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Saund and grace filip lato

  • Kiedy Pytasz (ft. Filip Lato & Eldo) - Remo
    "kiedy pytasz ja odpowiem wiesz kiedy płaczesz to nic złego jest kiedy błądzisz – droga znajdzie się bo odpowiedź zawsze ważna jest nawet kiedy nie brakuje łez nie bój si eon ecie nie zranią teraz w końcu"
  • Grace - Dear And The Headlights
    "Shaking my teeth loose on your table The dullest white squares I'll never be Now that you've picked each one apart you can't look at me I'll probably lose you now But at least the ones I have still sparkle Putting"
  • Lato - 4ever
    "La, la, la lato, lato, la, la, la, lato lato, la, la, la, lato lato, la, la, la, lato lato, la, la, la, lato lato, la, la, la, lato lato, la, la, la, lato lato, la, la, la, lato Bez chmurne niebo nad"
  • Grace - Michael W. Smith
    "I was lost when ya found me here You pulled me close and held me near And I'm a fool but still you love I'll be your fool for the king of love He gave me wings so I could fly And gave me a song to color"
  • Grace - Tony Iommi
    "Everywhere I go, I want to see the light And if I had to do it all again You know I'd want to make it right Inside of me, buried in the past that I must learn There is no other way to grow And I just want"
  • Grace - U2
    "Grace She takes the blame She covers the shame Removes the stain It could be her name Grace It's a name for a girl It's also a thought that Changed the world And when she walks on the street You can"
  • Grace - Warren Barfield
    "Sarah traded her laughter for guilt There's no hope left in her eyes And the sentence for the wrong she's done Is a lonely life And we ask what has she done As if that could make it ok It's amazing what"
  • Grace - 1997
    "Tell me, Tell me why, The snow is white, But I can't wash it all away. (away) You left last spring. You went to find something. You could see, But could never speak. West wings will wash you away. Love"
  • Grace - Simon Webbe
    "(Grace, grace) Reaching out, looking for some way to escape the crowd You whispered words that I've been searching for Somehow you answered my call Reaching out I feel I'm rising up You give me (grace) In"
  • Grace - Abby Travis
    "Grace Life's seams are sewn with dreams To befriend the fates Ties a thread to the state of Grace Once attained can't be maintained Like a foam erased leaves a trace Of the state of Grace And every"
  • Grace - The Explosion
    "We all lie in a pile as the dead driver drives We all lie in a pile singing songs in straight lines We all lie in a pile as the dead driver drives We all lie in a pile singing songs all the while I"
  • Grace - Bacon Brothers, The
    "Bacon Brothers, The Can't Complain Grace Written by kevin bacon and michael bacon "a song about thanksgiving - not the holiday, just the act of giving thanks." kb Bobby's lyin' round like the wakin'"
  • Grace - Phil Wickham
    "The sky is grey and the light is far The sea is a rage within my heart I turn my sight to the crashing waves I cry in the night just to be saved I need eyes to be my guide I need a voice that's louder"
  • Grace - Garden Variety
    "-------- In the morning light I looked for you I felt your presence near I ran into the mountains And I shouted in the air I heard your voice come whispering As tears ran down my face I hope that you've"
  • Grace - Ozark Henry
    "whatever's holding water you are here to see me to see me not to stay I surface for a moment and listen to the teardrops things you have to say I don't want all this did I fall from grace? I don't need"
  • Grace - Stuart Townend
    "Lord, Im grateful Amazed at what Youve done My finest efforts are filthy rags But Im made righteous By trusting in the Son I have Gods riches at Christs expense! Cause its grace! Theres nothing I can"
  • Grace - Bacon Brothers
    "Written by Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon "A song about thanksgiving - not the holiday, just the act of giving thanks." KB Bobby's lyin' round like the wakin' dead He's got a big black cloud hangin'"
  • Grace - Jars Of Clay
    "God, I admit I haven't changed Playing card houses still covering my landscape I never expected You to stay When I'm grabbing for these crumbs and cold loose change I feel Your grace come running over"
  • Grace - Lamb Of God
    "Broken, Bones and the will. Capacity to disappear in misery saves Soaking, Pain as a thrill, Hate to instill Compassion's a cage. Forgiving the father Read the story on my skin I'll be the martyr Falling"
  • Grace - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Please don't go I cannot breathe you in Your air is too thick for me And it makes my lungs sting Please don't go I cannot walk beside Think I'll stay behind a mile 'Cause I don't need you crampin' my"

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