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Sana ngayong pasko Sarah Geronimo

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Sana ngayong pasko Sarah Geronimo

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Sana ngayong pasko Sarah Geronimo
  • Dingdong Avanzado Ngayong Pasko
    "'Di ko na inisip na magkakalayo Sabi mo sa akin ay mahal mo ako Ngunit anong nangyari Pag-ibig mo'y binawi Ngayong pasko nag-iisa ako Noong araw tuwing pasko Ika'y naglalambing At ang tamis ng pag-ibig"
  • Parokya Ni Edgar Hosanna Ngayong Pasko
    "sana ngayong pasko ay nandito ka at tayo ay magkasama o sana ngayong pasko at wag mong sabihin sa kin na wala akong pupuntahan at wag mong sabihin ang kulit-kulit mo talaga siguro ay wala kang magawa sana"
  • Parokya Ni Edgar Hosana Ngayon Pasko
    "(C.Miranda/E.Romulo) Sana ngayon pasko nandito ka at tayo magkasama O sana ngayon Pasko At h'wag mong sabihin sa akin na wala akong pupuntahan At h'wag mong sabihin, "Ang kulit-kulit mo talaga Siguro ay"
  • Dingdong Avanzado Sana Tayo Na
    "Ikaw ang dahilan ng aking kasiyahan Ikaw ang nagbigay sigla nung ako'y nag-iisa Buhay ko ay nag-iba Nang makilala ka Wala nang nanaisin pa Kundi ang makapiling ka CHORUS: Sana, sana tayo nang dalawa Ang"
  • Sheppard Geronimo
    "Can you feel it? Now it's coming back We can steal it If we bridge this gap I can see you Through the curtains of the waterfall When I lost it Yeah you held my hand But I tossed it Didn't understand You"
  • Zonata Geronimo
    "I'm feeling kind of wild I have burned down a house The pleasure is mine it may be sick and may be wrong That's why I did it all on my own Pain in my mind is for no one to find Geronimo, Geronimo I'm"
  • Bergfeuer Geronimo
    "Rot war der Stein, den die Sonne verbrannt in dieser Glut hast du Zeichen erkannt, Geronimo Du hast gehrt, was der Wind erzhlt, hast dich mit Mut vor die Feinde gestellt, Geronimo Du warst wie ein starker"
  • Aura Dione Geronimo
    "Ge-ge-e jo jo uh lala hmm lets go, geronimo I'll get you out of here There's too much talking in this athmosphere Cause I just wanna get you out of here My baby gonna get a lot of me uhhh She goes: Ge-ge-e"
  • Unwritten Law Geronimo
    "Don't wanna think about it anymore Lying curled and naked on the floor And I don't wanna hear those words you say What were they anyway Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh So here I go (so here I go) Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Geronimo Don't"
  • Phantom Planet Geronimo
    "Just one touch that's enough And it's like pushing comes to shove I think you like this way too much I think you're way fucked up Four hands fight, two hands tight One wrong never felt so right You don't"
  • The Divine Comedy Geronimo
    "While they have been eating The rain has started falling, Gradually gathering in strength; What began a drizzle Has now become torrential, And doesn't look like coming to an end. The two bedraggled figures That"
  • Billy Ray Cyrus Geronimo
    "Oh what you feel! It was a wildcat of a hot night The stars were rippin' holes in the sky The crickets in the thicket clicked quicker every minute Poppin' like a fourth of July On a tall point pony in"
  • Dżem Geronimo
    "A kiedy przyjdą zabrać duszę mą Za to życie poplątane Spojrzę w niebo prosto w słońce Może już ostatni raz Pozostawię gdzieś za sobą Świat cierpienia pełen zła Kiedyś chciałem być szczęśliwy Czy już zawsze"
  • Sham Rock Sana
    "langit na muli sa sandaling makita ang kislap ng iyong ngiti may pag-asa kaya kung aking sasabihin ang laman ng damdamin pinipilit mang pigilin na ika'y aking isipin wala na yatang magagawa sana'y hindi"
  • Claude Barzotti Sarah
    "Sarah, je t'imaginais pas comme a, t'es toute petite et voil Je capitule dj, je tombe Sarah. Sarah, je te regarde et tu as, les mmes yeux que Vanessa Et pour la seconde fois je tombe Sarah. REFRAIN: Tu"
  • Charles Aznavour Sarah
    "Dans la boutique du tailleur Tes vieux parents, tes frres, tes soeurs Nous avons tant de peine au coeur Sarah, Sarah reviens vers nous Mamie ne cesse de pleurer Sa grande enfant, son adore Tu fus toujours"
  • Bat For Lashes Sarah
    "Adopting Sarah's heart Was never gonna be easy With an angel tattoo sinking beneath her belt Sarah And the dirty blonde sea-water Sea-water gushing down Chewing fingernails in her shit-eating grin Sarah They"
  • John Parr Sarah
    "Monochrome rainbows disappear, may be the sun isn't hereHow could you leave me standing here, waiting so longI want your love, I need your love, 'cause you're here in my heartSarah don't you give up on"
  • Prince Sarah
    "Hey! What a night, what a city Girl, U sho' is lookin' pretty Tryin' 2 catch a cool one Checkin' 4 a little fun Sarah, oh Sarah, honey, is that U? Is that U, baby? Got yo' good shoes on Ribbon in your"
  • Kyo Sarah
    "Sarah, elle est belle mais seulement quand elle pleure Quand elle voit sa mre au fond d'son verre Et ce, quelque soit l'heure J'ai vu tellement de feux teints dans les yeux de Sarah Et la peur des lendemains,"

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