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Sanctuary Termination Force

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Sanctuary Termination Force

  • Termination Force - Sanctuary
    "There's power here, we shall join and make a stand Fear lives inside your mind and it whispers my command Our leaders they tell us right and wrong Rebellion is close at hand Who are you to say what's"
  • Sanctuary - Laura Branigan
    "(Gary Usher/Tom Kelly) Do you think you can find In other arms the peace of mind If you do you're so mistaken 'Cause they're only taking love You'd think pain was back in style The way you force yourself"
  • Sanctuary - The Hollies
    "I walk the twilight zone beyond the city lightsIn search of peace of mind I stole into the nightTried to hide away from everything that threatened my existenceI showed resistanceUp there big brothers got"
  • Termination - Iron Butterfly
    "Fly blue sky, voices keep calling, bidding me welcome. Why maiden land, luring me closer, forbiden land. And as I'm Standing closer, those natives step beyond. Release the mortal patterns, my mind I post"
  • Termination - Link 80
    "They are coming you know who, to take us over, they talk to them, you know the government, the aliens, they're here.. Empire built on blood and bones, Take a look at where we're going, Stepping over fallen"
  • Termination - Omen
    "Through the mist of not so distant future years Comes a killer with a frame of steel Though he may look like any other man Something about him just isn't real With the strength of one hundred mortal"
  • No Sanctuary - Queensryche
    "There's a certain feeling Known to all who hear the sound The call of morning rising You're in a mystic space Can't you feel the force embrace, the chill of the wind As it names you Oh, can't you see"
  • Sanctuary - Sanctuary
    "And by the moonlight flow visions born from darkness The answer shall now be found And by the moonlight All will be revealed, wisdom of the ages falls like rain I am of the future, take my fire and release"
  • Christian Termination - Grief Of Emerald
    "Hammer of Gods Spill the blood Your stigmata servants Have sins to evoke Submissions has blackened The blood in their veins Hammering vain Your easiest prey subterranean infiltration With words"
  • Full Force Gale - Van Morrison
    "Like a full force gale I was lifted up again I was lifted up again by the Lord And no matter where I roam I will find my way back home I will always return to the Lord In the gentle evening breeze By"
  • Termination Bliss - Deathstars
    "Here she comes down, as her wings get nailed to the ground - A polaroid of shame The last angel's pathetic fame The face of deceit with nails in her feet She's a preacher deprived from her voice A punctured"
  • Sanctuary - The J. Geils Band
    "Times are tough, frustration Need relief, medication Gone to far, intoxication Fight the urge, of temptation Miles ago, no destination Is a real, hallucination Lose the dream, of stagnation Feel so lost,"
  • Sanctuary - J. Geils Band
    "Times are tough, frustration Need relief, medication Gone to far, intoxication Fight the urge, of temptation Miles ago, no destination Is a real, hallucination Lose the dream, of stagnation Feel so lost,"
  • Sanctuary - Dennis DeYoung
    ""Little gypsy, we meet again, for the last time." "Sergeant, what about the hunchback?" "Leave him be. The girl will be his punishment." Sanctuary Not for gypsies Sanctuary Take back our streets Sanctuary Save"
  • Sanctuary - Rachael Lampa
    "(Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh.) Why everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, Everyones in pain? (Didnt Jesus say that it would be this way?) Its easy to see, but its hard to explain. (Brutality,"
  • Sanctuary - Daniel Amos
    "Should the stars get in your eyes tonight Remember, remember, love. Should the strong winds become far too much, Remember, remember . . . your Sanctuary. Should you come into the Promised Land, Remember,"
  • Sanctuary - Cavalera Conspiracy
    "Loaded with dynamite I don't give a fuck 'cause Everybody die tonight Call me negative Call me what you want You are nothing Never was... never will My hostility My sanctuary My reality My sanctuary...."
  • Sanctuary - Alice Cooper
    "Your world full of creeps Zombies walk the street 9 to 5 barely alive Have a beer go to sleep And start all over again Same gray suit Same round shoes Same headache Same pills He goes home thinks about"
  • Sanctuary - Pat Benatar
    "Wise men say these are the facts of life What ya can't read, you gotta write What you don't know can hurt you, welcome to the wasteland Hail Mary, hear me now - I'm in need of Sanctuary Yes, these are"
  • Sanctuary - Iron Maiden
    "(Steve Harris, Paul Di'anno and Dave Murray) Out of winter came a warhorse of steel I've never killed a woman before But I know how it feels I know you'd have gone insane If you saw what I saw So now"

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