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Save a little something

  • Little Something - Melody Gardot & Sting
    "we could be a Little Something i'll be everything you wanted i could bring you real comfort give you a break from lovin' i am trying more then just a little i want to meet you in the middle reading you"
  • A Little Something - Crash Test Dummies
    "There's some stuff on my shoe That's got nothing to do With the places you think that I've been And the stuff on my breath Isn't some kiss of death From the people you think I've been seeing Could I"
  • A Little Something - Slapp Happy
    "Here's a little something for all you lovers Snuggle deep down inside your covers Make yourselves at home and I'll sing you a song about love It can start with just a chance encounter He doesn't know"
  • A Little Something - Casual
    "I will display my dynamics, get out the way dammit I plan it just to leave MC's abandoned Brandin' X's when I flex this, I wreck shit And leave rappers searching for the exit Let's get physical, I got"
  • Something - FM Static
    "you've been trying to get me open caught out in the open everyone is hopeing youd give anything to take this everything that breaks this everyone is faceless give me something to believe in quick or else"
  • Just A Little Something - Lord Finesse
    "Yeah, peace Showbiz Since you got this beat goin I'ma drop somethin funky to this track Now I'm the constabulary, great in vocabulary I'm no joke, when up against any adversary Nifty rowdy, best not crowd"
  • A Little Something Like This - Staring Back
    "Why cant I wake up and pretend were not a little crazy and the night is still young and Im still in bed? What wasnt mine still isnt yours My principles fell to the floor I dont know where this stops or"
  • Something - Charlotte Perrelli
    "I'm walking down the highway, no destinyI feel kind of lonely, as a women can beSearchin' for a new way, new way of lifeFar away the distance, no sacrifiseFor so many times, I was feelin' blueDidn't know"
  • A Little Something - The Moffatts
    "There's a whole lotta love inside This little bitty heart of mine And if you wanna take it a little at a time That'll be just fine You've put a little light in my life That nobody shines above Yeah, you"
  • Little - Something Corporate
    "Climbing out of the sky a man who could fly and a painting anyone could play. It's a comic book crush that taught you to trust. Staring out of the stands at a rock n roll band and a hero no one else could"
  • Just A Little Something - Gerald Levert
    "Say you gotta leave say you gotta go Say love and understanding Is what I fail to show I don't understand why you wanna leave I tried my best to please you And Girl you got to believe me I just want you"
  • A Little Something Refreshing - No Doubt
    "Yeah I'm hungry yeah I said I'm starving yeah I want some pizza coke and ice cream popcorn cotton candy marshmallows milkshake and peanuts would be so great pies chips candy apples twinkies frosted flakes"
  • A little something refreshing - Gwen Stefani
    "YeahI'm hungryI'm starvingI want some food for my tummyI want somePizza coke and ice creamPopcorn cotton candyMarshmallows milkshake and peanutsWould be so greatPies chips candy applesTwinkies frosted"
  • My Little Something - Avril Lavigne
    "your always gonna think that you can have your way with me. But i'd thought that i'd let you in on a little something. I'm not as easy as you think i am. I dont always agree with your plans so listen to"
  • I got a little something - Alicia Keys
    "Mmm Yeah Let me tell your See now yesterday I was feeling down But I came to see ya do and you turn me all around I say Oh say hallo say you know what you do hey yeah Ever all that you done for me I got"
  • Little differences - Save Ferris
    "Something strange is happenin' lately We no longer see eye to eye Time has changed us, rearranged us And it leaves me wondering why Now everything is different Nothing feels quite the same All the things"
  • Something More - Aly & AJ
    "I didn't know what was in store. When I walked right through the door. Then I saw you over there, our blue eyes locked in a stare. I didn't know quite what to say, sometimes words get in the way. (Chorus) I"
  • Something Fine - Leo Sayer
    "the papers lie there hopelesslyin a pile outside the doorI tried and tried, but I just can't rememberwhat they're forthe world outside is tugginglike a beggar at my sleeveah, that's much too old a story"
  • Something Fine - Jackson Browne
    "The papers lie there helplessly In a pile outside the door I've tried and tried, but I just can't remember what they're for The world outside is tugging like a beggar at my sleeve Oh, that's much too old"
  • Something Good - UGK
    "TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD One with a trigger two with a bat three big brothers, four want to square with me, so i guess a brother gotta throw tell em like this you better get up out my camp dude before I"

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