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Sanctuary Die For My Sins

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Sanctuary Die For My Sins

  • Die For My Sins - Sanctuary
    "You're living in a lie, your tears, repentance fills your eyes Your life is not what it seems to be For you breed agony Your tortured mind will cry out, take my soul Die for me, die for my sins for I've"
  • Sanctuary - Sanctuary
    "And by the moonlight flow visions born from darkness The answer shall now be found And by the moonlight All will be revealed, wisdom of the ages falls like rain I am of the future, take my fire and release"
  • Sanctuary - My Ruin
    "dishonest you came with your first kiss blue eyes sold me your heavenly presence something was suffocating me and i couldn't breathe had no idea that you would ever deceive i tried to believe all the"
  • Sanctuary - The J. Geils Band
    "Times are tough, frustration Need relief, medication Gone to far, intoxication Fight the urge, of temptation Miles ago, no destination Is a real, hallucination Lose the dream, of stagnation Feel so lost,"
  • Sanctuary - J. Geils Band
    "Times are tough, frustration Need relief, medication Gone to far, intoxication Fight the urge, of temptation Miles ago, no destination Is a real, hallucination Lose the dream, of stagnation Feel so lost,"
  • Sanctuary - Cavalera Conspiracy
    "Loaded with dynamite I don't give a fuck 'cause Everybody die tonight Call me negative Call me what you want You are nothing Never was... never will My hostility My sanctuary My reality My sanctuary...."
  • Sanctuary - Rachael Lampa
    "(Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh.) Why everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, Everyones in pain? (Didnt Jesus say that it would be this way?) Its easy to see, but its hard to explain. (Brutality,"
  • Sanctuary - Alice Cooper
    "Your world full of creeps Zombies walk the street 9 to 5 barely alive Have a beer go to sleep And start all over again Same gray suit Same round shoes Same headache Same pills He goes home thinks about"
  • Sanctuary - Worshipmusic
    "Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary Pure and holy, tried and ture With thanksgiving, I'll be a living Sanctuary for You It is you, Lord Who came to save The heart and soul Of every man It is you Lord who"
  • Sanctuary - Laura Branigan
    "(Gary Usher/Tom Kelly) Do you think you can find In other arms the peace of mind If you do you're so mistaken 'Cause they're only taking love You'd think pain was back in style The way you force yourself"
  • Sanctuary - New Musik
    "Turning forever I never could tell If this was a heaven Or this was a hell I reach out and take My piece of the cake Sanctuary Hiding comes easy We hide everyday In this world far apart From a world far"
  • Sanctuary - John Berry
    "It's been way too long since I spoke my confession My heart has a burden I hope you will listen Oh you're my sanctuary Despite the road we've chosen to the wilderness I roamed But there I found no shelter"
  • Sanctuary - Sick Of It All
    "This is for the one who saved me accepts me for who i am, just me and always gives back tenfold whatever i give Respect was never ever questioned, every feeling reciprocated mutual ideals and passion"
  • Sanctuary - Chris Rodriguez
    "Seems I left the innocence of Eden long ago Tempted by my heart to go it on my own Beyond the garden, somehow through the desert Of my wanderings alone, You have never let me go I turn from You and still"
  • Sanctuary - Mekong Delta
    "Don't believe all that you see 'Cause it can never be Truth could be there in disguise So never trust your eyes Wandering aimless through time Wondering what I will find So many years on my own No place"
  • Sanctuary - Forgotten Tales
    "Is there a place on earth Where men could leave in peace. With no frontier to fight for, No treasure to keep. I imagine a wealthy land Feeding men 'till the end of times. It seems so unreal, Once I see"
  • Sanctuary - Gabriel Mann
    "Your World Full of CreepsZombies Walk the Street9 to 5 Barely AliveHave a Beer Go to SleepAnd Start All Over AgainSame Gray SuitSame Round ShoesSame HeadacheSame PillsHe Goes Home Thinks About SuicideBut"
  • Sanctuary - PIG
    "Doubting, tryingNot to look at the face if the man who is dyingTo look for the face of the man who is lyingThe ambler gambler is low and loadedHis rusty steed turns to burn into my soulI hear the criesMy"
  • Sanctuary - Dogwood
    "Listen to all the people cheer with empty tears in their eyes a nation cries for the sake of themselves Opportunism deals with pain yet we still try to change our wicked ways that we just can't seem to"
  • Sanctuary - The Hollies
    "I walk the twilight zone beyond the city lightsIn search of peace of mind I stole into the nightTried to hide away from everything that threatened my existenceI showed resistanceUp there big brothers got"

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