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Santos Real ft. Aridian

  • HOME (ft. Nico Santos) - TOPIC
    "I’m halfway gone We fought long enough We’re holding ropes But united to love Untied to love If we had a moment we would ignite Instead it seems we’re tryig hard to start a fight Along thease streets"
  • Holding On (ft. Nico Santos) - Mr.Da-Nos
    "Holding On to you Yes, I’m Holding On to you /3x My feel in my vein Even thou it’s rushing I don’t feel nothing I know it’s sounds insane But I talk to much I’m addicted to you touch I know what you’re"
  • Santos - DeSol
    "All you saints come riding offer up your guidance Help me make my way towards a better life In the village they pray to keep you smiling To chase away the rain, the pain that plagues us this modern day This"
  • Real Thing - Paolo Santos
    "Real Thing Paolo Santos Here comes the night once again I am feeling lonely Oh, if only things got turn out like you planned Where could love be? Tell me why it's so hard to find somebody Who would"
  • Sede santos - Vida Reluz
    "Deus consagrou um povo escolhido,o amou profundamente desde toda a eternidade. Para ser sal e luz, gerar Cristo Jesus no seio da humanidade.Hoje somos este povo to amado, Deus nos chama a viver o seu amor.Nos"
  • Real Life (ft. Naations) - Duke Dumont x Gorgon City
    "Love you In real life It means nothing if you don’t know what you got You make it feels like Sunday And keeps me hold up And up This flashing lights Temporary it’s up The end And morning sun Pull us"
  • Real Thing (ft. Elohim) - Lights
    "Everyday I try, it gets a little harder Try to keep my head, head above water Stumbling, fumbling, falling to my knees Praying I will get a better day please I can’t ignore I’m halfway out the door But"
  • Real Talk (ft. Nizioł) - CIEMNA STREFA
    "Zapisuje swoje myśli Chociaż w bani mam mętlik Kładę zwroty na pętli Rap mój życia pamiętnik Kilka płyt, a w nich opowieści Prosto z serducha Ciary masz gdy słuchasz Dlatego bo ufasz I wiesz, jako słuchacz,"
  • Vato(Ft. B-Real) - Snoop Dogg
    "Asking where I'm from while he running up, Gangbang my setll nag one of them, Some things, sons they just wont change, Fools dont respect nothing but the gang bang, What's seen is what's sawn, Dogg"
  • Real Love (Ft. Jess Glynne) - Clean Bandit
    "Oh, you've got the feeling that I wanna feel Oh, you've got the feeling that I know is real It's in the way you look, it's in the way you love And I can see that this is real It's in the way you talk,"
  • Real Bitch (Ft. Gloss Up) - Lakeyah
    "Real bitches back in I came here to win You hoes came here to pretend I'mma show you rap hoes how to get y'all shit up Yea First thing first (Huh) I ain't gotta fuck a rap nigga For a verse (Not at all) And"
  • Only Real One's (ft. Olee) - ZBUKU
    "Pani przy kasie mnie pyta: Chłopaku, gdzie jest ta płyta Choć w kronikach nadal bandyta To jednam mam krążki w tych plikach I nie mogę się doczekać kiedy wjadę w bity Nowe płyta Nowy ja No i nowe featy Czuje"
  • Waiting In Vain-- Paolo Santos - Paolo Santos
    "from the very first time i laid my eyes on you, boy my heart says follow through but i know now that im way down on the line but the waiting feels just fine so dont treat me like a puppet on a string cos"
  • Santos De Devocionario - Golpes Bajos
    "Un silencioso heroismo de la misiones de fe Santos de devocionario Convertidos a si mismos contra demencia y pasion Santos de devocionario Su acento no deja duda verdad de su corazon Animos tan generosos"
  • Santos de ciudad - Raf
    "Aun quedan historias de amor. Aqui, en la ciudad, estn vacilantes por la dieta, y los vers pasar, otra vez, santos sin iglesia, los dias pasan sin parar por esas caras sin edad y en su cabeza el verso"
  • Todos Os Santos - Joyce
    "Pai eterno, deste eterno penar Nossa senhora desaparecida Onde isso vai parar? Santa clara, venha nos clarear Santa luzia, da luz do dia, Vem nos olhar! Somos um povo assim Que sempre respeitou todos"
  • Todos Os Santos - Jackson Do Pandeiro
    "So Jos de l de la de l de l de l de l de l Santo Antnio de l de l de l de l de l de l de l So Joo de l de l de l de l de l de l de l So Pedro de l de l de l de l "
  • Candela (Nico Santos) - Alvaro Soler
    "Y si te digo digo Que estoy en un lugar Donde se vive entre colores Y En una esquina esquina A Ella la vi pasar Llena de luz y de canciones: Y me dijo así Cógeme bien de la mano Porque yo No te la"
  • Real Villains - Celph Titled
    "Celph Titled - Real Villains (Ft. Guttamouf, Lord Digga, & Majik Most) (Verse 1: Celph Titled) I got you asking, who the fuck would want beef with this strong fleet? Hungry to palm heat 'cause this year"
  • Perfect Day--Paolo Santos (Playlist Album) - Paolo Santos
    "the sun is shining bright the trees are swaying side to side the birds sand their tune sweet melodies are in my room * and i woke up today and i dont know what to say i just cant ask the one above for"

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