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  • Saviours Of Hate - Necrodeath
    "I feel the resurrection Another morbid reincarnation Souls back in new life Ghostriders without time (sub-chorus:) We are the saviours I hear a black procession Blazing creatures on the horizon walkin'"
  • Street Fighting Saviours - Spiritual Beggars
    "Street fighting saviours Flashes down the street Got my mind on the favours Damn hard to make ends meet Way above the action Next to a liars mind Trying to build some attraction I guess it's hard to find Don't"
  • Saviours Of Doom - Old Man's Child
    "Dark prince of the underworld Start your battle, prepare your war Enter this world through the gates of hell Unleash the wolves and your demon-slaves Roots of malice buried in the ground Buried beneath"
  • The Bombs Of My Saviours - Heaven Shall Burn
    "for years we hide in blackness, we have to sink into oblivion this agony of fear absorbs my thinking this anguish suffocates my souls I saw countless acts of treason once this heart was filled with force"
  • Warriors - Salamandra
    "We have won, we have made it clear now It is time to go, battles farewell Going home, wounds still bleeding All the wounds will close as we get home Coming home, eyes wide open It is time to feast, enjoy"
  • Stardust Inc. - Sanctifica
    "Venus the first of three to congratulate me sincere apology apples and candy for your wounds sweets and sugar from the second of three Stardust incorporated gentlemen hold your grudge seize the moment to"
  • For Our Name Is Chaos Eternal - The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    "Unholy, return to dust Waters into blood, its our saviours blood Return to me, returning whats lost Waters into dust, its our saviours blood Torture, terror, its justified Nail him! Betray him! Saviour"
  • Toys And Flavors - Hellacopters
    "Swallow up And then go flush it down Monday special Get with the latest sound So here's a treat Go waste it's sweetness on the desert air Brand new sensation To enjoy if you care Hey hey hey now! But"
  • Project Regeneration - Crest Of Darkness
    "all at once/future/past descendants/creators/a neverending story magical rites eugenics/sorcery predestined chosen ones demons of the Lord hordes from Hell our Saviours from the night/calling us dreamlike"
  • To The Angry Evangelist - Po' Girl
    "Don't sing to me of saviours and sorrows Don't sing to me of saviours and sin Please, don't say there's a crown waiting just for me Waiting and shining up there in heaven Don't sing to me of turning my"
  • Hate - Kiss
    "Hate is what I am Cuz underneath this heart There beats the heart of man You'll wear your crown When you're lyin' 6 feet underground Don'tcha think it's odd Man was created in the image of God All you"
  • We Are Not Stars - Perry Blake
    "I could kill a hundred times a day Just to find something that I would want to save Don't you know who owns the stars ? Controls the sea ? When i stop to catch it all, it passes me. We are not stars Were"
  • Vintage Denim - Rie Fu
    "binteeji no denimu o haite kaaten o aketara sotto amai rinen ni dakare kaaten o maku you na Wrapped in curtains I still feel the morning sound Dont miss it, dont diss it, Ill be waiting get it count it"
  • Wond'ring aloud - Jethro Tull
    "Wond'ring aloud -- how we feel today. Last night sipped the sunset -- my hands in her hair. We are our own saviours as we start both our hearts beating life into each other. Wond'ring aloud -- will the"
  • You alone are god - Hillsong
    "I confess my hope In the light of Your salvation Where I lose myself I will find Youre all I need Sing my soul Of the Saviours love Sing my soul Unto God alone I will meet You here In the life we call"
  • O Holy Night - Michael Bolton
    "The stars are brightly shining It is the night of our dear Saviours' birth Long lay the world In sin and error pining Till He appeared and the soul felt its' worth A thrill of hope The weary world rejoices For"
  • War Of Fidelity - Old Man's Child
    "Darkness redeem us From saviours of sin Temptations of lust The thorns from within Souls dressed in vanity Drained we shall die Open your eyes And be gone with the lies Raised in disease United we fall Killed"
  • Blandest - Nirvana
    "You're my favorite Of my saviours You're my favorite Oh no Yes you're my favorite Of my favors You're my razor Oh no Hey! And the situation wasn't quite As intense as I thought I need you around To remind"
  • Savanna - Hundred Reasons
    "How you plan to stop the world I don't know the plans you screened The brain will march away Clipping against the wall Lower the tone again Youth was on your side Pretend you were born again Youth"
  • United In Deception - Krisiun
    "In the beginning of centuries Hatred of the nations collided And the killing for gods unleashed In a world abused and raped Temples of waste were raised Demented leaders worshipped Conflicts, demands,"

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