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Schiller - I need you

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Schiller - I need you

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Schiller - I need you
  • Schiller Distance Schiller
    "I'm caught in the midst of your caution you breathe and I exhale if there's one thing I would clarify one little thing I could justify is my love for you my love for you... cause I can go the distance I"
  • Schiller Dream Of You (Free Schiller Mix)
    "The dream I had of you The dream I had of you (several times) Ive been here all the time you saw the sign, im doing right Ive always waited for the moment that you would come trough my door but"
  • Wise Guys Schiller
    "Es ist Geisterstunde. Das Mondlicht liegt ganz fahl auf dieser Nacht. Mit trocknem Munde und voller Panik bin ich aufgewacht Mit einem Tuch tupf ich mir schnell den Angstschwei von der Stirne. Da liegt"
  • And Then I Turned Seven I Need You
    "I can't get you outta my mind Cause i've been think 'bout your smile And i've been thinking about your hands I've been thinking about your touch I've been thinking going crazy I've been thinking way to"
  • Schiller I Know
    "(feat. Kim Sanders) If you wanna worship me if you wanna state your claim if you wanna follow me do it now if you wanna share my space if you wanna seal your fate if you wanna melt with me do it now cause"
  • Off By One Need
    "Every time I ask you out you tell me maybe next time Could it be my bad breath or something of that kind You keep stringing me along like I am just a fool and I need to know I need to know Chorus: Cause"
  • Tyrone Wells Need
    "Lady's and Gentlemen...Tyrone Wells I don't love you baby Don't love you at all I don't want you baby Don't want you at all I fear it's worse than that I fear it's worse than that Chorus: I need you, I"
  • Mudhoney Need
    "Give me love laced with lies There ain't much I haven't tried Give me love laced with lies There ain't much, baby, I haven't tried There's so much, so much, so much I need There's so much, so much, so"
  • The Send Need
    "Oh, I could never have what I need without you Oh, I could never know who I really am without you I need something that I won't let me down I know you are always there to break my fall You're not that"
  • Cindy Morgan Need
    "Paint me a window so I can seeOver the rainbow inside of meI needHow I needCrimson and clover, wagon and hayThese are some sweet things, so lovely and gayI need How I need'Cause I'm not the strongmanI"
  • Archive Need
    "You've got time, time on your hands Bury your head in the sand Take your time, hurry it up Guess you'll sit there and just drift away You've got worries more than enough Cause it's rough yes I know that"
  • Kansas Need
    "I lost you a long time ago I tossed our love as far as I could throw I can't help feelin tentative and blind I only wish that you could read my mind I need to pitch it all into the wind I need to face"
  • Hana Pestle Need
    "i'm not quite sure how to breathe without you here i'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to all we were be with me stay with me just for now let the time decide when i won't need you my hand searches"
  • Lady Sovereign Need
    "I Lost You a Long Time Ago I Tossed Our Love As Far As I Could ThrowI Can't Help Feelin Tentative and BlindI Only Wish That You Could Read My MindI Need to Pitch It All Into the WindI Need to Face a Wall"
  • Psychotic Waltz Need
    "needing, feeling alone light never seems to shine hiding under a stone now I understand that deep inside you need to make me feel something inside her she's closing the door screaming inside her smile she"
  • The Benjamin Gate Need
    "The fear I carry in my heart The things that change and turn around me What is it that I become? What is it that it's all undone? I long to be close to You So close I disappear into You Doesn't matter"
  • Schiller Let Me Love You
    "I don't want you to give what you don't have Don't make a vow that you can't keep I don't want you to change your position Don't hang around just to please me But I have one request And if you don't think"
  • Aaron Neville I Need You
    "Don't need a Rolex or a limousine Don't need my picture in a magazine Don't need approval of a chosen few Tell you what I do need, I need you Don't need no fixtures, fittings, or phone I'm so unfurnished,"
  • Linda Ronstadt I need you
    "Don't need a roller or a limousineDon't need my picture in a magazineDon't need approval of a chosen fewTell you what I do needI need youDon't need no fixtures fittings or phoneI'm so unfurnished, I'm"
  • Alain Clark I need you
    "Like the sun giving heat to my body Like the air that I breath Like fun like clean cool water Like the shoes on my feet Like the flame that I call inspiration For the job that I do Im not ashamed to admit"

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