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Sasha sloan carli puth 'is it just me'

  • Workin' On It (ft. Lennon Stella, Sasha Sloan) - Meghan Trainor
    "never been asked to dance cause i never been pretty one never like compliments cause it’s always been so hard belivin’ them you say I am beautiful and I say you’re full of it nothing personal I am still"
  • This Town (ft. Sasha Sloan) - Kygo
    "all of my friends are settling down they’re all kids but they’re married now let’s follow the light let’s follow the crowd baby we got to get out let’s get out of this town I want an ocean view, somewhere as"
  • For Sasha - Joan Baez
    "Here by my window in GermanyA morning bird flies close to meOn his wing I see a yellow starThe lights are on in the factoryThe frost is hung on the linden treeAnd I remember where we areAnd I remember"
  • Sober (ft. Charlie Puth) - G-Eazy
    "Oh, I know that I’ll regret this when I’m sober but, every show I’m getting closer is it true that 80 proof is the reason I’m without you oh, I know that I’ll regret when it’s over story of my whole life I"
  • Mykel & Carli - Weezer
    "Back in wilson high I had two best friends They lived down the block Where eagle ct. ends One she cared for my bones Fed me ice-cream cones One she cared for my happiness And wouldn't leave me alone Back"
  • Mykel And Carli - Weezer
    "Back at Wilson High I had two best friends They lived down the block Where Eagle Court bends One, she cared for my bones Fed me ice cream cones One, she cared for my happiness Wouldn't leave me alone Back"
  • Love Runs Out (feat. G-Eazy & Sasha Alex Sloan) - Martin Garrix
    "What if our love runs out Don’t wanna let you down You know, What if our love runs out Yeah, can’t help but think what if Fast forward five or six Years and some change we end up Mr. and Mrs. Smith My"
  • After All (ft. Charlie Puth) - Elton John
    "I lie awake and realize That you're better than my dreams Thought I found love so many times 'Til you showed me what it means Nothing compares to you No, baby They were just doin' it wrong I gave up"
  • See You Again (ft. Charlie Puth) - Wiz Khalifa
    "It’s been a long day Without you my friend And I’ll tell you all about it When I see you again When I see you again We’ve come a long way From where we began Oh I’ll tell you all about it When I see you"
  • Oops (ft. Charlie Puth) - Little Mix
    "Oops my baby, you woke up in my bed Oops we broke up, we're better off as friends Now I accidentally need you, I don't know what to do Oops baby I love you It started with ''what's up with you?'' I"
  • Consequences of Love (ft. Sasha Grey) - Death In Vegas
    "There’s a mirror But you don’t see it There’s a mirror But you refused to see it There’s a mirror Your reflection Everything now you fight My love You don’t see your reflection Can’t feel my vibration What’s"
  • Do It To Me - Sasha
    "turn around - could you be the one and only love for me don't be cruel - cold as ice every word is true , I tell no lies oh everybody is looking at you here I am got something special for you don't you"
  • Is It Just Me - The Darkness
    "I know that the absence might Make the heart grow fonder Or is it "out of sight Out of mind" I wonder And do you yearn for me When the nights grow cold 'til death do us part To have and to hold"
  • Older - Sasha Sloan
    "I used to shut my door while my mother screamed in the kitchen I'd turn the music up, get high and try not to listen To every little fight, 'cause neither one was right I swore I'd never be like them But"
  • Or Is It Just Me - Reverend Horton Heat
    "Is this old world that spins around No more than your treadmill for me I flap my wings to carry you I paddle your boat on the sea So witness now two worlds where I Can at least say a word about the trouble"
  • Just Have A Second Away - Sasha
    "Music: Michael B. & di Lorenzo Lyrics: Michael B., di Lorenzo & Pete Smith Verse 1 Just a second of your time is all I need to make you mine I can feel you you know I do If we take a little care believing"
  • Life Is Beautiful - Sasha
    "In the morning i feel the breeze The sun washes over me The sound of water the crashing sea Is it only me that feels alive It's all ahead of me Coz' i feel so right Just open your eyes and say that (chorus) Life"
  • Love Is All Around - Sasha
    "It's that feeling again That's making me high It's like floating on air Reaching out for the sky That feeling again When two hearts collide It comes deep from within And your Soul's open wide It's like"
  • Different Me - Sasha
    "How many times, did you think you knew the answer and how many times - did the answer prove you wrong. But you're doin' fine - as long as you find someone To put the blame on! You say it's fate - but"
  • Coming Over (ft. Charlie Puth, Timbaland) - Zayn Malik
    "You always say i only call you after midnight You’re who i want End of the day These pics you sent me Down there speeding Through these red lights Don’t get too comfortable, babe I am on my way I am sorry"

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