claps her hands And"
  • San Sebastian - Sonata Arctica
    "I could see my life, short film passing my eyes I tried to look away from her, as always I just tried Sweetness in her eyes, gone thru one million miles How could I turn my back on her, the sweetest thing"
  • San Simeon - Goldfinger
    "where ever i go, where ever i stay my mind will always be (2x) in San Simeon they tried to rob me take away my integrity now they try to snake me take away my dignity but not my memory where ever i go,"
  • San Jos - Sugarplum Fairy
    "Sitting in a train, watching you listen to the rain. You are cute, so cute and I ask you for your name You say your name is like the sun. Warm and happy for everyone, are you from town? Which town? We're"

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