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  • Jimmy Webb Is God - Boo Radleys
    "Just a simple song but God I love it Embedded in me, so bittersweet I'm addicted, I'm a melancholic Sing it again, I'll be your friend forever Wipe away this tear from my eye Wash away this sadness from"
  • The escape of John Webb - Kingston Trio
    "Five men to guard the British rank and five to watch the town above And two to stand at either hand and one to let Bill Tenner out. He had eighty weight of Spanish iron between his neck bone and his knee,"
  • The Escape Of Old John Webb - The Kingston Trio
    "Five men to guard the British rank and five to watch the town above And two to stand at either hand and one to let Bill Tenner out. He had eighty weight of Spanish iron between his neck bone and his knee, But"
    "ja jestem w tobie taka zakochana co ty mi robisz ze gdy widzę cię znów pragnę zostać z tobą aż do rana zakochana w każda noc i dzień jest tak wiele rzeczy które chciałabym powiedzieć dziś ze bez przerwy"
  • Red Flags - Mimi Webb
    "Utwór 'Red Flags' od Mimi Webb. Premiera 13 stycznia 2023r."
  • Samson & Delilah's Beauty Shop - Webb Wilder
    "'''Samson And Delilah's Beauty Shop''' (Webb speaks) "There is a sheet of paper being circulated in the room which bears a terrific lie. At no time ever was this aggregation known as the Beatnicks. We"
  • I Ain't Never - Webb Pierce
    "Well I ain't never I ain't never Seen nobody like you no no no never have I ever seen nobody like you You call me up and say to meet me at nine I have to hurry hurry but I'm there on time I walk right"
  • Nashville Bum - Webb Wilder
    "'''Nashville Bum''' I've been chasin' the big wheels All over Nashville Waitin' on my big break to come Livin' on ketchup soup Homemade crackers and Kool-aid I'll be a star tomorrow but today I'm a Nashville"
  • Steppin' Out - Webb Wilder
    "'''Steppin' Out''' I had to leave town because of Uncle Sam's deal, yeah Seems my good good lovin' done lost its appeal When I come back to find the bad bad news They say our big romance has been gettin'"
  • Mary Lou - Webb Wilder
    "'''Mary Lou''' I'm gonna tell you a story about Mary Lou I mean the kind of girl that made a fool of you She made the old man groan, a young man pain The way she took my money it was a crying shame Mary"
  • Devil's Right Hand - Webb Wilder
    "'''Devil's Right Hand''' (Webb...spoken) "We have never deliberately enjoyed any association with satanism, the occult, Jimmy Page's photo collection, Mephistophiles, Beelzebub. The reason we'd like"
  • La Pipera - Cecilia Gayle & DJ Sanny J
    "La Pipera Bailando La Pipera me gusta La Pipera no quiero La Pipera"
  • Bop-a-lena - Webb Pierce
    "Oop-scooby-dooby-lena, go-gal-go bop-a-lena, bop-a-lena, she's my gal Oh, bop-a-lena, bop-a-lena, yeah she's my gal She's my gal and I love her so Oop-scooby-dooby-lena, go-gal-go Well the school bells"
  • Is It Wrong (For Loving You) - Webb Pierce
    "Is it wrong for loving you is it wrong for being true Tell me darling tell me please dear is it wrong Have I waited for so long has your love for me gone Is it wrong is it wrong for loving you Way down"
  • There Stands The Glass - Webb Pierce
    "There stands the glass that will ease all my pain That will settle my brain it's my first one today There stands the glass that will hide all my tears That will drown all my fear brother I'm on my way I'm"
  • Are You Sincere - Webb Pierce
    "Are you sincere when you say I love you are you sincere when you say I'll be true Do you mean every word that my ears have heard I'd like to know which way to go will our love grow are you sincere [ guitar"
  • Sparkling Brown Eyes - Webb Pierce
    "There's a ramshackle shack in old Caroline it's callin' me back to the girl of mine Those two brown eyes I'm longing to see oh the girl of my dreams she will always be Those two brown eyes that sparkle"
  • I've Got A New Heartache - Webb Pierce
    "You're back in town again spreadin' talk around That I'm still in love with you though you let me down I hate to admit it but I guess the talk is true Or else you couldn't make my heart ache the way you"
  • Smile Of A Clown - Webb Pierce
    "Painted face keeps right on hurting me you left me lonely as a boy can be I wear the smile so it don't show but everybody knows I'm wearing the smile of a clown Laugh clown laugh clown that's what they"
  • I'm Gonna Change Everything - Webb Pierce
    "Yeah I'm gonna change everything that holds a mem'ry of you oh yeah I'm gonna start in the hall take the pictures off the wall and burn 'em Move the chairs around take the window curtains down and burn"

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