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Say My Name Bebe Rexha and J Balvin

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Say My Name Bebe Rexha and J Balvin

  • Say My Name (ft. Bebe Rexha, J Balvin) - David Guetta
    "you’ve been dressing up the truth I’ve been dressing up for you then you leave me in this room, this room pour a glass and bite my tongue you say, I’m the only one if it’s true then why you running, you"
  • ME, MYSELF & I (ft. Bebe Rexha) - G-Eazy
    "- Trust me my love! - Surprise, surprise Another night of turn on Oh, it's just me, myself and I Solo ride until I die Cause I got me for life (Got me for life, yeah) Oh I don't need a hand to hold Even"
  • Love you (ft. Bebe Rexha) - The Chainsmokers & Martin Garrix
    "hard, deep in the eye of the storm every battle was lost as one I still feel it I still feel it Even when you one Even when you one I still feel it I still feel it Even when you gone Even when you gone I"
  • I Like It (ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin) - Cardi B
    "Now I like dollars I like diamonds l like stunting I like shining I like million dollar deals where my pen? bitch, I’m singing I kicked those Balanciagas, the ones that look like socks I like going to"
  • Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha) - Cash Cash
    "I'm falling to pieces, but i need this, yea i need this. You my fault, my weakness, when did you turn so cold. You cut me down to the bone, now you are dancing all over my soul. Im falling to pieces, to"
  • Haute (ft. J Balvin, Chris Brown) - Tyga
    "i been up 4 days having 3 ways like my bitches in twos I’m the one man tryna jump in my lane i am in the air, man make her fall in love she gon’ want the last name I am a gigant to this niggaz (…?...) i"
  • Girls (ft. Cardi B, Charli XCX, Bebe Rexha) - Rita Ora
    "Her name is Lora we learn a lotta how o it like we do it like we wanna we just know we just know I ain;t one sided I’m open-minded I’m fift-fifty and I’m never gonna hide it you should know you should"
  • In The Name Of Love (ft. Bebe Rexha) - Martin Garrix
    "In The Name Of Love In The Name Of Love 1, 2, 3, 4, In The Name Of Love"
  • Just Wanna Love You (ft. J. Balvin) - Cris Cab
    "I don’t know what you’re saying it’s not that complicated so why don’t we just clear the air? all this time we’re wasting and I’ve been more that patient it feels like you don’t seem to care the moment"
  • My Name Is J. J. - Jeremy Jordan
    "Hello baby, just in case you didn't know, my name is Jeremy Jordan... CHORUS: People can I get a J, then you add an E, like my heart got an R, now can I get an E my mind, now back to the J, now can I"
  • Call You Mine (feat. Bebe Rexha) - The Chainsmokers
    "2 kids with hearts on fire who’s gonna save us now? when we though that we couldn’t get higher things started looking down I look at you and you look at me like nothing but strangers now 2 kids with their"
  • Que Calor (feat. J Balvin & El Alfa) - Major Lazer
    "que calor, que ca en la discoteca que calor, yeca para la muneca por favor, que ca en la discoteca que calor, yeca para la muneca por favor esa rubia no me entiende si yo le hablo espanol pero se aprendio"
  • Cola Song (feat. J Balvin) - Inna
    "We got that Coca-Cola bottle shape shape shape We got that sugar, do you wanna taste taste taste? We take it all around the Globe, Baby everywhere we go make it hot when mama arrives Shake! shake! Shake! Like"
  • That's How You Know (feat. Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha) - Nico & Vinz
    "You were big city living; girlfriend like Eva Mendes Until your side chick called you up, said when she might be back in Now you're alone and crying; inside, you're slowly dying Cause Magic Mike just got"
  • Forever J - And One
    "Like Isabelle Adjani, She glides by upon, A bank of violets, with those eyes, That see it all, And then she smiles... Like a bee with honeyed thighs, A living hell, A slice of heaven, She's Jekyll and"
  • Say My Name - Emerson Drive
    "You read Grisham novels, I'd rather watch a movie Baby, we're like night and day Yeah You like frappacino, Leonardo DiCaprio I like Al Pacino and I take my coffee straight It's no secret Girl, we're different It's"
  • Say my name - Michelle Williams
    "Destiny's Child - CoverSay my name, say my nameIf no one is around youSay, "Baby, I love you"If you ain't runnin' gameSay my name, say my nameYou actin' kind of shadyAin't callin' me babyWhy the sudden"
  • Say My Name - Destiny's Child
    "[1] - Say my name, say my name When no one is around you, say baby I love you If you ain't runnin' game Say my name, say my name You actin' kinda shady, you ain't callin' me baby Why the sudden change?"
  • Say My Name - Within Temptation
    "Say my name So I will know you`re back You`re here again For while Oh let us share The memories that Only we can share Together Tell me about The days before I was born How we were as children"
  • Say My Name - Eminem
    "Xzibit feat. Eminem, Nate Dogg My Name This ain't beef man I don't know what the fuck to call it But no beef Whattup X? I float like big spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly Rush me, cause you ain't gonna"

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