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Sande Shaw puppet on A. STRING

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Sande Shaw puppet on A. STRING

  • Puppet On A String ( Eurovision 1967 ) - Sandie Shaw
    "I wonder if one day that You'll say that you care If you say you love me madly I'll gladly be there Like a puppet on a string Love is just like a merry-go-round With all the fun of the fair One day I'm"
  • Puppet On A String - Government Issue
    "I never thought that I'd fall I never thought I'd be so happy I never thought we'd fall apart I guess that it had to happen I'm a puppet on a string I can't help thinking about you I'm a puppet on a string I"
  • Puppet On A String - Elvis Presley
    "Every time you look at me I'm as helpless as can be I become a puppet on a string You can do most anything to me All you do is touch my hand And your wish is my command I become a puppet on a string You"
  • Puppet on a string - Dokken
    "Why do you -- Invade me I beg you -- don't leave me Don't trust you -- don't trust me I stand here -- benignly What is inside that's pushing me We're all a puppet on a string This wooden world is just"
  • Puppet On A String - The Hives
  • Puppet - Bandits
    "What is that look up on your face, a simple mood, have I fallen from grace. Don't you tell me nothing is wrong, for just have more, should this be going on. Is the sky too grey, did your milk taste bad"
  • Puppet - Calibretto 13
    "I turn on the TV, and what do I see? Murder, and violence, and pornography. I turn on the radio, and it brings me to tears. All of the lies fed to the ears. A Hollywood puppet you are. If you can be sleazy"
  • Puppet - Satanic Surfers
    "surrounded by people who make your decisions living your live like a puppet on a string you don't raise your voice you do not oppose they spit in your face but you don't say a thing soon every thought"
  • Puppet - Jesus On Extasy
    "She stays alone all day does not know what to say when he walks through the door she dreams the pain away (She dreams the pain away) Oh, she's the puppet with a broken face never wanted to embrace"
  • Dr. Shaw - Swift
    "Five years old with an imagination the size of the red sea and every night he's out to get me I can't escape from his clutches I don't know one day I might just run away with nothing left to give every"
  • Puppet - Warmen
    "Puppet You give a kid some candy He will always ask for more You give a man some power And off he goes to war So many strings tightly attached He seems like he is lost He makes a fine new decision Whatever"
  • Puppet - Ringo Starr
  • Puppet Show - No Use For A Name
    "Looking, laughing, talking all your sh*t Wondering if you live your life just so you can fit Could it be real Or you're a fake Nobody's that way ... Give me a fucking break No recognition is what we should"
  • Puppet - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "Gonna get this party started Verse 1 It's all around me, And I can't wish this away, You so amaze me, You took my monster away (x2) Wake me, c'mon and wake me up now I, Want to cut off my strings and"
  • Puppet master - Cypress Hill
    "I spark like a blunt's tip, somethin cavi Makin Greene like Mitch, gives rap vocals dispatch With every attempt, to have this game shook up When Dre cook up, every thug look up Chronic got me on tilt,"
  • Puppet master - Dr.Dre
    "I spark like a blunt's tip, somethin caviMakin Greene like Mitch, gives rap vocals dispatchWith every attempt, to have this game shook upWhen Dre cook up, every thug look upChronic got me on tilt, eyes"
  • String - Tunng
    "hang my eyes up on a hook swells the panic i cant look inside my own skin i fail to find myself again a million faces look the same and their replies evaporate theres no soul behind these eyes if they"
  • Puppet Song - The Incredible String Band
    "Now you may have observed if you walk into a wall you get a certain sensation of reality when you take a look through your memory book you may perceive a certain rhythmic regularity the crazy things your"
  • Love String - Dominica
    "Everytime I try to talk to you You turn and walk away Well here's something you can relate to Let's kick it the right way When we met I thought that you'd be true Over and over you said I love you Though"
  • I'm Your Puppet - Marvin Gaye
    "(Linden Oldham/Dan Penn) Pull the string and I'll wink at you, I'm your puppet I'll do funny things if you want me to, I'm your puppet I'll be yours to have and to hold Darling you've got full control"

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