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Saves The Day - I Think I'll Quit

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Saves The Day - I Think I'll Quit

  • I Think I'll Quit - Saves The Day
    "I think you're a really neat person. and I think I want to spend some more times with you, cause you aren't boring and your phone skills are really rad. you call me up again. I think I really like you."
  • Saves the Day - Atmosphere
    "From the fifth floor I schedule my meeting with the moon Stress, let it go so it don't completely consume When the vegetables bite back, and the grass starts to sting I yell up to heaven to get me the"
  • I Can't Quit - Devin The Dude
    "[2 guys talking about Devin] Man. They got him in the office again, man. Yeah, I know. He's been in there for an hour already. And ya know, I kinda feel bad for the guy. Damn, what do you mean. The"
  • I Quit - Jin
    "Man, I was just tryin to eat is this what happens? yo I'mma do this in one take cause if I gotta do it again, it just wasn't meant to be yo Golden Child, I owe you big time for this joint yo that's"
  • At Your Funeral (Saves The Day) - Emocapella
    "This song will become the anthem of your underground. You're two floors down getting high in the back room. If I flooded out your house, do you think you'd make it out, or would you burn up before the"
  • I Quit - Atozzio
    "Ohw Ohww What should I take from this Always an arguement What should I make of this We don't belong together Even if we are meant to be Then why this keep happening The fights per week [? ] & no sleep This"
  • I quit - Meat Puppets
    "I believe in everything In the whores and the silver ring I believe in everyone But the flame has just begun Chorus: And I will, I quit Can't stand the sight of it And I am, I know In the path of your"
  • I Quit - Donots
    "I guess I've learned enough in this class So I drop out And I can surely think of better jokes To laugh about This ain't fun The damage has been done I surrender Cause you're talkin' way too loud I surrender"
  • Jesus Saves, I Spend - St. Vincent
    "While Jesus is saving I'm spending all my days in backgrounds and landscapes with the languages of saints While people are spinning like toys on Christmas day I'm inside a still life with the other absentee While"
  • Too Legit To Quit - MC Hammer
    "Too legit... Too legit to quit (3x) Sweat running all over my chest (chest) i don't quit no! I just press harder (Yea!) than i ever did before going for The dreams that i have in store in my mind (mind)"
  • Too Legit To Quit - MC Hammer
    "Too legit... Too legit to quit (3x) Sweat running all over my chest (chest) i don't quit no! I just press harder (Yea!) than i ever did before going for The dreams that i have in store in my mind (mind)"
  • I Think I'll Say Goodbye - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Jim Rushing/Marshall Chapman) I never tried to change you But the hurt is changing me I only wanna be myself And you won't let that be I can't play an actor's role 'Cause I can't live a lie Life's too"
    "Tell me do you feel it Feel it when your heart starts letting go? I'm unsure now if I could ever tell you no I've been seeing traces of everything I used to know was right I can't leave now I need"
  • Jesus Saves (God Hates Us All) - Andrew Jackson Jihad
    "There will come a day when our cells won't regenerate and everyone you know will rot away, rot away Your friends and enemies and all your family we will all be buried in the ground, in the ground So make"
  • Jesus Saves - Savatage
    "Jesus was a talker Out of place New Yorker Hung out on the boulevard Sellin' nickel candies Saving all his quarters Bought himself a cheap guitar Started playing' bars The kids came in their cars You'd"
  • Jesus Saves - Rick Springfield
    "You let me read your pretty poetry And I fell for your trailer park majesty And I, When I said I'd die for you (for you) I didn't mean for you to write the eulogy You betrayed yourself and me too CH."
  • Jesus Saves - Slayer
    "(Lyrics - King, Music - Hanneman, King) You go to the church, you kiss the cross You will be saved at any cost You have your own reality Christianity You spend your life just kissing ass A trait that's"
  • Jesus Saves - Fight
    "The devil walked with me He looked me in the eye Said once I was all trouble For the world Then I saw the light And now I fell the joy Believe me now For I bring you the world Jesus, Jesus saves Took"
  • Think - Information Society
    "Imagine if I said I sometimes need you I need you to this day. Imagine if I said I sometimes hear you call my name. Imagine if I said I still could love you. Imagine what you'd say. Imagine if I said"
  • Think - Sister Machine Gun
    "In my mind you're here now even though you're far away And I don't know if I'll even try to make it through today Regenerate, recirculate now until my blood runs dry And I'll never know the things I'm"

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